A/N: This takes place directly after 'Cry Turmoil' after she rips up the letter, obviously.

I don't own the SwatKats but I do own Inez/Esmeralda and Damian.

Turmoil watch the pieces of paper stick to the rocks below the prison, the waves washing away his words into little puddles of ink and paper and then nothing. An Absolute scilence followed, until a cold, low laugh ripped through the air like a steel knife. Turmoil turned and face who she assumed was her new cell mate but saw no one and passed the laugh off as nothing. That was until the voice spoke a full sentence.

"Do away with your Boyfriend too?" A low voice asked suddenly from the darkness of the jail.

"No, why do you asked?" Turmoil questioned as she laid back on her bed and folded her arms behind her head.

"You look like the type that would kill." The She-kat's voice hissed from an unknown location.

Turmoil realized that the voice was coming from the cell directly across from hers. Getting up, she walked to the bars of her cell window and looked out, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness before finally seeing something. She saw another She-kat around her age with thick curly black hair that fell around her shoulders and crème colored fur. Her eyes were the color of toxic waster and her red lips seemed to be pressed into a permanent frown.

"Really. You seem like it." The kat snickered and tossed her silky curls behind her shoulder. "And what about me? I do I seem like it?"

"Seem like what?" Turmoil asked leaning against the bars of her cell and smirking.

"A killer." The kat laughed loudly and harsh but then stopped suddenly.

An awkward silence passed between the two before this new she-kat spoke up again. Her voice was a bit lighter this time and her frown was replaced with a thin line of red lipstick that looked like a knife wound.

"So what are you in for?" The she-kat asked, suddenly sounding interested. "Rob a bank or something?"

"Taking over the skies and using them as ransom, and you?" Turmoil asked, raising a curious eyebrow though she knew well what the woman was about to say.

"Long story, but lets just make it very short and say, there was a lot of blood shed by the end of it." The she-kat suddenly let out another laugh, like everything she found particularly funny. "So... You got a name?"

"I like you girlie, I'm Turmoil and you are?" She asked, her lips twitching into a higher smirk, this time very curious as to what the girl would answer with.

"Esmerelda." The kat said sharing the same smirk but frown when it was Turmoil this time who laughed. "Not as bad as yours."

Turmoil suddenly fell quiet and narrowed her eyes.

"What is your real name?" Turmoil heard Esmeralda's voice ask.

"What do you mean." She growled, sounding quite annoyed.

"Your real name. I know your parents couldn't have been that cruel to name you Turmoil." Esmeralda explained as she leaned against the door of her cell, causing it to make a hallow 'clank'.

"You really want to know?" Turmoil asked rubbing her head, actually deep in thought, trying to remember the name herself.

The younger Kat nodded but then verbally said a yes.

"Its... Well was...Grace..." Turmoil answered shaking her head slowly. "Or Gracie as my parents used to call me. Their little saving grace apparently..."

"Grace... Thats silly, its the complete opposite of Turmoil." The black haired Kat said with a laugh but became serious again. "Your parents weren't cruel to you, it sounds like they really loved you... So if that's the case then what made you turn this way?"

By now Turmoil's eyes stung with hot tears, which were threatening to spill onto her cheeks as she remembered exactly what had happened all those years ago. Said tears would fall soon if she didn't change the subject soon.

"You can tell me." Esmeralda said in a gentle tone. "I don't mind the tears. It just means that you're sane."

The older Kat sighed and wiped her eyes before speaking again.

"I had a son... I needed to support him somehow... But there weren't many options for me... So I chose stealing instead..." Grace began in a soft voice, one that she hadn't heard in years. "And when I finally found someone who I thought would be my... Well... Saving grace in this case... He ended up turning me in."

Both girls were silent for a long time, until the same Kat who had just finished speaking spoke up again.

"Whats your real name?" She asked in an almost playful tone.

"What?" Esmeralda asked sounding abit dazed.

"Don't tell me your parents were cruel enough to name you after a Disney character." Turmoil said giving her a weak smile which the other kat returned.

"Inez." She said as her smile grew abit more.

"Nice to meet you Inez." Turmoil joked lowly. "How long are you in for by the way?"

"Ten years to life, with or without good behavior." She answered bluntly. "Two weeks if theres a jail break. and you?"

"Ten years to life. Two weeks if theres a jail break." Turmoil mocked the woman's answer. "And what do you plan on doing when your free?"

"I have a certain black list I'd like to get started on. And you?" By now both women had evil plans at work.

"I was going to knock some people off of my list too. With the help of my new best friend if she is interested." Esmeralda only nodded her head, her smirk never leaving her face. "Our first targets. The Swat Kats."

"Sounds fun." Esmeralda responded darkly, thinking about the city's greatest heroes. "One for each of us."