Hey, hey, hey! Here's everybody's favorite OC pairing! Well, I like Bruce/Vi better, but…here we go!

The pyro/psychokinetic 10-year-old known as Ruburd Apollo, or Buddy, sat glum fully on a bench outside his school, the many children walking by him and shooting dirty looks. "What's wrong?"

Buddy looked to his left to see the source of that familiar voice. "Oh. Hey, Noah. You know. The usual."

"You and your sisters still getting the bad treatment?" she asked, taking a seat by him.

"E-yup. That's what you get for being the only family with powers over two elements. Namely ones that nearly destroyed two realms."

"Well, you shouldn't listen to what they say. Just because those powers were used by evil beings doesn't make you evil."

"But why were we born with them? Why do we have this power?"

"I don't know. And I'm not sure what happened to cause people to hate your powers. Still, you shouldn't let those guys get to you. And if you're ever going to prove them wrong, the four of you need to show them just what good can come out of them."

"You really think so?"

Noah smiled. "I know so. Besides…" she planted a kiss on his cheek, making him blush. "I believe in you, Buddy."

"Uh, hehe." Buddy smiled and chuckled nervously.

"Hey, Buddy, we need to go." Morgan said as she and the other sisters came running out.


"Why do you think?" Athena asked.

At that instant, Boba Fett flew up from above the roof and landed on a tree branch. "Hey, kids!"

"IT'S BOBA FETT!" the students exclaimed.

"And hey, hey, hey, pyro/psycho freaks! Ready for another round? I'd take off my helmet and stun you with the sexy Boba Charm, but I ain't gonna risk yo' little old mind tricks. So, instead, LIGHT SABERS!" With that, he drew out his light sabers as he jumped down to them. "What's red and blue mixed together?"

"Yeah, yeah, purple rain, can we get this over with?" Morgan interrupted.

"Oh-ho-kay! You asked for it!"

"I'll see you later." Noah said as she turned and walked to Boba. When she was close, she simply punched him in the crotch.

"OAF! Hey, little lady, the Boba gems ain't fer you, they're fer the big ladies."

"I think she's got it covered." Buddy said as they started walking away.

"OH!" Boba screamed when Noah twisted his arm. "Hey, hands off; old Boba ain't wantin' to tangle with ya-OH, the foot! Old Boba ain't likin' this one-OW! AH! OOF!"

Well, there's my first ever Boah. Now that that's done, I got another friendship to write. Later!