Okay here's Chapter 7. Like I said before it's gonna be a shorty. I wasn't sure what to do for this chapter but I do have an idea that merges with Chapter 9 so hopefully that one will run smoother.

Chapter 7

The sun had dropped down behind the horizon and the moon had just appeared from behind some clouds. I was walking around out in the backyard trying to collect my thoughts. I'd never had as much trouble as I was having right now trying to keep them under control.

I sighed, coming to a stop beside a large tree. I leaned back against it and sank to the ground.

What I wanted to do and what I should do where two different things right now. I wanted to go find Susannah this instant and make sure that she was alright but after our conversation in the early hours of this morning I knew it was best if I just stayed away. She wouldn't want me to interfere or as she would say, "stick my nose into her business." What I should do is just let her deal with this on her own. It's not like I have to do anything anyway, it's not my problem.

But once again, I remembered my nature. It might not be my problem but I was sure making it out to be.

I sat there thinking. What could I do without it seeming like I was actually doing something? It's not like I could just go to her. I don't even know where she went. Which also means I can't send someone looking for her.

Closing my eyes, I just sat there breathing in the cool night air. In and out, in and out. Focusing on something as simple as the act of breathing, I could feel myself calming down.

She'd be coming home soon. I could feel it. Also it was getting late and her mother and step-father would be worrying about her if she didn't return before curfew. She could always sneak out again after everyone was asleep.

I'd just have to try to talk to her again when she gets home. Make her see that it'd be easier if she had my help than her just blindly navigating through this.

Once again I'd like to say thank you for sticking with me and sticking with this story. xoxo