Setting: Sanctuary - After Awakening but before Carentan

Doctor Who - After Let's Kill Hitler but before the God Complex

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Chapter One: A Dream, an Insomniac and a Cliffhanger

"May death be upon you!" I shrieked after him, before raging over to a corner and collapsing in it. The maid came in, "Miss, what's the problem?" Her voice was gentle and warming and I immediately fell into her arms.

"The bastard," I gasped out, "He tried to kill me and then jumped out the bloody window!" My maid immediately hurried over to the window and glanced out, "There's no one down there, child. You probably just imagined it all. Come now, go to bed, you must be tired and freezing."

She had just noticed that my nightclothes were wet and I was shivering, "Here, let's get you dressed in something warmer. You're going to catch your death standing in those wet things."

I nodded my head mutely, still shocked by his audacity. You bastard, I thought as I let Beth undress me. Why did you have to come now? Everything was so perfect, why come back now? I drifted through the routine as Beth helped me. "Thank you," I said when she carried the candle out of the room. She looked back at me and nodded, closing the door. I rolled over and saw his face in front of mine. "Bloody hell," I gasped out and he smiled at me.

"Helen," he whispered, "It's been too long."

"What are you talking about? It's been about five minutes! Why the hell did you attack me!" I hissed back at him. He laughed at me, "I distinctly recall you attacking me."

"Yes, because you're in my bloody bedroom." I snapped back at him and tried to disguise the terror in my voice as I added, "And if you don't get out, I'll attack you again."

I probably didn't do a very good job of it because he laughed before I finished speaking. I turned around and saw the bright light of a fire and blinked a couple of times. "What...?"

"Magnus, are you okay?" Will is kneeling in front of me and I shake my head a couple of times to clear it. "Yes, I'm okay Will. I must have just dozed off." I glance at the clock and blink a few times.

"Maybe a bit more than just doze off; more like fell asleep." Will responds wryly. It's 2:54am and the last I remember was sitting down to read through some files at 9:30pm.

Will laughs, "I saw the light on and thought I'd drop in." I raise an eyebrow and Will shrugs, "I couldn't sleep, came past to see if you were up too. I thought we could discuss tomorrow's schedule. It's going to be hectic. Would you like a cup of tea?" Will had started walking towards the door while talking, glancing backwards as he asked the question.

I nod, "I'll follow you; I just need to finish packing up."As he walks away, I try to gather my thoughts, what had I been dreaming about? I can't remember so I mentally shrug it off and grab the files in front of me to put away as I follow Will to the kitchen.

I watch as Will gallantly grabs my suitcase off the bed with a huff, "What do you put in these things, bricks?" I laugh and reply, "Well, I have to have some formal wear, fighting gear and stuff to wear to bed, along with underclothes and any weaponry that might be needed should I get called on a mission on short notice."

Will pauses, "Forget I even asked." We walk downstairs thinking aloud about anything that could go wrong, "Oh, and make sure that all new arrivals are screened before they enter the Sanctuary." I say to Henry just before I drive off. "We don't need another episode like last time."

"Will do, Doc. Anything else you'd like me to do? I finished the new security system yesterday and I've already sent the update to the other Heads, all I have to do is finish installing it here."

"No Henry, take the day off." He nods and walks away and muttering ideas under his breath and Will walks up to say goodbye carrying the last suitcase under his arm. "I don't suppose I could have the day off too?" he jokes.

"No, you need to finish the list that I gave you and Henry doesn't exactly have the patience to deal with it." I reply calmly.

"Damn, I knew there was a reason I was regretting you leaving." He grins. I don't smile back and lean closer to him, "Remember, it's time sensitive, so if you could deal with it sooner rather than later."

He nods and says, "Sure I'll get right on it. See you tomorrow." He reaches down and kisses me on the cheek and walks away. I look after him, stunned, and then get in the car to drive away.