Entry 4

I met a man on the road yesterday. I human rogue I caught trying to steal my coin purse. He tried to proclaim his innocence, but eventually he gave up and just apologized. We were heading the same direction, towards an alliance encampment in the East. I rode beside him the rest of the way, and we exchanged stories. He made me laugh - the first time I've laughed since I lost my sister. I didn't expect to find joy in the back and forth chatter with this seemingly dishonorable cretin. Perhaps that's the thrill of humanity though. I find that dishonor can be coupled with kindness and compassion more so in humans than any other race I've encountered. We parted ways too soon. He was headed to the Explorer's League camp farther south, and my destination was Nifflevar. We must have traveled together for hours, telling each other of our heroic adventures - and I forgot to ask him his name. I hope I meet him again soon. I could use the light hearted banter more often in this cold and dismal place. I entered the spirit world again, that was my initial purpose in traveling to Nifflevar. I couldn't feel the lich's presence this time, to my great relief, but I learned more about the "malformed" children. It was declared they were a curse, an abomination caused by their gods abandoning them. I watched a scene from the distant past as their King order the execution of all such weak and puny babes. I do not pretend to understand these Vyrkul monsters, but I believe my revulsion of this infanticide justified. Every step I take towards my goal of avenging my sister gets harder and clouded by doubt or fear. These enemies are not as well known to me as were the demons in Outland. I do not know what they think or how they will act. I know only that they attack me and are believed to be allied with the lich. I think, when I have finished assisting the alliance in this place - Howling Fjord it is aptly branded - I will return home for a short break. The battle will take a long time. I doubt a short absence would be sorely detrimental in the long run, and I could use some time to think in the comfort and safety of Stormwind or back home near Astranaar.