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This is the preview / first chapter of "Team Desperate", so you can get better insights on the main characters and the world, and figure out the backstory before getting the main story started.

Story: Cybetron is being overrun by Scrapmetals. Autobots have retreated to their city, trying to keep the remaining autobots alive. Same goes with decepticons, who are even more strict about those who can get in the safety of their citywalls. Outside the citys... it's all against all. It's kill or be killed. You cannot trust anyone to leave you behind, not even your own brother. Leader of the Scrapmetals is not done yet, he will have them all offlined. But Primus is funny guy sometimes, and now he had tied five bots fate together. And not any bots: Criminal. Warrior. Younling. Loner. Deceiver.

We follow these five - and occasionaly the bad guys - bots adventure.

Want OC in the story? PM me with small preview of the character, so we can see if there's a good spot for him ;) This is mostly based on Transformers Cybetron, so the official characters are mostly from there (sorry all TFA fans).

"Slag slag slag SLAG!", red racing vehicle with flames on his side was trying to keep his pursuers behind him, avoiding few shots that came from the buildings, and hit the break when he saw an opening in the walls, and decide to drive in and hide. He transformed, and slided his finger over new scar that he had now on his servo.

"Aaaw, they scrapped my paintjob!", young bot said with annoyed tune in his voice. Man what a bummer, he just got his whole body waxed!
"Slaggin bugs, what ever did I do to them!", he asked, and take a small scan trough the room. Was he alone here? Not for long, he was able to hear the creepers outside, they were probably looking for their prey. Young hothead grinned wildly, and forced his battlemask on his face, that started automaticly sending cool air trough his frame, it was defence system. His ability to use fire overheated himself way too easily.
"Sorry bugs, not today. You'll have to seek another meal...", he grinned, while getting his two flamethrowers ready for action, waiting for the perfect moment to strike...

Flyer went trough air, evading every shot he was aimed at, and returned the fire with aggresion.

"YOU MURDERES! I'LL GET YOU!", he shouted, shooting everything that looked like an Scrapmetal. He was in rage. In pain. He had lost his Trine, his brothers from sky, his reason to live. Now he had a new reason: To take revenge on these buggers. To shoot and blast them until there was no power in him, until he would go off-line, or until he could rip all of them appart, limb by limb. He transformed in the sky, just to send a powerfull punch in one of the Scrapmetals frame, letting energon to splash...
"I won't let you get away! You fraggin killers!", seeker was howling, when some of the Scrapmetals tried to run away from the murderous Decepticon. His Trine was just flying, having fun, and then these had attacked. He still remembered the horror of his Trine Leader, when the Third Wing had been attacked, and the look in their faceplates when the Scrapmetals were done... He was waiting younger seeker to get up and laugh it off, since he always kept saying that the Scrapmetals wasn't a threat to flyers. And his Trineleader... He had sacrificed himself, to keep him out of the danger... Decepticon yelled out his pain, he was alone, and his bond to his Trinemates was extuingshed. Seeker let himself fall in his knees...

"Aquasong! Emberpeak! Linethief! Glowclaw! Anyone!", it was a lone yell, no-one heard him, and he knew, but he had to try. Running on all fours, organic-lookin creature raised his head again.
"Guys, this ain't fun! Where are you!", it howled, attracin only the Scrapmetals attention, and again he had to run, show his speed once again, and try to spot any of his pack. They hadn't leave him behind, had they? No, no Maximal would leave his own behind in a danger like this! Not even as helpless and annoying one as him, he was still just learning to fight! They wouldn't leave him, they just couldn't do that! And there was no slagging way that any of his pack would die just like that, they were the toughest punch of all, they even gave hard time to the Decepticons once they had showed them that they didn't take dictators very lightly... But now, his companions were gone, in the mists of this planet, where was just death and destruction around. He had never felt so alone, he needed his friends, he needed his pack!
"Don't... Don't leave me like this!", he yelled again, slowing down, and raising his head, howling.

"Kuka tahansa! Auttakaa!"

Looking from the highs, and focusing on the next roadcrossing that he wouldn't get hit by those bugs. He was angered, this was his city, his world, his HOME, and what had happened when the Scrapmetals had invided it? Nothing. Decepticons had retreated, they didn't care. Autobots had taken few civilians with them before going back to their precious city, and that was it, nothing else. Deep growl came trough his vocaliser, he loathed both of the wars sides, and this was why. They didn't care. They just wanted to fight, not to save those who needed help. Closing his optics, he was hoping that the screams of pain would stop, but it was hopeless. This planet was doomed, and yet they fighted to protect what was left. Why couldn't anyone else see, that fighting against each others was a sign of really losing it all?
"Fools.", he whispered, watching two young Autobots running trough street, trying to avoid the Scrapmetal-attack. But it was futile, they weren't fast enough. Too bad for the two younglings, but atleast they were nice distraction for Scrapmetals, so he could make a safe passing over the street, to the next hiding place... Too bad his calculations weren't bullet proof, the re-inforcment had noticed him.

"Well damnaigh, this isn't going to end well."

Blast, blast, dodge, burn, blast. It wasn't different from the other days after all, only that the targets were different, and that he knew he wouldn't get any help. This was like his whole life, only bit worse. Well, atleast he didn't have to feel bad for killing someone, Scrapmetals weren't something you would consider as another transformer, or as anything innocent that needed protection. Not that he showed any regret on Decepticons either, it was a war after all, but sometimes he couldn't help it, the feeling of guilt. It only came on the young warriors anymore, the ones who were affraid, affraid of the death and the huge mech who could easelly rip them appart. And from the inside.. it killed him. He didn't want to be murderer, or a warrior, he had promising career in as an teacher, and he had enjoyed it, seeing how younglings did their best, grew up, had fun... and then the war came. His days as teacher were short, but he cherised them, because the change had been too sudden. Attack that was aimed in his school had let him scarred, just remembering his students offlined and horror in their face... After that, he wasn't the same. He became cold, distant, he became a warrior. And he knew he couldn't go back anymore, he just couldn't. Just thinking of how he betrayed his young companions... No. Better stay in the battlelines, show no compassion to the others. With these thoughs, he aimed for another Scrapmetal, and shot it off from one of his fightingpartners. He couldn't even remember his name anymore, all he did care was to get out of here alive.

Stupid minions... they were supposed to gather materials, not to blast everything in sight! Eyes glowed in the dark, and ten of his closest assistants bowed at the same time, walking backwards from the room to fulfil their missions... Sharp claws scratched the walls in dull rage, bright yellow eyes scanned trough his room. This planet, this universe, it was going to be his. And no transformer was going to stand in his way.

"Mine.", he whispered, and a deep grin crept in his face. This was all going to be him. And no-one was going stand in his way this time.

"All mine."

Authors notes:

"Kuka tahansa! Auttakaa!" is finnish, and translates "Anybody! Help!". Yes this character speaks finnish, but all that he had said will be translated, and there won't be lot's of this languake, just random curses and captions.
Same goes for the guy who said "Damnaigh", wich means damn in Irish.
Characters names are still in somewhat of an secret ;) You can go to my DA: accounts journal and try to figure out who is who before sending the first chapter.