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The both of them sat on her porch, waiting quietly for the other three to show up. By Ianto's dumb luck, Owen was the first to arrive.

In a way, he hated Owen. He was an alright person, really, and he even made some pretty funny jokes now and then. But a jerk is a jerk. He could deal with it if Owen was solely an asshole towards him, or even him and any of the other guys-but the problem he had with him is when he'd play with Toshiko's feelings. Tosh quite obviously had a crush on him, and the only one who couldn't see it was Owen himself- Gwen was either oblivious or just as cruel as Owen.

Gwen- Ianto sort of hated her as well. Hate is a bit of a strong word, but he greatly disliked her. Sure, she could be nice, but she was generally quite cold-hearted. She would flirt with Owen half the time they were together, despite being in a relationship with someone else. Essentially, she went around in circles flirting between Owen, Jack, and Rhys- a constant, never-ending cycle.

Owen grinned toothily at both of them, but it seemed more to mock Ianto. He couldn't stand that smile- It was as if pointing out how much better he was then Ianto.

"Jack texted me and said he was bringing a surprise," He said, dropping down to sit next to Toshiko.

"What kind of surprise?" Ianto asked uneasily. He was not a big fan of Jack's surprises. Like, for instance, his birthday party. It'd been a surprise done by Jack and Toshiko, but Jack had thought it would have been hilarious if he had dressed up in a clown's costume and pretended to be the guy they charged to do that. Needless to say, Ianto was terrified of clowns, and both of them knew that. It resulted in one black eye and a trip to the ER for stitches in Jack's lip.

"Not your kind of surprise, buddy," He laughed. His laugh was the kind that sounded like nails on a chalkboard to Ianto, and he flinched away instinctively. The way he said it did not sound like the surprise he was remembering, more like something with a little more subtext to it. Ianto shot him a glare, and when Tosh giggled, he shifted away slightly.

"Make jokes all you want, asshole," He muttered under his breath, which caused Owen to let out a laugh again. "Will do, Tea-boy." He slapped him across the back and Ianto huffed, shifting away further.

"Tormenting Ianto again, eh, Owen? I can't leave you two alone for a minute." Jack barked a laugh as he walked up the driveway before flopping down next to Ianto, grinning at him.

"This is my friend, John Hart," He said, waving an ecstatic hand gesture at the tall teenager standing bemusedly beside him.

Jack reached up and grabbed his arm, pulling him to sit down as well.

"He's a tenth grader!" Jack announced excitedly, obviously proud of the fact he has a friend that was older then them, other then his brother.

John snorted, "I'm not sure why you brought me here in the first place."

"To meet my other friends, obviously," He stated, raising an eyebrow, and his voice was slightly on edge as if he'd already explained this to him earlier and had said 'so make sure to be on your best behavior', like an adult talking to a child.

"Well then introduce me, dumbass," John competed with his tone lazily.

Jack sent him a look, and then gestured loosely at Owen. "That's Owen- I have a feeling you two will be the best of friends by the end of today." Owen snorted, and shook his head. "Right."

"This is Tosh," And then he leaned in close to John and mumbled "Be a jerk to her, and you're dead." He pulled away and made his way to introduce Ianto, when Gwen was dropped off by her mom in the street.

She ran up the driveway and pecked Jack on the mouth, then promptly sat in his lap. Ianto desperately looked away, anywhere, anywhere but Jack or Gwen or both of them or-Toshiko squeezed his arm lightly and he gratefully looked back at her.

"Er, this is Gwen; Gwen, this is John."

"Hello, John," she smiled at him, and Ianto could have sworn he heard some faint seduction in her voice. He bit his tongue to keep from spouting off something he'd regret later.

Ianto wasn't ever actually introduced to John. Although it kind of stung, he was used to it. Jack would be his best friend until Gwen was in the picture, and then she absorbed all of his attention.

They were on their way to the park, but were mostly just walking around aimlessly, in the general direction.

Gwen, of course, was attached to Jack at the hip, her arms curled around his and her head leaning against his shoulder. Owen or John must have said something amusing, because Jack barked out another laugh and Gwen shifted uncomfortably as his shoulder hit her chin. Ianto smiled dimly at that, but his pace was slowed and he still lingered behind them.

His short lived smile soon vanished as Jack apologized and kissed the top of her head, wrapping his arm around his back.

Ianto grimaced distastefully, until he snapped out of his thoughts thanks to a certain John Hart.

"Jack never told me your name," He stated, his eyebrows raised slightly.

Ianto glanced up at him, then back at Jack-Gwen was whispering something in his ear, and he laughed- then back to John.

"Ianto," He took a breath "Ianto Jones."

"hm," He tapped his fingers to his chin, then glanced over back at Jack.

"Stop being such a loner, Ianto, Ianto Jones."

He grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the rest of the group.

"Lagging behind is not going to get him to notice you. Believe me." He winked and Ianto stared at him.



"No, I mean, what?"

"You aren't making any sense, Ianto."

"Yes, well- whatever," He sighed and let himself be dragged. Jack threw quick glances across his shoulder multiple times during the course of their walk, but Gwen was quick to catch his attention again with a kiss or teasing laugh. He watched with a slightly amused smirk as John dragged Ianto past them, but a slight knot seemed to form in his stomach. He quickly diverted his attention to it towards Gwen when she stared at him patronizingly while waiting for an answer to a question she must have asked a few seconds ago.

Toshiko seemed a little too busy ogling over Owen to notice anything.

"Alright, so you think you can get his attention?"


"Then why isn't all his attention on you right now?"

John stopped walking. "Ever consider I don't want his attention?"

"Except you do- everybody does," Ianto pointed out blandly.

"Does what, exactly?" Jack asked, and Ianto yelped quietly, surprised by him having caught up so quick.

Ianto sulked as he sat on a park bench. He watched Jack push Gwen on the swing set occasionally, then her shrieking with laughter, him letting it slow down, and then her giggling, and then Jack slowing it down before kissing her quiet. This was really not making his mood much better. Toshiko was still fawning over Owen, while Owen was doing his own thing as usual, Jack and Gwen were off- well, swinging and kissing, and John was still peeved at him since he'd outed his thoughts like that.

So Ianto just sat by himself, watching as everyone was having fun without him (minus John, but he didn't really care much about him anyways).

Ianto wasn't really known to have a temper, but then again-he didn't really show it. He generally just kept it to himself, but if you could see his thoughts you'd think him to be a pretty messed up kid. He fussed with the hem of his shirt silently, still glaring over at Gwen. When he saw that Jack had been staring back at him with a concerned expression-obviously he had just seen the glare tossed his way- he quickly stood up and walked the other direction, not really wanting to have a 'heart to heart' with Jack at the moment.