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"Stay still. I will fix that.", Ghostpunch said to Boldbreaker, who had sat down on temporal berth made of boxes and such, trying to see what was wrong with his system with his self-repair program. Ghostpunch seemed to have a collectors habit, he had small energoncubes placed next to computer and monitorscreen, wich he had used to control some of the hatches and energylines of this section of the city. He also had few of the cameras under his control... real hacker it seemed. And a medic also, he had equipment for that too, and he had already checked Goldlines programming, overriding the code that made him feel trapped, making kid atleast somewhat calmer.

Flamer leaned closer to see, how Ghostpunches arm seemed to disperse into small, small parts, almost like in smog... Ghostpunch had already told that it was is speciality, to brake his own structure into atoms, and control them... kinda creepy really, but also really helpfull when you needed to get into those hard to reach places while fixing someone. Apparently Ghostpunch could do that to his whole body, but he rather not. His spark would be vulnerable to all kinds of attacks if he'd do that.

"So uh, why did you save us? I've been in the business to know that no-one saves another without an good reason."

"And by business you mean underworld-business don't you? I know this is a war wheres no room for courteus gestures, just like the world you came from."

"Where did he come from then?", Goldline asked, while Ghostpunch finished the fixings. Boldbreaker tried his hand, nodding then to himself. Ghostpunch had made a good job. And now he got somewhat curious too. Who are these guys anyway?

"Well, that's a long story. Like, REALLY long. Let's just say that I came from Velocitron, against my will that is."

"Actually... I know about you already. I hacked on the main systems before they collapsed, and downloaded all the data I was able to get, just in case. Name: Flamer. Crime: conspiracy against Autobot-order in Velocitron, arson of three buildings and one stadium, resisting the authority while taken in custody, terrorising the fellow transformers-"

"I got I got I got it! It's bad! I know! No need to tell all of it!"

"You're... criminal?", Goldline asked, making Flamer tilt his head a little, giving a smirk under his mask.

"More or less.", he replied, and Goldline shruddered.

"Hey I'm not atleast a murdered, unlike these two.", Flamer pointed at the seeker and the tank. Seeker growled silently, and Boldbreaker turned his head slowly to look at Flamer.

"I'm a soldier, not a murderer."

"You kill people. What's the difference?"

"The difference is that we do what we have to do so we can life. We wouldn't kill if there wouldn't be another way.", Mistfist answered, sitting on the berth on his turn and fixing his leg on his own now. Ghostpunch sighed deep inside his mind, and went then to the computer, to monitor little of the surroundings. Typing around, hacking couple more cameras, he let the new formed team to let their opinions out for loud. They would need it, if they wanted to make it trough. Reason why Ghostpunch had safed them was simple: He needed some protection. He was about to move to the next point, but he couldn't make it alone. Why to chance points? Easy, he had already everything here under control. Why not expand his area little more?

Finally the small fight was over. It ended when Goldline made a loud howl suddenly, trying to run out of the door only slamming his head to it.

"Who locked this?", Goldline asked, transforming back to robotic-mode and rubbing his head.

"Seems like your instic-coding for places like this is trying to take over again. Listen, I have proposal. You owe me one now... excort me to one point, and we are even.", Ghostpunch said, making Mistfist point rest of the crew with his thumb.

"You want ME to work with THEM?", Mistfist asked, looking like he would rather blast them than work with them.

"It seemed to work earlier. Besides, I'm not asking you to work together for the rest of your life. Just enough so we can make it to the D-area on sector 22, in third level.", Ghostpunch answered. Goldline looked at his companions, and stepped then few steps forward.

"I'll come with you, I rather be with somebot than totally alone in here.", he said. Boldbreaker nodded also.

"War or not, I'm still an autobot. And it's on my coding to help others."

"Hey, you guys are going to team up?", Flamer asked, little confused, and looked at Mistfist. "What're you going to do Misty?"

"Don't call me that.", Mistfist said, turning his look elsewhere. What he was supposed to do here? He just wanted to get out, get somewhere else. He didn't belong among them, he was a con for crying out loud! But when he felt someone to touch his hand, he turned his head again, to meet the optics of Goldline. Good thing kid couldn't see his optics behind the visor...

"Are you coming with us mister?"

"Mister?", Mistfist didn't really know what to say about that, being called "mister" was new. Goldline nodded couple times. It was odd, seeing that someone who should be savaged beast was just an shy and polite puppy...

"...Okay, I'll come."

"Why did you have to appear now? I really wanted to enter the academy!", young femme muttered to herself, shooting two Scrapmetals at the same time, making the explosion to block the view for couple seconds. Using this confusion in her advantage, she ran for it, to the small entrance that was in the shadows. Hiding in the shadows for a few seconds, she tried to get herself atleast some rest. She knew she wouldn't be able to hide for long, if there wouldn't be somekind of miracle...

Miracle came, Scrapmetals heard a loud bangs, and hoping for easier meal than this ex-ninjastudent. Female autobot, named Crystalmed, sighed in relief, knowing still well that whoever was causing those explosions might have just saved her, but also sacrificed himself... Crystalmed came out from her hiding place.

"Primus bless you, who ever made Scrapmetals run.", she said, and transformed into her alt mode, small car, and dashed trough the rubble and fallen buildings. How sad it was, seeing the city in ruins, this place had been so lively, full of colors and places to go... She didn't have any destination in here now, and there was no way she would make it to the cit-


"Salvation? In here?", Med though, and decided to follow the arrow. It lead to the underground tunnel, that was well hidden. Salvation was behind it. Or was it? Crystalmed gulped, and opened the hatch, dropping herself in, and slamming the door shut. Atleast there wasn't any signs of any Scrapmetals... Crystalmed looked around herself, and realised that there was couple arrows more. This was hidden and abandoned place, almost like an catacomb, it had few decent sized rooms - most were filled with rubble or stuff that no-one needed - but the arrows kept pointing to further away. One stopped at one room, and when the young femme peeked in, she squeed for joy: There was energon! She hopped inside, she was too happy to walk normally, and taked one cube. There was enough suplies to feed an fifteen transformers for weeks! She took a small sip, and sighed in relief. It had been weeks when she last had any energon.

"Who ever made this, it really saved me!"

piip, piip, piip...

Med looked at the room she had skipped, and realised there was a computer, and few monitors, all being static. It was the computer that kept peeping. Femme sat down, and klicked the button on the monitor, that had message: Incoming videochat...

Ghostpunch jumped when the computer piiped, and ran to it, klicking it on. On monitor, there was a autobot femme, colored in blue and white. The visual was bad though, it kept disappearing and reappearing.

"T-this is Autobot Crystalmed speaking!"

"Keep talking Crystalmed, I'm getting the signal... just don't stop talking and I can get us both trough!"

"Okay, I can hear you too, who am I talking?"

"There! I got both visual and audio working. This is neutral medic Ghostpunch talking. I see you saw my markings on the walls?", Ghostpunch was happy to see that someone listened... well, readed, his markings.

"Yes, thank you very much, I haven't been this happy to have a cube of energon or see a mech!", Crystalmed smiled, relieved. "I'm glad I'm not only survivor here."

"Well, that you surely aint.", Ghostpunch turned on his chair little, releaving four other mechs, some resting and some talking. Crystalmed gasped, she was suprised, in a good way.

"Crystalmed, I have a big favour to ask. I know lot's of places like yours, but I haven't marked many of them. Still, could you stay on that point? I was thinking coming there, now that I have some assistant. I would like to hack some securitycameras around there."

"Sure, but why?"

"If we create strong small safe points, create a strong web that would protect us... the Scrapmetals wouldn't have a chance. Autobots or Decepticons aren't going to help us, if we don't show that we can survive from this. This is so far the best plan. So far we have this point, though we don't have any protectors here now. I need to go and check trough the points so I can connect them, and for moving around, I'll be needing this team, well, atleast for now. They already have agreed to help me."

"Wait... them, help? Autobot I can understand, but I see a neutral, and an Animatronian... and... Oh my lord, is that an decepticon?", autobot asked, making Ghostpunch chuckle, when the team rised their head when they were mentioned.

"Yeah, I'm decepticon, so what, we're all in the same frag-juice anyway.", Mistfist frowned, and Med was silent for a second. Yep, definetly a con, but atleast he was on their side. Ghostpunch shaked his head.

"Mar sin drochbhéasach...", he muttered by himself, and looked back at the monitor.

"Well, we will be coming soon. Don't worry, that stronghold is going to hold on."

"Sure thing Ghostpunch. But... you do realise, that your team is... Kinda mixed?"

"Well, we are Team Desperate.", Flamer laughed by himself. Ghostpunch rolled his only optic, and looked then back to monitor.

"Will be seeing you soo in person, Crystalmed. Ghostpunch out."

"So, we get where you want, but we make a small detour to go check this femme?"

"Go beacht. You catch up fast Flamer.", Ghostpunch tapped on racers back. Flamer grinned behind his mask, that was first good praise he had gotten on the whole day. Goldline secured his sword, and nodded then to himself. Mistfist got up to his feet also, and Boldbreaker loaded his guns. Ghostpunch opened the door, that led them to an tunnel.

"This tunnel will lead us for three miles, we'll be safe from Scrapmetals in here in time being. Once we get to the groundlevel..."

"We start running like the pithound itself would be after us?", Mistfist comfirmed, making Ghostpunch nod. Flamer was stepping already forward, all happy and ready for action... and starting to sing. Goldline listened to him, and suddenly noticed that he was nodding to the song. Boldbreaker suddenly tapped Flamers shoulder.

"Sonny, you gave us a good name back there."

"Well du'h, we are team now aren't we? And we're team because we're desperate. So, Team Desperate that is!"

"And it's a fitting name."

Mar sin drochbhéasach = So rude.
Go beacht
= Precicely