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Chapter 2

It was early in the morning, about 3 am, and I was roaming around the house looking for something to do.

Susannah had gotten home about an hour ago from some party she had attended. She hadn't seemed in a good mood so I decided not to show myself to her and just let her go to sleep. But that was fine with me. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to Susannah, but I love looking at all the interesting things her family brings into the house.

Things had definitely changed since my time back in the 1800's.

Back then life was simple. I was still a simple man but I had a craving for knowledge. The world fascinated me. There was so much to learn and for most people so little time to absorb it. I've had 175 years to learn new things but I'll still never learn as much as I want to. Watching the world change was amazing. New machines, new tools, new medicines...

And there are books for everything! I'd always loved to read. But Susannah's books are just not interesting to me. Their fiction, nonfiction is my thing. The only books of hers that I like to read are her text books.

Which is why I was currently in her brother David's room. Now he had fascinating books about science and history.

Seeming I've always been interested in becoming a doctor I decided to look for some books pertaining to that. I was leafing through a book about the human body, when I heard someone scream.

I was so startled that I dropped the book but I caught it before it hit the floor, the last thing I needed was to scare David although the screaming alone should have awoken him. I listened carefully and realized this wasn't the scream of the living but of the dead.

Suddenly it stopped.

Either Susannah calmed her visitor down or she got tired of the screaming and probably solved the problem with her fist.

I shook my head as I sat the book down. Better go check things out. One minute I was in David's room, the next I was in Susannah's. She couldn't see me though because I didn't make myself visible.

She was still sitting in bed, her hair rumpled. "Now what do you want?" Susannah said, slightly grumpily.

The ghost, a woman with short brown hair, replied with, "I need you...I need you to tell someone something."

Susannah looked at her. "Okay. What?"

I rolled my eyes. I know it was early in the morning but Susannah could have been a little more patient and caring, obviously this woman was in pain.

"Tell him..." She wiped her face with her hands. "Tell him it wasn't his fault. He didn't kill me." She sniffled, her shoulders shaking.

"Tell him he didn't kill you?" Susannah said slowly, raising her eyebrows. That wasn't something you always hear, in her line of work.

The ghost nodded eagerly. "You'll tell him?"

"Sure," Susannah said. "I'll tell him. Only who am I telling?" she asked.

"Red of course," the ghost said, looking at Susannah as if she were crazy. Without another word she was gone.

Susannah stared at the spot the ghost had been, shrugged, and then started beating on her pillow, fluffing it up. She laid back down and was just about to fall back asleep when I showed myself. How could she even just fall back asleep after that anyway?

"What?" she growled, glaring at me.

I shook my head disapprovingly. "You didn't even ask her name."

She sat up on her elbows. "Like she gave me the chance."

That's not the point, I thought to myself. Instead I folded my arms across my chest and said, "You could have asked. But you didn't bother." Sometimes I don't know how she even solves these ghosts problems.

"Excuse me," she said sounding more awake than she had been a minute ago. She said sitting fully up. "This is my bedroom." She pointed around the room with her finger. "I will treat spectral visitors to it any way I want to, thank you."

I sighed. "Susannah." She was giving me all this attitude that I really didn't deserve, sometimes I think she doesn't like me. I looked straight at her. I decided to give her some advice. "If you're going to do this, Susannah, don't do it halfway."

"Look, Jesse," her voice sounded as sharp as a blade. "I've been doing this a long time without any help from you, okay?"

I knew the question was rhetorical but I answered anyway. "She was obviously in great emotional need, and you-"

She cut me off, "What about you?" She gave me a look. "You two live on the same astral plane, if I'm not mistaken. Why didn't you get her rank and serial number?"

I'd started unconsciously pacing a small area when she'd interrupted me but I stopped after she said that. "Rank and what?" I asked, not understanding.

I could have sworn I saw Susannah blush but what would she have been blushing about. I don't think what she said had anything to do with her or her personal business. She smiled, as if to herself. "Her name," she explained to me. "Why didn't you get her name?" Her voice had gotten softer, gentler. The way I like it.

No, quit thinking like that. I shook my head in response to myself and to her. "It doesn't work that way."

She didn't respond for a while. It looked like she was thinking to herself. She shook herself out of it. Her shoulders sagged, "Look, I fully intend to help that woman. Just not now, okay?" She blinked her eyes sleepily. "Now, I need to get some sleep. I'm totally wrecked."

My forehead wrinkled as I repeated, "Wrecked?" What is she talking about?

"Yeah. Wrecked." She looked at me with slight humor in her eyes. She shrugged. "Whacked. Beat. All tuckered out. Tired." She looked at me as if saying, "Do you got it?"

"Oh." Really sometimes it's like she's speaking a foreign language. I stood there looking at her, thinking about what it would have been like to meet her when I was still alive. If she was anything like she was now I probably would have been too intimidated by her to speak to her.

"Good night, then Susannah."

"Good night," she said, squeaking at the end. I smiled to myself as she rolled over and pulled the blankets up around her head.

I really need to get control over my thoughts, I thought as I disappeared.

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