Disclaimer: Sadly, I own only my own characters that I've added. Part of this story will be told in the point of view of an OC called Violet Alexander.

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Wish Me Luck


Violet has a familiar expression on her face as she looks around at the other demigods.

Since Annabeth and Percy are going solo, she's leading the Athena Cabin herself. I don't envy her. It's one thing to lead a cabin during summer camp, a whole other thing to lead platoon. I know she can do it, though. She's not the kind of person to screw up under pressure.

We're dividing up by cabins, heading to where we'll defending the bridges and tunnels leading into New York. I don't know the area very well- if I'm not at camp, I'm at home in Lafayette, Louisiana- but Michael Yew lives here, and knows his way around. Violet's from Cincinnati, and I see her hurriedly scribbling down directions on her arm in sharpy from Annabeth. Her cabin's taking the 59th Street Bridge, mine is taking the Williamsburg. I try not to think that I might never see her again, if this goes badly.

I've known Violet for years, all the time I've been at camp. We've been dating since Christmas, though it's been a long time coming, if you ask anyone who's been paying attention. Talk about sexual tension.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm Will Solace, son of Apollo.

This is how the last battle of the second Titan War unfolded.

Before we split off, I grab Violet by the arm. Neither of us is wearing armor, she because she doesn't need it (if you've ever seen her fight, you'd know what I'm talking about), and me because I'm a sniper, and pretty damn good at it, or so they say.

"Will, don't get emotional on me." Violet says, her characteristic humor in the face of danger taking over. I look around. Almost everyone is making out, hugging their friends, or wishing eachother luck. I follow suit.

I lean down until our lips meet, and Violet doesn't protest against our unusual public display of affection. We usually more private when it comes to make-out sessions. We make an exception for the gravity of the situation. Her arms slip around my neck blindly, both of our eyes are closed.

When we finally break apart, Violet gives me sly smile. "Gods be with you." Before bolting off to lead her cabin. Four words, and as usual, Violet can pack more meaning into them then anyone else.

"Come on, man." Michael says, patting me on the shoulder. I'm his second in command, have been since Lee Fletcher died in the battle of the Labyrinth and Michael took over the cabin. "You'll see her again, I promise." He gives me a melancholy smile, and I trust him completely. But whatever happens today, none of us can control fate. There are no guarantees.

I wish myself, and everyone I care about, and everyone in the camp, as much luck as I can muster.