~ Cobb's taste in nursery d├ęcor lent itself to his taste in French culture. Somehow the nursery looked less baby ready, and more stylish and perfectly Parisian.

"It looks like we live in Paris." Ariadne smiled looking over the delightful reprints of famous water colors Cobb had professionally framed and put on the nursery walls.
"Well, maybe someday when the babies are a little older, we can move back to Paris." Cobb said coming up behind her and wrapping his sure hands around her large belly. Kissing her cheek.

Ariadne couldn't help but feel safe and warm in his arms. Her thought's going briefly to what a wonderful father Cobb would make. She already knew he was devoted to his children and seemed to be more then willing to be a good father to her babies as well.

Arthur had only been gone a few days and she barely missed him at all now. She only went into his room a few times a day now to smell his shirts and cry. Wondering why he didn't call or text her.

Eames still called her at night. The Forger's lighthearted talks that left so much unsaid. She still didn't have the courage to tell him about the pregnancy.

"Are you sure everything's alright, Darling?" Eames asked night. "Arthur treating you alright?"

"Arthur, is fine. You know Arthur." Ariadne said rubbing lotion on her shinny belly. Wondering faintly how big she could get.
"Are you sure there isn't anything else you want to talk to me about?" he asked kindly.

"No." She said innocently.

"Ariadne, do you want me to come home?" He asked. "I will if you stay with me, and me alone."

"Everything's fine Eames." She sighed.

~ Soon enough, Eames' calls stopped to.

~ Arthur was an expert at finding things. Eames was no exception. Admittedly, it took a lot longer to track down the rouge Forger then the average person. Eames was good at not being found.

He had to tell him about Ariadne. About the babies. He had planed for the trip to be quick, hoping he could find Eames and bring him back home. As soon as the Forger knew about the babies, he would surely rush back to Ariadne. They could be together and raise their children.

Arthur would leave her for good then. He loved Ariadne enough to let her go. She had cried out Eames' name while he was making love to her the other night. A penetrating wound that festered until dawn when he confided in Cobb that he didn't think the babies were his.

He knew then that he had to find Eames. He wrote a long letter to Ariadne explaining he was leaving and why. That he would be back and hopefully bring Eames back with him. He had asked Cobb to give her the note so Ariadne wouldn't think he had abandoned her to.

The Point Man sat in his shabby hotel room. The Forger preferring to stay in isolated places without the posh hotel accommodations enjoyed by the Point Man. The TV didn't work and Arthur was grateful that at least the hot water was functioning. The local military group here was trying to quell some kind of uprising in this place.

It was a world away from the large, comfortable house he was used to. The stillness of the night occasionally broken with the peppering of distant automatic gun fire.

He pulled out the sonogram picture Ariadne had shown him just a few days ago. The babies, Eames' probably, looked strange and crowded in Ariadne's womb. She was such a small woman. Carrying and giving birth to twins would be dangerous for her.

In a way, that was how he believed they were not his babies. His children, would never hurt Ariadne.

He doubted Eames would be a good father, but hopefully he was would be proven wrong. If Ariadne needed him, he would still be there for her. He was sure Cobb would help her in any way she needed as well.

Arthur tried yet again to get a signal on his cell phone to call Ariadne. The internet here didn't work here either. He sighed and wished the Forger didn't hide out in such desolate places.