Author's Note: Eugene might not do backstories, but they're MY specialty. So this is the story of an orphaned boy, a book series, and a collection of journal entries. Each chapter of the story is a year of Eugene's life, beginning on his birthday. Reviews are always greatly appreciated.

April 14,
They told me today that I don't have parents. Orphans don't have moms and dads, is what they said. And then they hit me. I'm glad that Miss Sarah was nearby, because I was starting to really hurt, but I didn't want to cry in front of them. Men don't cry. Miss Sarah patched me up, cause I was bleeding. She told me that the palace boys were right, kinda.
She said that orphans don't used to have moms and dads, but they died like the orphanage dog, Tucker. She said that's why we live in an orphanage. But I can have a mom and a dad if I get adopted.
Then, to cheer me up, she gave me this journal for my birthday and read me a book. I don't usually like books, but this one was SOOOO GOOOOOD! It was about Flynnegan Rider, who is the richest man in the whole world. He goes on big adventures and saves people from the bad guys.
When I grow up, I want to be like Flynn Rider. Miss Sarah says that I'm only eight and I have to get a lot older before I can do that.

June 23,
Curse it all to hell,, I wish I wasn't so little! (That's something that James said he heard Miss Minnie says. Curse it all to hell. I wish I knew what that meant, but I got switched when I asked. They told me it was a bad word and to never say it again.)
It's those stupid palace boys again. Jerome, Alan, and Daniel. They're only just servants, but they think they're better than me because their parents are alive. I never asked me mom and dad to die! Curse it all to hell.
If I was tall and strong like Flynn Rider, I could have taken them with my rapier and quick wits, just like he does. I'm getting really sick of getting beat up.

July 1,
ADOPTION DAY! This is the first year that I get to go. The Sevens and younger are too little to understand, so they don't get to go, except for special reasons. That's what Miss Sarah said. But I'm an Eight now, so I get to go. I really really really really really really want to get adopted, but I don't think I will, because my front teeth are gone. Miss Sarah says that they're making room for my grown up teeth, and that it happens to everyone, but now my smile is ugly. Who is going to want a son with an ugly smile? Maybe if I don't smile at anyone who wants to talk about me, they won't know that it's ugly, so maybe that's what I'll do.
But Miss Sarah read me a new Flynn Rider book to calm me down. We have two of them now!
I can hear Miss Minnie calling for the Eights and up to get ready, cause we have to go. Really hope I get adopted.

July 2,
I didn't want to write yesterday. I didn't get adopted. I don't want to write today either.

August 26,
A new boy came to the orphanage today. He's an Eight too, with black hair and brown eyes, and he's kinda chubby. He cried through morning lessons, and when lunchtime came, I gave him my cupcake because he was so sad and because cupcakes always make me feel better. He said that his parents were dead now, from a fire, so now he's an orphan too. His name is Peter, and he's really nice. He's sharing a room with me, so now Miss Sarah says that he's my brother! All my other brothers had to get moved from my room because they all wanted to fight me, and I was so little that I never won and got beat up. Peter doesn't want to fight me. I hope he gets happy again soon, because he's too nice to be so sad.

November 11,
I haven't wrote anything for a long time. Peter is really my brother now. We were both switched last week cause we tried to start a fire in the yard. But Peter is scared of fire and Miss Sarah says that the only way to stop being scared of something is to face it.
But he's weird. He says that he doesn't want to be adopted, because they won't be his parents. I tried to tell him that the whole point of adoption was to get parents, but he didn't get it. I got switched again because I made him cry, and then AGAIN because I said that I didn't mean to and Miss Annie told me not to talk back.
When I got back to my room, Peter wasn't crying anymore, and he told me that if he got adopted, they wouldn't be his parents that died, so they could never be his real mom and dad. I told him that I didn't know my real mom and dad, and so it could never really matter to me, and I didn't see why a mom and dad who adopted you were any different from your real mom and dad.
Peter told me that it was about love. He said that your real mom and dada would love you more than parents who adopted you.
Everyone talks about love, even Flynn Rider, but I don't really get it. Peter says that love is like when you're sick and your mom stays home from work to take care of you, even though she needs money, and goodnight kisses and telling you that she's proud of you when you bring home good marks from school.
I started crying then, because I want a mom and dad who love me as Peter's parents loved him. And then Peter started crying because I was crying, and because his mom and dad aren't around to love him anymore. Miss Sarah read us a Flynn Rider book to cheer us up.
Peter wants to be like Flynn now too.

December 25,
Peter was telling me about what Christmas was like for his family. He said that they had a beautiful tree, and when he woke on Christmas morning, presents filled the floor beneath it, all brand new. And his family would have hot chocolate and open presents, then have a big feast in celebration. We get a present too, when we're little. The Tens and up don't, so I only have two years left. But our present is usually something used, and something we need. This year though, I got two presents, though only one was 'official.' Misses Minnie and Annie gave me a blanket, cause mine 'had been patched too many times to serve its purpose.'
Miss Sarah though, she gave me a Flynn Rider book all on my own. It's old and the pages are stained, but it's all mine, and I can read it any time I like. She says I need glasses though, because I hold the book too close to my face. Still, it was the best Christmas I ever had.

January 7,
I don't know why I decided to write tonight. I was cleaning day, and my arms ache from scrubbing. The King and Queen are coming to visit on Friday. Miss Sarah says that the Princess was lost a year ago, and they need to have an heir, so they're thinking of adopting a child. The idea of that is amazing to me. That one of us might become a prince or princess. But it's sad, too, because if the princess is still alive, she's being replaced, and if she's not, Their Majesties probably feel like Peter does. Still, I like the idea of being a prince. I hope they pick me.

January 10,
The King and Queen were very nice. They took a long time and spoke to all of us alone. I was so nervous waiting my turn that my hands were sweaty. I hoped they didn't want to shake my hand. No one wants a sweaty son any more than they want one with an ugly smile. I still hoped they'd pick me.
Finally, it was my turn. The King and Queen were sitting at the table, looking very royal. I bowed, just like Misses Minnie and Annie showed us.
"So, your name is Eugene?" The Queen asked me. I bowed again.
"Yes, Your Majesty."
"You don't have to bow every time we speak, Eugene. Just the first time was enough." That was the King.
"Sorry, Your Majesty."
The King smiled at me. "Why don't you have a seat?" I sat.
"So, Eugene. How do you like the orphanage?" I hesitated, not wanting to say the wrong thing. "It's okay, dear. You can speak freely to us." The Queen assured me.
"I don't like it." I said. "I don't like being an orphan, cause the other kids are mean to me."
"Are they?"
I nodded. "They say that my parents never wanted me, so I got sent here. There's no record of my mom being dead."
"From what I can see, there's no record of your mother at all." The King said, flipping through my papers.
"So I'll never know who she is?" I asked.
"And that makes you sad?"
"I hoped that my mom would be alive and come get me."
The Queen smiled. "You don't want to be here, do you?"
"Misses Sarah and Minnie and Annie are nice, if you don't break the rules, but my friend Peter knew his parents, and he told me about love. I want a mom and dad to love me, too." I admitted. "And I'm scared that no one will ever want me because I'm so little and I cry sometimes and I have sweaty hands and an ugly smile cause my grown up teeth are so big and my other ones are so little, and-"
"Eugene! I don't want to hear you talk like that again." The Queen sounded angry. "Who told you those things?"
"No one, Your Majesty. They're just true."
"They are not. You're a very nice boy, and you'll grow into a very handsome young man,. You remember that."
"Really." The Queen nodded.
"Are you well clothed here, Eugene? Well fed and cared for?" The King asked.
"Yes, Your Majesty. I don't go hungry, though some of the kids who eat a lot get hungrier than I do. I have clothes, but I don't have any shoes."
The King and Queen looked at each other, and I added quickly, "But I don't need shoes. Some of the Thirteens and up have shoes cause they work or go out a lot, but I'm okay barefooted. Miss Sarah says I need glasses, though."
"Calm down, Eugene. We're not angry." The Queen promised.
"It's just that I don't want anyone in trouble. They take care of us, but they don't have a lot of money cause we live off donations, and Miss Sarah says that we don't get a lot." I explained. "Most of our money goes to food, I think, and so we get hand-me-down clothes. I wanted to dress nice to meet you, and this is the finest I have."
They both smiled. "You look very nice, Eugene."
I made a face. "Miss Minnie says I need a haircut."
The King chuckled. "So you do. Thank you for speaking with us, Eugene. It has been... enlightening."
I didn't know what 'enlightening' meant, but I knew that my meeting was over, so I stood up and bowed. "Thank you, Your Majesties."

January 30,
Miss Sarah came up to me today and hugged me so tight that I thought my eyeballs would pop out. "Eugene, I don't know what you said to Their Majesties, but thank you!"
Apparently, the King and Queen donated to the orphanage to 'get Eugene some glasses and get them all some shoes and anything else the children might need.'
Misses Minnie and Annie thanked me too, and we had a feast tonight.
None of us got adopted, but I felt like a prince anyway.

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