This is the WotLK-present journal of my main, Neyera. I am currently in the process of retconning her history in order to fix a few inconsistencies, so I figured I would share it. I will post the entries as I finish editing them. It is not a complete account of her experiences, merely an insight into her thoughts and a recount of events she would feel warrant it. I put the first two entries together because they are both rather short. Most entries will be between 350 and 1000 words.

Neyera's Journal

Entry 1

I've never kept a journal before. In all my nearly 10,000 years, I have never once sat down and put ink to paper in an attempt to understand my own thoughts. Always I was either to afraid of my own thoughts to write them, or else I understood my thoughts clearly and did not need to. Now though, I admit that I am at a loss. My sister left today, taking sizable number of Kaldorei warriors with her. In the name of stopping the threat of the "Lich King" that threatens us from the icy lands of Northrend. I told her not to go. Never before have I encouraged cowardice in the face of such evil, but when I watched her prepare I somehow knew that I would never see her again. She yelled at me, called me a coward and a disgrace to our kin. I can't honestly say she is wrong either. Somehow, knowing that it was her who was never coming back made it different. I can't count the number of times I've run off and done something dangerous and deadly. I've always been reckless when it comes to pursuing the safety of my forest and my people. And yet I couldn't bear to risk her life, no matter how important or noble the cause. What do I do now, in the face of this realization? Do I change the way I feel about losing my sister? Can I change the way I feel? I know I won't see her again, not alive at least. I haven't felt this lost in so long, not since Anyere's father was killed millenia ago. Someone please, tell me where to go from here?

Entry 2

It's been a few days since the last time I wrote. I was right, I'll never see my sister alive again. I just received word that her - and all of her soldiers - are dead, slaughtered by that wretched undead monster. Woe to him now, for all my uncertainty is gone. I know exactly what course to take now. I will fight my way, inch by inch, to his fortress in Icecrown and I will slay him with the full might of the alliance by my side. Nothing short of my own death will stop me. This I swear. It will be some time before our forces are ready to leave for Northrend, but rest assured I will be on the first ship that will take me.