"Mom no! Please...Mom..." I begged but her face didn't change.

"I'm sorry Cay. I wish I didn't have to do this to you, but we just have no choice. With your Dad's new promotion and my new job, we just can't have you around. It wouldn't be fair to you. We'd never be able to get you to your play practices, or your Glee Club meetings...but you'll go live with your Aunt Carole, Finn, and Aunt Carole's new husband and stepson in Lima. It's gonna be okay. Finn says there's a great Glee Club at William McKinley High."

I tried to hold back the tears, but they stubbornly came bursting out. My whole life was falling apart. I had it all. A perfect home in LA, great parents, not to mention talent...enough of it to be involved in many different acting and singing programs. But all that would going to be gone in a matter of days. Somewhere, my parents decided that their careers were more important to them than I was. I was leaving. I was going to Lima, Ohio. AKA The Middle of Nowhere. This was terrible.

"Oh Cay," my mom sighed and pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry. It's going to be okay. I promise." I felt a little better for a moment until she abruptly pushed me away. "Oh sweetie. You're staining my shirt. It's brand new. No more tears now. Let's go. Chin up!" She continued to mumbled random words of inspiration as she wandered away, typing something on her Blackberry.

I sank down to the ground, crying. I tried to picture my new life. I didn't know Aunt Carole and Finn very well. I must have been four or five years old when I last saw them. I remembered them as nice people. I could remember stacking blocks with Finn. Whenever Finn got his blocks up really high, I would knock them down. Looking back, I guess I felt bad. After all, Finn never did anything mean to me. I knew Aunt Carole had gotten married recently, and I had no clue what her new husband and stepson were like. With my luck, they'd probably hate me. It seemed these days everyone hated me. The whole world was probably against me.

I texted my best friend Charlotte. I told her I was leaving. Moments later she called me. "It can't be true," she managed to squeak out before we broke down together. We spent the next hour sobbing.

Then I called my boyfriend, Tyler. At our school, we were probably the most powerful couple. He was the quarterback of the football team, and I was the most popular girl in school, because of my talent. But I knew all of that would come crashing down after this call. When I heard him pick up the phone, I burst into tears.

"No, no, Cay, it's okay," he said. I loved him but his words didn't help me much. I asked him if he'd come see me off in two days at the airport. "I can't, I have something I need to do that day," he told me after a moment of silence. We were both silent for a moment, and then we said our goodbyes.

Two days later, I stood in the airport with a few suitcases at my side, ready to board the plane. An announcer stated that it was time for the row I was in to board the plane.

"Bye Mom." I said.

"What?" my mom said, looking up from her Blackberry. "Oh, you're boarding. Ok, bye sweetheart." she said, kissing the air next to my face. "I would kiss you sweetie, but I wouldn't want to mess up my lipstick." I wanted to say something else, but her eyes were far too focused on her Blackberry.

Then I looked over to my dad. Unlike Mom, he had a look of sadness on his face. "I know I've been rough to you," he said. "But I always want you to know that I love you." I hadn't seen him like this for a while; usually he was very stern and stolid.

"I love you too," I said. He leaned up like he wanted to give me a hug, but before he could I realized that I needed to go. I ran off, leaving my old life behind me.