Alright here's the first chapter of what most of you wanted; "History's Strongest Tenant Uzumaki!"

Now before we start a few things to clear up that I think are important and un-important enough that it being spoiled won't be bad. Naruto hasn't traveled worlds or lived forever. In this one The Elemental Nations are hidden away in the Bermuda Triangle cutting them off from the rest of the world. "Will others from Naruto show up?" the answer is no, they may be mentioned but none of them will show up not even the toads. "Is Naruto super powerful?" again no but he is smart, in theory if you can outsmart them you can win and Naruto is smarter (Tactically) than some of the masters like Apachai, Sakaki, and possibly Shigure. Also he has a whole bundle of tricks called Ninja stuff he can pull.

This starts a few days after Kenichi moves in so pretty early in the series.

Anyways that's everything I wanted to clear up before we started so now here we go! Oh yeah I'm not using the manga for reference so things may be in the wrong order of appearance, omitted completely, or spelled incorrectly. However I may refer back to it for techniques and the like.

I follow Naruto only, Kenichi does exactly like canon when we don't have him in the picture.

New Tenant

Naruto, a teen of just 17 years, couldn't believe his eyes. The apartment he had just rented had burned down to the ground… "Are you kidding me?" he screamed falling to his knees. "I spent my last yen on that place!" he cried as many pedestrians cast him sympathetic looks though none stepped up to help him. The reason was simple, Naruto cast an intimidating figure being just under 200cm, blonde haired, muscular, wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt and add on whisker like marks on his cheeks everyone just assumed he was a delinquent, though they did wonder about the scroll on his back. "Not only that…but the stores here don't want to hire me since I look scary apparently!" he continued to wail as the civilians twitched a bit.

"Is there something wrong young one?" an elderly voice asked from behind him. Naruto glanced back and had to tilt his head up to stare into the face of a youthful looking old man who had blonde hair much like himself as well as bulging muscles. Not only that but he actually wore the traditional kimono of ancient Japan. The elderly man smiled kindly "Has something happened?"

Naruto nodded as he stood up and wiped his eyes. Looking up at the man again he realized he was at least a head taller than him. "You're pretty tall, old man." Naruto noted before shaking his head "But yeah, my apartment I had just spent the rest of my money on burned down."

The man laughed good naturedly as he placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I see, then, would you like to stay with me and my grand daughter?" he asked with a smile "And the others who live with us." He added lest Naruto get the wrong impression.

"Thanks I'd appreciate that." Naruto agreed as he followed the man. "I never got your name old man."

Laughing the man smiled "Because I never gave it my boy!" Naruto grumbled a bit "I am Furenji Hayato." He turned a corner and stood in front of a large double wooden door that blocked the entrance of the biggest wall Naruto had ever seen for a personal residence. "And I am the owner of the Ryouzanpaku Dojo! A place where masters of the martial arts come to hone their skills!" he pushed lightly on the door causing them to swing open as if he had forced them with great force.

Naruto wasn't sure what to think as he calmly walked in after the elder "I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He introduced himself "And I am not interested in studying the arts." He clarified as he walked into the main building making sure to keep up with the long strides of the Elder Hayato. "I just want a place I can live."

Hayato grinned "I'm sure they'll let you do that." He stated seeing one of the other residents in the garden "That's Apachai Hopachai, a Thai man who lives here" he explained as the bronze giant suddenly burst forth and pounded a punching bag until it was obliterated, he then proceeded to do the same to the wall…and other unfortunate garden ornaments. "KNOCK IT OFF!" the elder shouted angered by the destruction to his property.

"Is…he always like that?" Naruto asked nervously.

"Oh no…he's just excited since we've officially taken our first disciple who is also living here." The elder explained cheerfully.

"I see…" Naruto muttered. "He won't mistake ME for an ornament will he?"

"Who knows?" The elder's answer did not help Naruto's nerves at all.

Naruto sighed heavily as he followed the man into the main building. "Hm?" he mumbled to himself seeing a pretty girl in a kimono sitting in a circle of swords. "Even weapon forms?" he wondered seeing her.

Suddenly the woman jumped high into the air pulling out a real Katana. "No pictures! Ma Kensei!" she shouted in a sort of slow drawl stabbing the blade into the tatami mats forcing a rather short Chinese man to jump out holding his camera.

"Ara, be careful with that Shigure-san!" he stated jovially. Shigure was not pleased as she pulled out a set of shuriken and threw them at Kensei who nimbly dodged them.

Naruto was concerned as they flew at him 'should I stop them?' he mused seeing he still had time. 'Nah' the old guy won't let them hit.' He concluded making no move to stop or dodge the bladed stars. Naruto didn't so much as blink as the elder swiftly caught them with his fingers.

"You should be a bit more careful Naruto-kun." Hayato commented smiling down on Naruto who grinned.

"Sure thing! Ah, that surprised me!" he whined placing his hands on his head. Lowering his hands Naruto looked around "You said you recently took on a disciple…is he here today?" Naruto asked trying to find the youth.

"Ah he should be out with my granddaughter right now." The elder explained "He's helping her with the chores."

Naruto nodded his head "I see." He looked around as they entered what was obviously the common room. "Another master?" he asked seeing a scarred man drinking beer.

"That's Sakaki Shio a 100th Dan Karate master."

"They have that?" Naruto wondered catching the man's attention.

"If they don't…well too bad!" he shouted guzzling the rest of his beer. "Cause that's what I am!" he roared before he laughed maniacally.

Subtly Naruto leaned towards the elder "Is he always like that?" he asked

"Oh quite so." Hayato replied with a laugh "Sakaki is always a cheerful person."

"What? You got another disciple for us old man?" Sakaki asked seeing Naruto, having apparently just realized he was there. "Kenichi's enough I ain't teaching any more brats!"

Naruto sweat dropped "Who'd want to learn from you, you drunkard?" he whispered through the corner of his mouth.

"What was that?" Sakaki roared.

"I said that I wasn't here to learn anything." Naruto stated calmly "My house burned down recently and the Elder has offered me lodging." He explained seeing Sakaki's disbelieving stare. "I'm only a tenant."

"What's this about a new tenant?" a new voice inquired as a mustached Japanese man walked in from a nearby workshop. "Oh, a new face?" he wondered seeing Naruto.

"Ah yes…I'm staying here as a new tenant." Naruto explained with a polite bow. "You are?" he asked not recognizing the man.

"Ah, forgive me, I'm Akisame Koetsuji, a Jiujutsu practitioner." The man introduced himself. "I also practice various forms of artwork."

Naruto nodded his head "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, a high school student at the local public one; Second year transfer."

Akisame rubbed his chin in thought. "You said you wanted to live here as a tenant right?" he asked looking for confirmation. "How do you plan to pay rent?"

"I'll get a job." Naruto answered easily. "I'm sure there's someone willing to hire me." He explained since he noticed one or two raised eyebrows. "I'm fairly handy to have around, if I do say so myself." He grinned as the masters exchanged looks.

"What do you think?" Sakaki asked leaning towards Akisame. "He any good?"

Akisame tilted his head slightly and held his hand up in order to cover his mouth. "If he is, he hides it well." He answered with an impassive stare. "Elder?" he asked turning towards the person who had ultimate say on the matter.

"Well why not?" the elder asked looking around with a small smile on his face. "What kind of Katsujin-ken martial artists would we be to turn away a young man who just lost his home?" the others smiled as well as they nodded at Naruto who grinned widely.

"Awesome so I can live here?" he asked practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. An action that the Masters noticed. "So…where's my room?"

Kensei laughed as he gestured for Naruto to follow him. "You'll be rooming with our disciple Kenichi." The shorter man explained; sounding slightly irked at having to look up at the younger man. "Where are you from? If you don't mind me asking."

Naruto waved it off "I'm from an island somewhere in the pacific, it wasn't on any of the maps I've seen recently so it really doesn't have a name." he explained vaguely. "Our people just call it the Elemental Nations" Naruto decided the name couldn't hurt.

"Oh?" Kensei wondered curious "Did they practice any forms of martial arts?" he asked probing for information. "If they did could you tell me what kinds?"

Naruto knew the man was trying to gain information and decided to have a little fun. "Oh you know a little bit of everything." He stated with a shrug "We really didn't call it anything other then Taijutsu or hand to hand combat."

"That's interesting could you explain a little more?" Kensei asked stopping in front of the room Kenichi was using.

"Sorry." Naruto muttered bowing his head a little "I never learned any." A bold faced lie but they didn't need to know that.

Kensei seemed disappointed but quickly hid it "That's alright, I was just curious." He stated opening the door for the blonde.

"Thanks" Naruto nodded his head as he stepped into the room. Looking around he noticed all of the books that obviously belonged to Kenichi. "I guess he's a bookworm" Naruto muttered setting down his scroll next to a cabinet. "Oh well guess I'll go see what everyone else does around here." So saying he stood up and walked out of the door.

Re-joining the others in the common room Naruto sat down across from Sakaki who looked to be on another bottle of booze. "You drink a lot…" Naruto stated seeing numerous empty cans next to the man.

"What's it to ya brat?" he growled back in response.

"Nothing much" Naruto muttered opting to avoid any confrontations. "Just noticing things." He continued looking away from the burly man. "Other than train, what do you guys do around here?" he asked looking around the area noticing Kensei looking at some sort of magazine, Akisame working on a sculpture, Apachai was out in the garden destroying things, and Shigure and the Elder where no where in sight.

Akisame looked up from his work "We all have our own hobbies" he stated gesturing at his work "Other than that we train." the sound of the door opening caught their attention "Oh, Miu and Kenichi are back."

"Everyone we're back!" a girl's, obviously Miu's, voice called out as a pair of teenagers walked in. The first one…had the biggest rack Naruto had ever seen on anyone younger than the age of twenty-five she appeared to be wearing her school uniform with some sort of jumpsuit underneath. "Oh, we have a guest!" Miu muttered in surprise seeing Naruto.

"A guest?" the boy, apparently Kenichi, asked wearing what looked like a mass mixture of training uniforms from the various arts he was obviously practicing. "That's rare."

"Yo!" Naruto waved at them instantly scaring Kenichi who hid behind Miu.

"A delinquent!" he screamed in terror. "What's a delinquent doing here?" he shouted pointing a shaky finger at Naruto's confused form.

"Ah…I'm the new tenant." Naruto muttered raising his arm half-way up. "Yeah…my house burnt down and the Elder offered me a place to stay."

"I don't believe you!" Kenichi shouted pointing a nervous finger at him "You're definitely lying!"

Naruto didn't know how to respond to the boy's adamant belief that he was a bad guy. "Uh…" he muttered scratching his head "No I'm not?" he offered looking or help. Everyone who was watching just shrugged their shoulders. Sweat drop forming on his head Naruto sighed heavily. "Well…roommate…I am living here from now on." He stated unsure how to continue.

"WHAT?" Kenichi screamed now even more terrified "A delinquent is living in the same room as me?" he shouted about ready to grab someone's collar and shaking them. "WHY?"

"Because you have room." Akisame stated easily. "Everyone else is using their entire room, and Miu is a girl so that won't work for various reasons."

Naruto rubbed his head sheepishly. "That's how it is." He stated with a laugh.

"NOOOOOO!" Kenichi sobbed as he fell to his knees.

"Kind of…dramatic…isn't he?" Naruto asked Miu who came up to introduce herself. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto."

"I'm Furenji Miu, a pleasure Naruto-san!" she smiled causing Naruto to chuckle.

"Ah, Kenichi…if it makes you feel better about it how about a spar?" he asked "I may not have studied anything in particular but I have gotten into various fights. If I win you drop the whole complaining spiel and if you win I'll move out."

Kenichi perked up and looked towards his masters. "If we fight here, the masters will stop anything permanent from happening…" he muttered trying to gauge his options. "Alright fine I accept." Naruto nodded his head and beckoned Kenichi to follow him outside.

"Alright come at me however you want." Naruto stated once they were outside calmly folding his hands behind his back.

"Take your stance." Kenichi urged taking a basic stance himself. "I won' fight someone who isn't even ready."

Naruto grinned "Oh I assure you…I'm more than ready." He stated still grinning.

Kenichi nodded his head and rushed forward intent on ending it as fast as possible so there wouldn't be any injuries. "Then here I come!" he shouted throwing his arm forward in a punch like Sakaki had shown him before. Naruto simply tilted to his right in order to avoid it. "What?" Kenichi muttered in surprise.

Naruto grinned as he backed away from the stunned fighter "You'll have to be a bit faster than that." He stated happily still in a relaxed posture. "It's rather easy to read you."

Kenichi huffed and pushed forward again implementing everything he had learned so far into getting one clean hit on Naruto. "Oh, for someone who only just started, Kenichi is turning out to be worth the time." Akisame noted rubbing his mustache in thought.

"Indeed he's gotten down the few things he learned to an acceptable level for a total newbie." Kensei agreed. "Rather I'm more impressed by Naruto." There were nods all around. "Not many can keep that up."

Naruto laughed as Kenichi began slowing down. "Tired?" he asked as Kenichi over extended himself. Taking the opening Naruto tripped him and then proceeded to sit on Kenichi's back making it hard for him to move. "I win." Naruto declared happily. "Now stop complaining."

Kenichi sighed and looked away obviously annoyed. "Tch…" he clicked his tongue.

Naruto merely laughed it off as he got up and helped Kenichi to his feet. "Well I got into a lot of street fights when I was younger…sloppy fighting like that won't do you much good."

Miu looked interested as she hopped to her feet. "Where'd you learn to fight?" she asked out of curiosity. "That's definitely the result of hard training."

Naruto waved it off "Nah, just stuff I picked up off the street." He denied. "Not really a style more like instincts you know?" he lied with a smile on his face. "Besides I really needed Kenichi to give up I don't have any money to live anywhere else."

Suddenly the elder clapped his hands together. "Well now that, that's settled, why don't you get dinner going Miu? In the meantime we'll all get to know Naruto-kun here a little more."


Alright I hope you all liked this chapter. I'm sure it could've been better, but honestly I thought it was good.

Now about Kenichi…in the early chapters his ears are…irrational, since he gets scared by anyone who even looks like a delinquent, which Naruto does, so I wanted to play off of that. I fear I might have gone overboard. Anyways next time will be going to school and the first encounter with Ragnarok