A/N: Hey guys. It's been forever. :P
I just had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head tonight. Needed to jot them down. Even though...they might not make sense. I haven't slept in over 24 hours, so hopefully you won't rat me to bad.
Take the characters for who you wish. Could be applied to really anyone.
And thank you. ~JFreak

So much pain.

You'd think...with nothing physically wrong a heart couldn't hurt so much.
Ache so much.

You enjoy what you've got, when you've got it.
You think...how could I ever life without this... This person. This feeling.
You pray to God. Or any being, every possible strand of faith.
You don't want to lose this.

You never think...

Just the simple things. A laugh with friends. Could be...just gone.
Laughing with one another.

You learn things. In life. To treasure the moments. To seize the day.
As much of a cliché as we all know it is. We think we grasp it. Hold it close and will never let go. Maybe most of the time...when it ends. When things change so drasticly. Perhaps it's because we held on to tight. Squeezed to much out of it to fast.
When it feels so right...how could that be the case?

None of it matters. Right...?

Lessons, just plain old shit we go through...

Wondering, dying...to have just gone for it.
Given it a shot.
A shot in hell no doubt.
But it goes to hell anyway.
Wishing we told them. It's to late now... Or is it worth holding on to. An waiting...
Cause we think, maybe...we have that "One-in-a-billion-snow-balls-chance-in-hell" shot.

But the regret...of three little words.

That you never said.

I love you...