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Even more Warnings: It's Kuja x Terra, so everything in this story doesn't make much sense. Might content ship-tease. A lot of Kefka's Uwee-he-he. Violence and blood is a plus. Mild sexual themes. My terrible sense of humor. Expect lots of OOC. Moogles. Tons of jokes about Kuja's questionable fashion-sense... etc.

I. Repressed.

The Reaper's reasons to vague around the infinite and chaotic map were just to clear up his thoughts and refresh. The world he was forced to remain was like a handle of illogical landscapes extracted from people's minds and scattered randomly all over the isolated world. Of course, if his luck wasn't bad enough already, he realized he wasn't the only one occupying the mysterious nature of this world. No. The God of Discord had to summon a whole circus of freaks to serve him into this stupid war against Goddess Cosmos.

However, it wasn't as if there was any other option left. It was either Chaos' homicidal nutshell or the annoying parasites of Cosmos. And with 'parasites' he specifically meant one certain blond youngster he loathed to no end. About the rest of Cosmos' Warriors, he couldn't care less. Zidane was the only one who needed to be destroyed by his hands.

But thinking about that monkey bastard wouldn't help his anger. The slender silver-haired man grunted and closed his tired lids, shutting himself from the eternal sight of The Rift. Sat himself just for a couple of hours, trying to find some peace and silence, away from all those animals he was supposed to call 'allies'. They were always scheming some design to kill their enemies... and perhaps to take over the world, destroy all existence, erradicate their own allies, take down Chaos himself, and so forth...

He didn't care about those. It was all about taking Zidane down.

Of course, he had a number of little plans developing inside his head. Everything was spinning towards his endless hate. It was an almost unhealthy obssession with Zidane, just wanting him to suffer and beg for death on his knees. He could picture it, the blond boy beaten and hopeless, with all lost and wanting his 'brother' to end it.

'Oh no, Zidane. Death won't be yours for relief.'

He smirked, slightly disgusted to the sadistic extents of his imagination. But daydreaming wouldn't come true by just sighing at the imaginative scenarios.

He was alone.

Schemes wouldn't work well if he didn't have the cooperation of someone and he wasn't trustful enough to allow this. Each one of them would eventually backstab him to get their own will done. Wasn't as if he couldn't handle a them himself, but he'd rather to avoid the whole trouble. Someone like him didn't need to stain his porcelain hands with unnecessary blood.

Then a small sparkling record jumped back to his head. He softly grabbed his white neck, still remembering the angry red mark that an iron claw left there. Regardless the memory of pain, he sneered at it.

"... If only that girl from back then was mine." he murmured as he slowly swallowed.

After he woke up in this cycle, he had a brief clash against a beast in the shape of a girl. But ever since then he never saw her again. It seemed that she belonged among Cosmos' guards after all. It was still unthinkable, though. He shook his head in disbelief, finding himself unwilling to fight Zidane if she happened to be friend of his.

That'd be his definite requiem, for sure.

"... You know, serving Chaos suited you so much better. Don't you think?"

It was a childish voice, a man of gray heart wearing a mask of bloodied rainbows. That voice, of the few things she knew, it sent shivers through her spine. All the insecurities residing inside her they bloomed through his memory. He was the only thing living in her, and constantly painted all her hopes in black.

"Oh my! You really don't remember?"

She knew Kefka Palazzo. Or at least she had the feeling of knowing him since forever. Yet, she didn't know him at all. Never did. She feared of understanding whatever dark twisted thoughts disturbed his persona. What in heavens happened to this man to be so ruined, like this?

His smile, so twisted, yet so empty... it pierced through her very soul, converting fear into hatred, the ravenous power flowing inside her became liquid fire.

"You're such a dangerous creature! The more you fight, the more your powers grow out of control! Destruction incarnate, that's what you are, dear!"

Words sliced like swords. Memories were painful... Because Kefka was inside all of them.

He wants her. But he can't pass over her loyal little companion. Once the red Onion Knight wishes to protect her, nothing would ever stop him from his resolve...

'No... Onion knight, stop!' What did she ever do to deserve such a brave friend to defend her? 'Why?'

They clashed, but Kefka seemed to have endless tricks under his sleeves. In a blinding explosion of lights, they both dissapeared when the young knight collided against the jester.

She cried with her voice breaking. "What happened? Where did you go?" No trace was left of them.

The girl flew, ran, searched, called for him... but his valiant friend wouldn't answer. She was all alone now.

What would she do? The magic powers she was gifted still scared her without fault. But there was no excuse to shield her. She was a warrior thus she had to fight to save herself and the other ones who hoped for a future.

The further she went foward, the more enemies would come out. Crystal soldiers, souless beings instructed to destroy any enemy on their way, they all held a mystical appearance of ice statues, all chiseled to look like other warriors. She once had to fight one who copied her image; felt as if she fought against a mirror.

Still, they were all fragile crystals she could easily break with some little effort.

And to think that the kid had so much trouble with fighting them. In the beginning, she couldn't take them, because she feared of the full extent of her powers... it all seemed like a distant dream now. Power was driving her.

He remained as a hidden spectator through the whole electrifying match, between the Fallen One against his confused nemesis. To be lower levels than his, they resulted an entertaining spectacle for Kuja. Nothing like the rough match between swords that surpassed their respective swordsmen's height.

He came out of his little hideout when he advised himself that the spiky-haired one left the Planet's Core with his crystal. Peace and silence at last. Firstly, he hadn't in mind to watch over Sephiroth's epic adventure, it became just a funny coincidence to encounter them inside this gate, and that was all.

Kuja just wanted to be alone, for a while, until he could figure out what to do next.

But there was so little inside his mind, his brain was all dry. Everytime he turned his attention to that buffoon Kefka, it provoked him headaches. Not for being just a nuisance, but... it was as if his mind was trained to burn up everytime Kefka wanted to be annoying—almost all the time—.

"Uwee-hee-he-he-he! Just listen to yourself! Wanting to save up all your fury to merely beat down that little monkey of yours? You're a laugh! You're a laugh, I say!" Kuja's mind went blank for just a second during the high-pitched crackle. He just grunted at the clown and passed through him avoiding eye-contact.

'I'd have love to blow his face away... nothing could have stopped me. Then why...?'

Ever since he got to meet again with Kefka, a strange feeling invaded his mind, an invisible pressure inside his lungs, going up his head.

'Kefka is annoying. That's the effect he causes on everyone, none else. How I wish to see his enemy crushing him into pieces. Now, that'd be good for a laugh!' To think about him, it just led Kuja but to wonder about whoever was Kefka's fated nemesis...

He'd rather not to know. As if Sephiroth's obssession with his adversary didn't already creep him out... Kuja was sure he wasn't morbid enough to figure out about Kefka's own obssession with his own.

Besides, he had his own bussiness to take care. Couldn't just watch effortlessly how the other warriors were kicked out of stage. He'd keep a better eye on Zidane's activities.

Right, the blond monkey-boy seemed very fond of two of his friends. Who were they...? A skinny youngster named Bartz... the other one with cocky attitude... what was his name again?... Squee, was it?

'If the bastard keeps his company on, it'll only bring me more trouble... how to take him away from his precious friends? Wouldn't it be more prudent from me to attack with someone backing me up?' Again he thought about Kefka; but that clown should stay out of his options. He didn't want to have anything else to do with him.

Immersed within thoughts, once again he heard the crushing sound of the skirmish.

'Even more?'

From the distance, on the top of the stone pillar floating on the highest point of the shimmering field, his sharp eyes distinguished one red crystal manikin with Kefka's image getting his limbs torn by some sort of water torrent. It was magic.

He saw the manikin breaking into several pieces in the air. Red diamantine flourished through the air, the most resplendent display of manikin carnage he'd ever seen. And it was done with a Flood, an usually complicated spell even for expert mages.

Kuja felt his skin crawl. It wasn't curiosity, but a sort of excitement.

Heard the fierce gasp of a young woman, then the tired heaving. His heart began to beat faster, finding in the early fresh corners of memories the familiarity inside that winsome sound.

... Kefka mentioned a girl.

A girl. If he was correct, between the Cosmos' Warriors, there was only one female, he heard.

There was no doubt. Unless Kefka was in fact in love with a crossdresser, it couldn't be her. The doll. He saw her stumble side one of the rock plataforms of the Planet's Core.

'My, is she tired?' She probably fought her way inside this gate's dimensions, lost and lonely. He slowly floated approaching her in silence, trying to think with extreme care his delightful speech of introduction. Everything inside his mind was a play that he wrote and performed.

The girl, still dressed with that cute flowery dress, she seemed so helpless and scared; the image of damisel in distress turned out to be much more tempting than he could ever admit. The white mage silently landed upon the rock just above were she rested.

"Now, that was an outstanding perfomance..."

To his dismay before he could finish, she gasped and jumped back and blindly launched a Blizzara spell to him.

Barely, Kuja managed to block the huge ice chunk that was shot to him. Again, he was amazed of the girl's power, though he knew she could have done much worse to him. Things weren't coming out as he wanted to.

"That wasn't bad at all!" said as he cleaned the ice from his white long sleeves. "Did I scare you, dear?"

The girl backed away a little, completely unsettled to the nice manners of the strange man in front of her. Still, it looked like he wasn't the first of her worries; she already appeared to be struggling with her own self.

"You... you're from Chaos' Warriors..." she whispered slightly unamused.

"Hence you belong to Cosmos. What shall we do now?" answered Kuja with a lowly charming smile. But her eyes were on the floor, and she kept on stepping back.

"... Please, go away. I don't wish to fight you." the girl whimpered. He knew there was something not-good going on with her.

"Hn? Why is that so?" He'd rather her to explain, to watch her pull out on her own. It intrigued him the way she refused to attack him.

"Just go. I'm going to hurt you. Please!" she pleaded in dispear, embracing herself. The doll was surrounded by a faint glitter, aura of her raging powers. It was just as impressive as before. "I... can't control it! Go!"

'My, what a girl. Worrying about hurting the enemy?'

The rabid sparks splitered around her, but she held still. It was suddenly clear how much was she suffering; it was painful to restrict her savage energy. The other mage began to fear that she'd soon release the beast again.

"Dear girl, you won't be able to hold it any longer if you don't let your energy escape without fear." said he without care walking keen around the grieving maiden. "Can't you hear your powers crying out for release?"

The blonde girl looked at him with disquieted eyes. "Wha—? No! Stay away, I can really hurt you! Don't you care?" she cried, obviously deaf to his wiser suggestions.

This was foolish, Kuja knew that he was in great danger as well. But this was his chance to get closer to the mysterious girl.

"NO! Get Away!" A violent fire cracked under her pointy gold and red boots, the fissures running towards him along the explosion; Kuja leaped just in time. He saw her shivering, each second that passed she got worse, her will growing weaker as she kept on denying her true strength.

There was no use. She attacked again, unwillingly, with a fierce strike of Thundara that almost pierced through him. No wonder why she occupied Kefka's interest. She was a puppet for destruction.

But... being so powerful... why was her will so... weak? Why was she... so fragile?

The silver haired mage found this beyond his comprehension. His full powers would match hers, yet she didn't have enough self-control to settle down her own magic.

... He never had to deal with this kinds of problems, as far as he knew...

"Should I... use my own means to calm you down?" whispered he with his index finger under his lower lip, observing the struggling girl.

She slowly rose up her head, looking at him flying among various light orbs.

"... Please..." she managed to mutter, her big purple eyes widening as many of those holy balls were shot to her. "LEAVE!"

The girl blasted twin spells of holy against his, and after them Flare sparks branched to get him. "Whoa!" The mage of Chaos glided as fast as he could out of their reach. "Sure she's a fast spellcaster for someone who can't control her powers!"

Faster than the young man would expect, another savage Thundara was fired to him, this time in a pattern that was hard to escape from. A fierce sparkle landed on his left arm, burning part of his long white sleeve. Kuja snarled at the pain. At the same time the girl squealed in fright, knowing that her untamed spell managed to reach him.

Kuja flew above for a couple of seconds while gripping tightly his burned arm, examinating the girl's troubled reaction after she attacked. "Guh... how innocent." She clearly didn't enjoy fighting or hurting others, even if he was her supposed foe. That was her worst defect. Her magic needed an outlet, but she kept on repuding its nature and that state of denial prevented her from knowing how to use it properly.

... A creature like this wouldn't be of much use...

The girl just needed to release all of what she repressed until now, then she'd settle down for a time.

'But if I just wait here for her powers to calm down, I might end up in pieces...'

Kuja reacted rapidly before he could get severely scorched by a meteor rain. She also mastered such spell? He needed to think of a quick way to cool down her powers before the beasty girl could manage to tear him apart.

He could always just leave.

Suddenly, a half-brilliant idea came right up his mind. A risky plan was constructed inside his blurry messed thoughts. Wouldn't be exactly a suicide, but it'd was crazy enough to get him killed in the middle of it. However, he couldn't think of anything else.

Besides running away, which was for the best.

Kuja glided swift as he could, avoiding another ravaging thunder that managed to hit him, yet he went too fast to even let himself get affected. The girl stepped back just as a natural reflex. In her eyes, she was almost gone, lost within a nightmare she couldn't wake-up from.

He caught her just in time, his hands cluthched brusquely the girls wrists as he invoked a silent magic that ran throgh his fingers. Her eyes widened in surprise, having this effeminate man's face so close to her, causing confusion. However, the impression somehow managed to bring her senses back to life.

"There you go! Stay still, my bird!" the mage exclaimed, feeling the hot energy oozing out of her and being sucked by his own. She cried, completely unaware of what exactly was he doing to her, and struggling frantically to release her wrists from his magical grasp.

Her fingers twitched violently and she tugged her wrists. The blonde girl moaned and kicked, but her magic was completely out of focus and couldn't use magic against the other mage who restrained her. Her powers were growing increasingly dimmer for each second he mantained touch with her.

Kuja wasn't having a great time either. Osmose was a very basic black spell, but before even realizing he begun to absorb much power more power than he could hold and yet hers wouldn't alleviate. She had even more magic than he predicted.

If he kept on draining her energy, he'd collapse. His body wasn't prepared to hold such an overwhelming force.

'It's... too much.'

Before he could lose control, Kuja relinquished his hold from her and almost tripped on his back. The girl fell on her knees panting heavily. She finally calmed down.

The mage dressed in white and purple was also tired. And hurt. Sighing he stared at the shivering girl for a while. Seemingly powerless now, she didn't appear more menacing than a fluffy moogle. Though he needed no more proof to know how dangerous was she.

The Reaper walked feeble around the maiden in red, who was still recovering from the encounter, slowly she pulled her face up to look at his sharp icy blue eyes. She held a confused gaze, as if she tried to ask why wasn't he trying to kill her; but the man grinned at her, not maliciously.

"Even the wingless possess most amazing strength, don't you think, my canary?" His artful voice purred, slightly bold. She looked down as if she didn't hear him.

"... What were you trying to do?" The girl finally talked with her serene voice, as calm as the gray seas. "Why wouldn't you fight me...?" then her big purple eyes stared at the moderate burn of Kuja's left arm. "I've hurt you... why didn't you run?"

She knew what questions to avow. It wouldn't be easy to explain himself without looking suspicious. "It isn't among my plans to fight with you, if that's what makes you worried." He turned his back to her. "And it wouldn't sway me to give you a helping hand, I suppose."

"So... you drained part of my magic to calm down my powers?" She sounded a bit distrustful. Kuja heard the heels of her boots as she stood again on her own. "... Why did you help me?"

"Beg you pardon?" The white mage rose up his eyebrow. "Don't misunderstand me, girl. I wasn't precisely trying to help you. If I didn't do anything to stop you, you could have scorched me to death."

"... You could have run."

Kuja just twitched his smirk. "Yes, of course I could." He tried to hide any kind of nervousness. She didn't need to know. He didn't need to understand.

"Then why didn't you?"

"It's unimportant. What you need to take into more consideration are your own overflowing powers. It is clear that you aren't yet fit for battle, girl."

"... I guess I'm not." she sighed embracing herself. "But I have to fight, if I want to save him." the last three words came out like small dead whispers.


"It's not of your concern, I'm sorry." At least she was somewhat polite. "I don't understand what do you want from me. And I don't think I wanna know... so please, just leave at once." In her eyes a tiny spark of determination was born. She was only fierce when she was on her toes. She obviously knew that Kuja wasn't trustworthy, but that was already the stigma that all Chaos' warriors carried.

It made him disappointed. He wasn't sure expecting a weak will for a terrifying strength, but at least he could have wanted a more naïve and complying girl, who could cling at him in need.

But not everything was lost.

"I see. Since I'm not needed here anymore..." Kuja turned his head back to see her, smiling with confidence. "But don't you expect this to be the last time we see each other, my canary."

"Canary?" She muttered confused. Kuja chuckled.

The androgynous mage parted his feet from the ground, flying highly above through the glowing green walls of the place. "Until our paths meet again."

He knew that he just let a big chance to get away. But... he wasn't lying about seeing her again. Of course, circumstances would be, hopefully, different.

Terra Branford still shivered after seeing the peculiar-looking mage flying away from the zone of the Planet's Core. Inside this chaotic day, this was probably the oddest thing happened to her. That Warrior of Chaos didn't attack her, even when she was more vulnerable than ever before.

But that wasn't just it. Something else was crawling underneath her mind, about the look on those piercing eyes which resembled this world's heavens. "Who... was that?" Had the definate feeling she met him before. Though... she was aware that most of her memories were wiped away, the sensations still remained.

Engrossed in thought, Terra didn't notice the approach of other warrior in the same ground she was. At first the jumped, infected by paranoia, but her spirit calmed down as she recognized the figure of a fellow soldier of Cosmos.

The man was young, perhaps younger than the mage she just dismissed. But just at looking at his blue eyes, she noticed an unusual sad yet lively glow in them. Then she saw his strange spiked yellow hair. She could recall the memory of certain kind of big yellow birds by just looking at it.

"Are you okay?" he asked; Terra was surprised about how glum his voice sounded.

"Uh... your name is Cloud, isn't it?"

"I'm sorry, Terra. I coudn't interfere in time. But he didn't hurt you, did he?"

"... No. I think not." She didn't want to trouble him when he already looked so downhearted; couldn't help but to wonder. "Why are you looking so sad?"

"Sad?... " Cloud barely made a gesture, unsure how to respond. Then grief shadowed his eyes. "I wanted to get in the way, to try to calm you down. But he came first. I hesitated after seeing him struggle with your power. In the end, I couldn't do anything to help you."

Having heard his words, her heart felt warm. Knowing she was looked after other besides the Onion Knight made her... feel joy.

"It's okay. Thanks for worrying." Terra tried to smile, but the weight over her was still so great. So many things pending, so there was not time for beaming.

"I was a coward, Terra. He could have hurt you." If could have helped if she smiled though. At least he wouldn't be feeling so guilty.

Terra nighed at the soldier, looking at him sweetly, as if she just met with an old friend.

"I'm fine. See?" Barely managed to smile a little for him. "My powers are under control now. Nobody can hurt me now and I can't hurt anyone else."

He didn't seem to show emotion, but his eyes somehow grew brighter. "Let's go find that guy who was with you."

"Onion Knight, you mean?"

Cloud silently nodded. The girl understood that he wouldn't talk much more unless she started talking... would she make him uncomfortable if she drove him too much into conversation? Couldn't be sure, she just met him.

They just walked a few inches together, but he suddenly stopped "... Terra."

"What is it?"

"He did something to you, didn't he?" Cloud was obviously refering to the warrior she attacked a few minutes ago. The issue still lingered within her mind, flickering with unease and confusion.

"I... think he just drained some of my magic powers. It soothed me a little." Terra described it as if she just wnet through it again, this time fearless. "But I'm fine!" She only wished him to worry less, or he'd just look even more sorrowful.

But Cloud just seemed as puzzled as she was.

"... He didn't even try to attack you."

"Huh?" Heard him murmur something, but every noise just froze after that.

"Nothing." They just continued onwards without talking about the matter again.

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