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Everyone's first thought was of Morgana.

But it couldn't have been Morgana, because she wanted no part in it. She was horrified when Merlin came to her door.

"What do you want?" she said cautiously.

"I miss the sound of your voice," Merlin said, stepping closer to Morgana, who promptly backed up a step, "I miss the looks we would give each other when Arthur was being a prat. I miss my hand accidentally brushing yours. I miss the feeling of my heart beating faster every time you were around. I miss you, Morgana, I miss you."

Morgana stood with her mouth hanging open for a minute.

"You're drunk." she said, trying to regain composure.

"With love for you!" he said.

Morgana laughed. "This is some sick joke, right?"

"I would never lead you astray."

Morgana fell over laughing, horrified.

"You can't be serious." she said.

Merlin stepped in, towards her. "I am, my love, I am."

Morgana slapped him, shoved him out the door, slammed it, and locked it.

This was an odd night. And it would only get worse…

In Camelot, all hell was breaking loose. Vivian had come to visit, still as infatuated with the new king as ever.

Arthur had learned to check every corner before turning it.

Agravaine, meanwhile, was busy creeping out Guinevere.

He would follow her everywhere.

Gwen was checking corners more religiously than Arthur.

Back at Morgana's, she had developed a longing. And certainly not for the man outside singing to her.

The longing was for… Sir Leon.

And she needed to fulfill it. On her way out, she slapped Merlin hard.

He followed her to the castle.

Morgana was going to have a stealth issue if that noise machine kept following her.

"Listen…" she said, already regretting what she was doing, "If I kissed you, would you stop following me?"

"At least for a time…" Merlin said.

"Well, at least you're honest…" Morgana muttered, before seizing Merlin, and kissing him.

After it was done, he stood stunned for a bit.

Gwen was starting to develop an infatuation for a certain knight who tended not to speak that much…

And Arthur didn't care, because he was in love, too.

With a man who had issues distinguishing pheasants from beasts.

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