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Since the beginnings of recorded history at Sarya, the Sharyens and their Western neighbours, the Nichacs, have been in conflict.

At first it had been a case of ideology, the Nichacs believing in many almighty gods and goddesses while the Saryens believed in spirits looking after the land. Then their conflict escalated and evolved into the Nichacs believing in nothing (after a severe drought) and turning to science instead, hating anything that could not be explained through rationality or with science and would try to destroy it. Considering that Sarya was the magic capital of the world, they were at the top of the list. Then, in their greed to grow stronger and more powerful, the Nichacs abused the land, making it dry, infertile and nearly uninhabitable. When combined, it is obvious what happened when they turned their eyes to the East and saw their hated neighbours enjoying lush forest and fertile Earth.

Soon the vast armies of Nichac could be heard coming to destroy the city and in a moment of despair, the Head Mage of Sarya went out into the forest and into the court of the Wild.

After suffering many trials, he at last gained an audience with the Queen of the Wild Folk (of demons, elementals and monsters) and made a pact. They would work together to avoid mutual destruction of their homes, culture and children at the hands of the blood-thirsty Westerners. For it was obvious to all those present that they had just as much a reason to fear the Nichacs as the Saryens did; for their very existence was viewed as unscientific and as an abomination under the sun.

So the two great forces clashed on the Great Plain outside the city; where, after weeks of fighting, the Saryens and Wild Folk won but at a very heavy price. Nichac retreated back over the mountains to lick its wounds and brood while the other two nations strove to rebuild what was lost, keeping an ever vigilant eye to the West.

Knowing that Nichac would not remain quiet forever, the High Mage and Wild Queen worked a great spell, the likes of which have never been seen again, tying the fate of their peoples together. 12 youths from Sarya and 12 of the Wilds would be bond together as partners and act as guardians for the realm under the protection of the 12 Zodiac. The Wilds's chosen were placed under the signs of the ancient calendar while Sarya's representatives were ordered under that signs that governed the stars. Both would bear the mark of their sign somewhere on their body and, as a proof of their partnership, upon the sealing of their bond, the other mark would appear with their own.

Part of the spell also caused the transference of abilities so the two groups could truly work together. The Saryens would share the long lifespans and weaker versions of their partner's abilities just as the demon/elemental/monster would gain the ability to do small magic and assume human form. The Wild summoned would become the Rochben or Knight and their partner, the mage, would become the Námo, the Judge.

When one pair of guardians passed away (they were so tied together that one could not live long without the other), a Saryen child under six would gain the mark of the Zodiac of the one lost. They would then undergo years of harsh training when at nine or older they would then go outside the city's protective barrier and magically call for their destined other half. With the balancing Zodiac mark would appear on their skin, they would be considered a full-fledged guardian.

This system was held in place for centuries, with the guardians repelling minor threats and becoming a revered force until a century ago, there was an upset. At the time every destined child since the beginning, had found their chosen partner by eleven but the new Scorpio Guard had yet to successfully summon his. As the ceremony dictated, he again went out (as he had for three years) on the eve of his next birthday and again called for his Rochben.

The surviving guards reported all the torches suddenly going out, a scream before they were attacked and left for dead on the ground.

The guardian had disappeared.

Then, to make matters worse, the Demon Crown Prince was the one to discover the scene and had appeared in the National Assembly demanding to know where his Námo was. It took a few weeks before they were at last able to track down the lost one to a house on the outskirts of the city, where the strongest mage Sarya had, lived. She was determined to keep the boy as her own and to do so had interfered with the last three attempts and then kidnapped him, keeping him imprisoned by the most powerful of spells.

A great fight broke out before the Prince was able to break the enchantments, freeing the boy and then completed the bond between the two, tying them together as Guardians. Together they defeated her but in the last spell a great explosion took place. Three guardian pairs were found dead in the ruins but the rest were nowhere to be seen and the witch escaped. She went into the forest and destroyed the ancient Court of the Wild, scattering about the survivors.

Knowing only that it had been a Saryen Witch to attack them, it is said that the other Demon Prince cursed Sarya for breaking their promise and reneging their oath. Every year since, not once has it passed without some new disaster falling upon them and those who now venture to far out into the forest disappear,victims to the vengeful Wild Ones and the Guardians did not protect them. After the dreadful fight, they had all disappeared, with only one pair ever coming back to the city, with no memories of what had happened to them

Or so the story goes.

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