If anyone read "Rivals" you will know about Stella Williams. Her suggestion that instead of Ariadne choosing Cobb, Arthur or Eames, That the four of them would just get a big house and she could just "visit" one of them a night.

Many of my fans really liked this idea and since I don't write enough erotica, being sarcastic here, I'm putting this story up.

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The Four Lovers

~ Ariadne was out for her normal morning run. She enjoyed the early workout. The way the world seemed to still be asleep. Watching it slowly wake up and come to life.

She rounded up the trail to catch a glimpse of a large house in the distance. She sighed and realized she was breathing harder. Still a mile to go at least. The sooner she picked up the pace, the sooner that she could take a refreshing shower and eat breakfast.

The Team had moved to the large house that was set as far in the country as could be managed. They had all made sacrifices to live there. To lead this life. But it was working for them.

Eames had given up drinking. Arthur seemed much less angry. Cobb was peaceful.

Ariadne trudged ahead on her run as she wondered about their lives. How it might seem to an outsider. It was this very reason why they stayed away from the general population. Why they didn't seek contact. If people found out, they wouldn't understand. They would take Cobb's children away.

James and Phillipa lived in the house with them. Although it was doubtful that they understood why so many people were living there with them. Believing their father that Arthur, Eames and Ariadne were only working colleagues. Living together to make things easier.

As long as they kept to this story, no one ever need know about the Team's nocturnal activities.

~ Ariadne made it back to the house and all the chaos that could be found there. Cobb was trying to get the children ready for school, Arthur was fixing breakfast. Eames had the T.V on too loud.

"Morning!" She called out snapping off the sports channel that the Forger had on loud enough to wake the dead.

"Thank you!" Arthur said waving an angry hand at the idiot box that Eames was only half paying attention to.

"I was watching that." Eames cried.
"We saw it last night." Arthur countered as Ariadne went into the kitchen. She took out the lunches she hand loving packed for the children last night put them carefully into the lunch boxes she had helped them personalized.

"Always forget that." Cobb said. Running a hand over his hair. Smoothing it out.

The Extractor had gotten better at managing the little nuances of childcare that his late wife had taken care of. He was grateful the Ariadne was there to help. The Architect making sure the kids clothes were laid out. That they had all the new "it" trends to impress friends and cookies were baked for the class.

"Guys, do you have everything?" Cobb asked as Arthur gave Ariadne a quick kiss. She smiled up at the Point Man, a secret language between them. His hands briefly making contact to her waist before letting her go.

James and Phillipa were distracted by their school bags and lunch boxes. Their outsides decorated by the Architect making them the envy of the school. They never saw the Point Man and Architect.

"Right, I'll be back late tonight." Eames said searching his blazer pocket for his keys. The Architect pointing to the key rack where all the keys were housed. The Forger snapped his fingers at seeing them.

"There they are." He said shouldering his bag. He gave Ariadne a quick peck on the cheek after grabbing them.

"Last place you look." She teased.

She had to have the house neat. It was the only way that this arrangement could work. Cobb and Arthur were fine. The Point Man being especially neat. Eames was, if possible, worse then the children.

"I'm off to." Arthur said taking his own car keys off the rack. He gave her hand a squeeze as Eames had started his car and drove off.

Cobb was finishing getting the kids ready as the Point Man gave the Architect's hand a squeeze.

"I'll be home early." Arthur said. She nodded.

"I'll meet you guys in the car." Cobb said. Waving them off. The two youngsters waved at Ariadne who told them she would pick them up after school.
"I'll see you tonight." Cobb said once the two of them were alone.

Ariadne delighted in his presence. The house suddenly quite and theirs.
"Course. It's your night." She said. Knowing that despite being sweaty, she looked beautiful to him.

"Best part of my week." He laughed kissing her.

The Extractor's kiss, long and deep. Exciting. She had to restrain herself from allowing him to take her right there.

"You'll be late." She whispered. He nodded.

"See you soon." He told her. Stealing another kiss. Then another.

She giggled as she ran a hand over the back of her neck. Watching him go. The men and children were gone.

She had the house to herself. She cleaned up the mess left by them and took a shower.

Her job as an architect allowed her to work from home most days which was good for her new family life.

Cobb had a job with the city works department. Supervisor. A regular 9-5 job that let him have a normal life. Or as normal as their lives could afford to be.

Arthur worked as researcher for private firms. Sometimes he could do it from home. Other times he had to take long business trips. But he always made sure to be home on his night.

Eames worked at a variety of jobs. The Team never really understanding what he did from one week to the next. He was gone a lot, but always manged to be home for his night. Never missing it.

She re-dressed and worked on her latest project. It was frustrating. The building did not want to become what she wanted it to. Cobb kept telling her to let it become what it wanted. But she would have to start from scratch if she did that.

She and Cobb shared a small art studio that was once the front parlor. Arthur's neat little office open in next to it. Eames had no personal space except his room and the spot in the couch. Always in front of the T.V.

She sighed and gave up. She had her standard two days of rest from her lovers and was anxious to get back to them. She decided to take a spa day. Treat herself to a manicure and pedicure. A massage and waxing.

She wanted to be ready and clean. It was Cobb's night.