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~"Beast Speak"~


Tops and Bottoms...We Are Talking About Clothing Right?

Unbeknownst to Charlie and Harry, Sirius Black was going on a very long winded rant on how no man, Weasley or otherwise, was going to ever deflower his darling godson and woe be to the being who tried because he was just too damn young and sexy to be a grand-godparent dammit! Of course Bill had already left taking an unfighting Draco with him (he didn't want to be left in that room any more than the former) leaving poor Remus to be the one to calm his raging husband. Thankfully the subject of his rant hadn't heard the speech or everything from his neck to the tips of his ears would have gone as red as the man of his affection's hair. No, both young men were safely kept in a different bedroom (that hadn't gone under magical warfare from the young brothers) with wards to rival Severus'. Currently both were laying on the bed facing each other talking, asking each other questions about turn of events happening with one another. When Harry brought up what Dumbledore had told him and his brother about their sursa Charlie had cursed in English before going into Romanian before stopping when he remembered the boy could already speak it, much to the boy's amusement.

"It finally makes sense why that asshole Deroth came back to the camp with some warrant saying he was allowed to take Inilth off our hands. I tried to get a good look at it but he only sneered all condescending like and said 'It's for higher ups only, not muck boys with large heads.' I was going to bash his smarmy head in when my director came by. I'm so sorry Harry, I wish I could've stopped him." The smaller man shook his head allowing a small sad smile to grace his face.

"There's nothing you could have done Charlie. Dumbledore more than likely made sure that even if the papers hadn't been taken seriously that our sursa would 'randomly' disappear. I just wish he gave a clue to where he's keeping her!" he spat not keeping his frustration from his voice. The red haired man smiled comfortingly at him before reaching over with one of his blister roughened hands to tuck a piece of raven wayward hair behind an ear brushing against a silken cheek making the owner of that cheek blush. Slowly the two faces moved towards each other just as they had in the kitchen that fateful night and met in a much needed and anticipated kiss.

'Why is it I have the feeling that my brother is having much better luck with his wild boy than I am with mine?' Bill thought with a sigh as he eyed Draco. As soon as they had barricaded themselves in a separate bedroom his kitten had gone straight to the other side of the room and hadn't budged. Not a word or a sound no matter what he said or tried. After a few minutes of failure he just stopped trying and began to lounge on the bed not knowing, or paying attention, that his person of lust and affection had been sneaking glances every so often. He stretched his arms up allowing his shirt to raise and show his lower abdominal muscles not hearing the quickening of breath from the other side of the room. He was bored dammit! Since he was a guest and didn't know the Head Black long enough he couldn't ask if he could set up his small television. While in Egypt he'd met and racked brains with some of the most diverse groups of witches and wizards Bill had ever known. One of which was a rather brilliant witch who had married a muggle and wanted her children to have the best of both worlds. An idea which prompted the research, experimentation, consequent explosions, and finally a solution. A small television set that could work around magic and even after some fine tuning run off it as well. The eldest Weasley had been so enthralled in this piece of machinery (not missing the irony between him and his Father) that as a going away present she had given him a small take-a-way telly that ran more off magic than the batteries that charged it. He had it of course in one of his sacs but wanted permission first before he accidentally siphoned off any magic.

While he was lost in thoughts of boredom Draco was trying to figure out why on Goddess' Green Earth was he stuck in a room with this ginger haired pervert and why he was ok with it! He'd been practically ecstatic when he was drug from the room where his brother's godparents were raging war against the other ginger but had quickly come to his senses when brought to this room. Alone. With him. Oh no! He was doing that stretchy thing again, the one that made his shirt show off all that golden skin…and deep abdominal muscles…good lord was that a scar?!

"I see that something on me has caught your eye." a deep voice teased. Startled from his staring the blonde boy blushed before turning back around with a huff. Of course completely ignoring the velvety laugh that followed and the shivers that ran across his back and torso. 'I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him…'

Harry on the other hand was lost in a world of wonderful sensation and heightened senses. He could feel the weight of Charlie's slightly chapped lips pressed against his own, the warmth spreading from his calloused hand as it rested upon his waist, the feathery light feel of eyelashes resting upon his cheek, puffs of breath that weren't his own, etc. He had been afraid at first when the older man had approached him, due mostly to the fact that he hadn't had any type of relationship experience of any type of experience regarding sex or of that nature. Of course this wasn't counting the horrid and scarring (mental and physical) from his sursa's attempt at sexual education. But this kissing thing they were doing now, it was-good Gods what is he doing!? Teeth were getting involved and for the life of him the emerald eyed boy had no idea what to do. Taking note of his slight panic Charlie pulled away from his with slight pride at the flushed cheeks and bruised lips but was focusing more on the almost frightened look on the other's face. "Everything alright? I wasn't too rough or anything was I?" he asked almost desperately. He sighed in relief at the shaken head and began to rub tiny circles on his skin to make him comfortable to explain his sudden nervousness.

"C-Charlie umm…..I-I've never…I mean I haven't umm…."

Following his lips instead of his words it took the dragon handler a minute to figure out what was being said might be important then promptly smacked himself on the forehead for being so tactless head driven. Of course the other boy would be new to such a relationship, he and his brother had been raised in the wild by dragons and other magical creatures! Everything from holding hands to giving each other a hug was a completely new experience!

"Cor Em, I'm such a bloody cad. I completely forgot that you wouldn't understand a lot of out erm…mating rituals." Harry smiled over at him lighting up his face, more specifically his eyes, causing the tight almost nauseous feeling to come back and forcing him to swallow to moisten his dry mouth.

"It's alright Charlie, me and Moon aren't completely naïve, we know the basics like what we would have to do to m-mate." Here he blushed thinking of the lovemaking required to mate and how it would feel…gah! He couldn't think of it now he had questions!

"Well if you ever get curious or afraid again please don't hesitate to stop me. I want to make this work between us, and I couldn't bear it if I hurt you and it could have been avoided." Charlie spoke honestly with his face set making him seem even more handsome to the teen.

"Of course Charlie, though..I do have one small question.

"Anything Emeralds."

"Sursa once brought up clothing during the ritual and I could never understand what she meant." His comment was met with a series of blinks and a slight frown.


"Yes! I have no idea what tops or bottoms have to do with mating but apparently its very important, especially if I'm such an odd pant." Charlie was trying, really trying, to keep a straight face at this point but he had to know what his young love was saying.

"A-an odd pant?"

"Umhm, she called me something weird like a fordus-"




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"Hmmm...great things you and your brother are destined to do young one. Great things indeed."

"Um, thank you?"

The Hat snorted in amusement at the cordial yet apprehensive response before sobering

"Take heed Dragonling, your enemy may not be who he seems."

"What do you mean?"

"All I am able is to advise, and I'd advise you to look farther than the gilded cage. Now! in all the excitement I've nearly forgotten to place you..."

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