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Making Miracles


"Welcome back to the live coverage of the National Seniors Girls Gymnastics competition here in Boston. For this third rotation we will see leader Payson Keeler perform on the uneven bars while Kelly Parker, currently in second, takes the floor."

"It's an intense air here as we watch Kelly Parker get into position. This one routine could put her in first, and a second National Champion title..." The sports reports said through the T.V. Austin Tucker, Olympic gold medalist, watched the entire meet from the beginning, and was on the edge of his seat like majority of the audience. It was the second last rotation, and while floor was one of Kelly Parkers best events, the bars was also Payson Keelers. Depending on how either girl performs, the title could be decided in this rotation.

As Parker's floor music started, Austin's attention was broken when his phone rang. Opening it quickly the bad boy of gymnastics snapped over the receiver "What?"

"Austin... where are you? You have a photo-shoot in 20 minutes and I will be damned if you are late."

Austin smirked. "Well Richie, I told you not to schedule me anything right now. It's your own fault for not listening."

"Don't call me that! My name is Richard. Austin, you will get out of that damn hotel room and get into the car I have waiting for you. You need to get here. The sponsor is getting anxious, what is more important than this?" Austin could hear the exasperation entering his agent's voice. Austin would sometimes show up late to meetings, and it was never with a good excuse. Mostly it was because Austin simply felt like being late, but today he did have a reason. He may tell everyone he doesn't care about his sport outside of himself, but he does. He had his eye on a gymnast that he had seen three years ago, and had not stopped astounding him since.

"Rickie, the meet is almost done, just give me an hour, I'm sure you can stall the sponsors that long." Austin said. He could practically hear his agent's blood pressure rise at his words.

"Tucker... are you watching the National Competition?" Austin heard a hint of anger in his agent's voice.

"Keeler is almost up on bars and I want to watch as she clinches the title." He explained.

"Austin... just...just get here. Please... for my sake? I am not going to listen to you as you try to convince me to force her into a photo shoot with you. She's refuses every sponsorship deal they send her way without even listening to the proposal." Richard pleaded.

"Fine fine... I'm getting dressed now. See you soon Richie." Austin didn't want for his agent to say anything as he closed his phone, and turned his attention back to the T.V.

"-Keeler is now up on the uneven bars. She had the highest DOD in the competition on this apparatus, so we should be in for a good routine." The reporter announced.

Austin watched avidly as Keeler chalked up and spoke to her coach. With that face of steel determination that never failed to impress him, she got into the start position and saluted the judges. One deep breath and she was up on the low bar, swinging herself around and up onto the high bar. Austin was entranced with her performance, and a grin was slowly blooming as a stray thought that 'she totally has this' flittered through his mind.

In an instant, Austin's grin was wiped away as he saw Keeler's fingers slip off the bar and she fell, on her neck. Without conscious thought, Austin was on his feet, itching to be one of the few that ran to that mat where the gymnast wasn't moving. He could only watch as she was swarmed, the words of the reporters all white noise and he prayed to some higher being to ensure her safety.

"I don't see her moving. Have you seen her move since she fell?" the first reporter asked.

"I...I haven't. They're wheeling out a stretcher now. I'm afraid to say this but I think this might be the end of Keeler's career."

"No!" Austin screamed at the reporter. He refused to believe that. It was one small fall and he was sure that Keeler would get up in a minute and wave everyone off, and restart her routine. She couldn't be down and out. It just wasn't right!

"This will have a significant effect on Keeler's teammates. Seeing your captain carried out of the stadium like that must he hard on them mentally." The first report said.

"And not just her team, but camera's managed to catch the look of horror that graced Keeler's biggest rival's face as she fell. Here's Kelly Parker's reaction to watching the fall..."The screen cut to a slow motion replay of Kelly Parker. The girl looked completely shocked as Keeler went down, and then her face closed off completely when Keeler didn't move, like the girl had become a robot. "With that reaction, I think Kelly Parker may have taken Keeler's injury just as hard as her teammates. It's never easy seeing your rival fall just before you settle a long awaited battle."

Austin sat himself back down, and muted to T.V. pulling out his phone, he pressed number two on his speed dial.

"Austin you have best be in that car." His agent warned.

"Richard...we might need to reschedule." Austin said simply, his voice void of any emotion.

"Austin...what's wrong?" Richard asked in a concerned voice. Austin knew it was because he had said the man's whole name and not just 'Richie'. That was usually a sign when something serious happened to Austin.

"I... I think you should reschedule." Austin answered.

"Okay... but I'm coming over to make sure you're alright. Be there soon Austin."

"Thanks Richard..." Austin closed his phone and finally fell back on the hotel couch, bringing his hands up to cover his face. 'Well fuck...' he thought.

Austin stood after a moment and walked over to the bar in his suite. Reaching behind it, he grabbed the first bottle he touched and took off the lid. Holding it up, Austin gave a heavy sigh. "This is to you Payson Keeler...hope to see you back soon." With that toast, Austin knocked the bottle back and took a long drink, hoping that the sports reporters were wrong, and that Keeler would be back soon, even if a small part of him felt like it was a waste of energy.