"Awkwardness?" Dry Bowser read the script as he shook his head, deciding to place down the piece of paper as he was in a white space of nothing, folding his bony arms together. "Not exactly the story I'd expect good quality from.

"This was totally a great title, huh guys?" Arceus stated as he popped up out of nowhere, getting awkward glances as he coughed. "Well, let me explain why it's so friggin' generic. I was having too much fun playing vidya. So yeah, yet another one shot."

"...Dare I ask why?" Gruntilda Winkybunion the wicked warty witch stated as she brushed back her purple scarf, her green skin being a colorful contrast to the empty void of white emptiness. "Not that I need a reason to be skeptic..."

Arceus just shrugged as he chuckled. "Well, I'm cuckoo for coconuts. Or coco puffs. Whatever."

Dry Bowser and Gruntilda murmured in unison as they decided to see what the actual story would entail, since it surely wouldn't be as generic, right...?

Popo and Nana were merrily heading to Mario's house, which was located right by Princess Peach's Castle. The Ice Climbers were joined by Lucas, who somewhat agreed to come along, carrying a plastic bag filled with toast.

"I don't know why we're going to see Mario..." Lucas murmured as he shook his head.

"To give him some toast, duh!" Nana exclaimed as she stuck out her tongue, winking at Lucas.

Lucas frowned, looking back up and tossing his hands in the air. "Yeah, but why? We barely hang out with him!"

Popo scoffed as he waved his hand several times. "Oh don't be a spoil sport, it'll be fun!"

Lucas was then grabbed by the arm by each Ice Climber, sighing as he just shrugged and went with it. Several moments after that, the trio reached Mario's humble home that wasn't all that it seemed to be. Popo, Nana, and Lucas all entered Mario's house, spotting Mario playing some pong with Petey Piranha, several boxes of pizza just lying around. Surrounding the dear pesky plumber Mario and the mutated piranha plant Petey were several trophies of various obscure characters of Nintendo's history shocking the three young Smashers as Lucas dropped the bag of toast, causing it to spill.

Mario glanced to see the three, looking down at the toast, and scowling. "Guys, now is a bad time. I'm having some fun with Petey."

Nana was speechless, dropping her mallet as she pointed at Mario. "Just... how... why are those trophies there...?"

Mario glanced at the trophies, then turned to Nana and shrugged. "Dunno, I just went to beat up several things in Subspace with Petey, and they just happened to turn up."

"And why is there an unhealthy amount of Maxinum Tomatoes and turnips behind your couch?" Lucas added as he scratched the back of his enormous head.

Mario shrugged again, briefly closing his eyes as he shook his head. "Hey, I like my vegetables fresh. Can't just let them go freezing in a fridge."

Popo slapped his hand on his forehead as Toadette arrived, holding a plate of freshly made sugar cookies. "Hey Mario, I'm here, you wanna..."

Mario coughed as he cracked his neck, looking right at Toadette.

Toadette gasped as she dropped her plate of cookies, appearing awestruck alongside Popo, Nana, and Lucas.

Mario adjusted his red cap as he placed his controller, standing up. "So what, is it awkward silence time?"

Mario and the four youngsters continued having an awkward stare off as Petey continued playing Pong, when suddenly a thunderstorm occurred, the strong winds causing the youngsters to roll into the house, knocking over Mario, who fell on his back. The entire house then collapsed on itself, lightning striking as thunder boomed, the winds blowing harsher as the rain started pouring heavily.


"...And that's how I got my trophy of Tabuu!" Meta Knight concluded as he closed the red covered novel he was reading to Toon Link.

Toon Link rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he scoffed Meta Knight. "Pffft! LIke that ever happened!"