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"Are you sure you want to apply there Jessica? A strip club? There are plenty of restaurants around town that might be hiring." My Aunt Rosie asked me. I was currently living with her in Charming, California. She was 5'4" with blonde hair and ice blue eyes, we looked nothing alike. When she was my age, I'm sure she was a knockout, but a hard life had taken its toll and the wrinkles and grey hair were catching up to her at 45.

"I don't want to mooch off of you any more than I have to. It'll be better money than any other waitressing job, and it's not like I'm going to be taking my clothes off." I told my concerned Aunt. I hope. I added silently to myself. I picked up the classifieds and reread the ad one last time just in case I'd missed something in the two line listing.

Help Wanted: Attractive woman to serve drinks at Cara Cara Gentlemen's Club. Experience a plus. Contact Luanne at 555-5555.

This town was so homey they didn't even post job listings on the internet like a normal town, you still had to look in the newspaper and call around town. I had called Luanne from the ad at noon and she told me to come in today before four.

It was two, I figured that gave me plenty of time to get there and hopefully make a good impression. I looked in the mirror one last time trying my best to be objective. 5'6", dark brown hair with enough red in it to be considered 'auburn' to some people, with just a little curl courtesy of my curling iron, green eyes that were almost too big for my face, C cups, decent ass, and a tan from being outside, not laying in a tanning bed and a decent body I kept toned by running. I picked out a black short skirt, a tight white v neck sweater to show off some cleavage, and some black heels, giving me about 3 more inches. I hoped it said "I'm serious about this interview, but I'm definitely hot enough to serve drinks to horny men."


Walking into Cara Cara, I was pretty impressed. It was huge, the main stage on the bottom floor was the obvious focal point in the middle of the room with tables around it. Huge wooden bars with stripper poles on the corners ran along three of the walls, with every kind of liquor you could ever want to pour down your throat. The wall without a bar had the curtained 'back rooms'. The upstairs was a balcony running the perimeter of the bottom floor overlooking the main stage, stripper poles dotted throughout, and a few more champagne rooms. The tables were surrounded by oversized leather armchairs. It was very swanky indeed.

The place was pretty empty; only 6 or 7 tables were occupied by the kinds of people who frequent strip clubs at two in the afternoon on a Tuesday. I went over to the bar and asked an older blonde woman who reminded me of my aunt a little if she could point me to Luanne.

"You're looking at her. Can I help you?" Luanne asked, walking out from behind the bar.

"I'm Jess, I called about the waitressing job…" I said awkwardly.

"Oh yeah. Let me look at you." Luanne said, looking me up and down like a piece of meat. "Not bad, the big ass eyes and the cock-sucking lips will drive guys wild."

"Cock-sucking… I don't" I stammered, I don't know what exactly I had expected from an interview at a strip club, but I hadn't planned on that.

"Relax doll." Luanne said, pulling out a cigarette and sitting at an unused table. She offered me a cigarette, which I happily took; this was turning into the best job interview ever.

"You ever waitressed before?" She asked me.

"Yeah, back in Santa Barbara. A couple restaurants and a bar most recently." I told her; at least the first question was going well.

"I run a clean club here, you don't fuck the customers on the clock, or suck their dicks, or jerk them off. What you do on your own time is your business but if it gets back to me that you're hooking you'll be outta a job. Is that a problem for you?" She asked me.

"Uh… no. I was not planning on fucking… anyone…" I said, stumbling over my words. Should I say fucking in a job interview? Probably not.

"Good. Pay is 5 an hour, which is more than the state of California says I have to pay wait staff, plus tips. We're open every day but Sunday, you'll either work noon till eight or seven till two. You dress sexy: low cut tops, tight pants, short shorts and skirts and heels, on theme nights, you dress theme sexy. Work for you?" She threw all this information at me, most of which I didn't hear.

I nodded mutely at her, hoping there was some sort of employee handbook that would cover all that.

"Good. You'll follow Lux around today, and I'll give you a schedule before you leave." She told me.

"Today?" I asked, I was hoping to go home and… absorb this information.

"That a problem?" Luanne asked, finishing her cigarette and motioning for a waitress to walk over.

"No." I said, mostly to myself, I was pretty positive she wasn't listening to me.

"Lux, this is our new waitress, Jess. Show her the ropes, don't scare her off, K?" Luanne told the girl.

"Yeah, yeah." She snarked to Luanne, before offering a small smile to me. She was about my height, blue eyes and dark brown hair with streaks of blonde and black through it. She wore a corset that showed a couple inches of midriff, her boobs threatening to spill out, and black jeans that appeared painted on with knee high leather boots. She wore dark, dramatic makeup, which made me feel good about my decision to do the same with mine.

I stood up and was looked over by Lux like Luanne had, she must have approved because she threw her notepad at me, and motioned for me to follow her. My immediate reaction was to tell her I wasn't a dog, and she could use her words if she wanted something, but I swallowed my snarkiness and followed her to the dressing room.

"This is for the 'talent' mostly, but they graciously gave us our own little corner to put our shit." Lux said, pulling open a locker for me to 'put my shit'.

"I'm Lux Morrow by the way." She said, the first sign of friendliness from her.

"Jess Harper."

Just as we were becoming the best of friends, a couple of tall bleach blondes walked in, giving Lux the stink eye before sitting in front of a vanity.

"Word of advice Jess? The strippers are bitches, they think they're so much better than the waitresses when little do they know, we make almost as much as them, and we don't have to rub our tits on some old creepy guy's face to do it." Lux said, rolling her eyes at the strippers. I was starting to like her more.

She started walking, taking orders and chatting up her customers, while going over the basics of any waitressing job, how the sections were split, tip outs, where to pick up drinks, etc. After she was sure I was semi-competent we went over the 'strip club specifics'.

"Flirting gets you tips, the flirtier you are, the better. If someone gets too handsy, call over a security guy, they'll take care of it. You let some guy get too friendly and Luanne finds out, she'll fire your ass. Last thing she needs is someone saying she's running a whore house. Charming's kind of an old fashioned town, there are some housewives that would love to see this place shut down. Also, strippers don't get free drinks, no matter what they try to tell you. Either whoever they're sucking the life out of buys them, or they buy them." She told me.

"What about us?" I asked. One of the perks of my last job was the abundance of free alcohol.

Lux laughed. "I think I like you. If you're cool with the bartenders, you get whatever you want." She glanced at her watch and reached over the bar. "Or if you're cool with me." She added, winking and handing me a beer. "Quitting time."

I couldn't believe it was already eight, but my feet's protests confirmed it. The place had filled up quite a bit, it was obviously a happening joint. We found a couple empty barstools and drank our beers.

"I've never seen you around, you're about my age right? 25? We should've seen each other in high school and shit." She asked me.

"26 actually. I just moved here from Santa Barbara." I told her.

She wrinkled her face like she'd just smelled something sour. "No one moves from Santa Barbara to Charming."

I shrugged. "I just wanted a change, moved in with my Aunt till I can get my own place."

"Oh come on, what are you running from? Crazy ex? Stalker? A life of crime?" She prodded, sighing as I shook my head after each one. "God you're boring."

"Sorry to disappoint you." I told her feeling suddenly inadequate.

She waved off my apology as she pulled out a cigarette, prompting me to do the same. "So how long have you worked here?" I asked her, wanting to pull the topic away from 'analyze Jess'.

"Since I was 18 legally. Before that, I'd come help Luanne clean up and shit to make some extra money. She's like part of my family." Lux said.

"Your parents don't care that you work here?" I asked, hoping that wasn't too forward of a question.

"As long as I'm not showing my tits or doing blow in the back room they don't. They couldn't raise me SAMCRO then try to lay the law down about a strip club that the Sons co-own." She said with a grin.


"Sons of Anarchy… motorcycle club… bikers… in cuts… fetish for reapers…." She spoke slowly, like I'd suddenly gone retarded before rolling her eyes. "Jesus, you are new. All you need to know is my dad and brother is in the club, my Mom runs more shit than my dad would like to admit, and when they're in here, you treat them like royalty." She told me, sneering at something behind me. "Great."

One of the blondes from earlier glided up to us in a schoolgirl outfit. "Lux, Jax isn't answering his phone, and I left my favorite costume at his place. I need it for tonight, Luanne said you wouldn't mind going to your brother's place to get it."

"Go to hell Ima."Lux said with a smile.

"I can't go on without it." Ima insisted, putting her hands on her hips, pursing her lips and staring at Lux.

"Then I guess you'll have to make your money sucking off some guy behind the club tonight huh?" Lux said.

"Bitch." Ima said, shaking her head and walking towards Luanne.

"Ima is the top earner here, and the biggest cunt I've ever met. Luanne coddles her because she brings in the money." Lux said, putting out her cigarette. "Let's go before Luanne guilt's me into it."

"She's dating your brother?" I asked her as we walked out.

Lux snorted and laughed. "Hell no, he fucks her occasionally, but he'll fuck anyone with tits and a vagina."

I nodded, breaking away from Lux and walking towards my car. Charming might be an old-fashioned town, but I had a feeling it was way more fucked up than it appeared.