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Home Visits

Naruto sighed tiredly as he arrived at the Ryouzanpaku Dojo after his shift at the butler café. "What's going on?" he muttered hearing a ruckus inside. Opening the massive gates he made his way into the building proper to find Miu lecturing everyone, looking intense as she did so. "What…what's going on?" Naruto asked worriedly as Miu turned her attention onto him.

"This is the enactment of Mission H!" she declared seriously causing Naruto to sweat drop as he tried to remember what she was talking about.

"Sensei called and said that they were doing a home visit this Sunday." Kenichi explained for the blonde. "And she lied about having parents on her transcripts." He gave a sigh while Naruto palmed his face. "So she's trying to get the Masters to help."

"Is the Elder not back from his trip yet?" Naruto questioned looking around.

Akisame shook his head. "Not yet, and I won't be here to help out either so Miu's going to need Sakaki, and Shigure to help her out." The mustached man explained causing Naruto to sweat drop once more as he looked at the two in question.

"They don't look anything like her though." Naruto pointed out causing the philosophical man to rub his chin in thought. "Well we'll do what we can, I guess." Naruto shrugged his shoulders as Akisame nodded in agreement.

"Well good luck with that and try to make sure that the others don't scar the teacher for life." Akisame muttered as he headed towards his own room to prepare for his trip.

"Why don't you ask me to magically make pigs sprout wings and fly while you're at it?" Naruto muttered with a teasing grin. Akisame didn't respond verbally but Naruto saw the man rub his chin before turning a corner.

Kenichi chuckled "We should probably try not to be seen when the teacher comes by." He noted after a while. "It seems likely that someone overheard Miu say that I am living here as well."

"How is that a problem?" Naruto questioned curiously.

Miu having overheard the boys' conversation jumped over to them and poked Naruto in the chest getting a halfhearted "Hey!" from Naruto as he rubbed the spot she poked. "Don't you know it's inappropriate for unrelated boys and girls to live under the same roof?" she accused with a pout.

"Is it?" the blonde male mused as he began rubbing his chin in a manner similar to Akisame. "I don't really see why that would be." Before Miu could rebuke him Naruto continued while Kenichi remained silent, curious about Naruto's reasoning. "Couldn't you just say that Kenichi is a live in disciple to Akisame? The man's well known for his philosophical writings and artistry." Miu paused as Kenichi made an "Oh" face realizing it was true even though the man never really made a big deal out of his side hobbies. "Also, for me you can just tell them the truth, your grandfather found me after I lost my home and offered me a place to stay."

"Well…" Miu seemed torn as she realized that Naruto was making good points. "I still need parents…" she muttered while poking her fingers together.

Naruto sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "Well that I can't help you with." He muttered causing Kenichi to chuckle once more. "But there's no way Shigure or Sakaki can pass as your parents. You don't look anything alike." Miu pouted as she attempted to swat at Naruto for pointing out her flaws. Deftly evading her attacks Naruto smirked as Miu gave him the stink eye. "Besides you're asking two masters of Ryouzanpaku to be normal…"

"Shut up!" she shouted throwing Kenichi at him.

"Miu-san!" Kenichi cried out in shock as he tried to right himself in the air. "Why'd you do that Miu-san?" Kenichi asked once he landed on the ground no worse for wear.

"Sorry Kenichi." Miu apologized while covering her mouth in mortification. "I shouldn't have thrown you."

"It's okay…I'm used to it." Kenichi waved her concerns off as he smiled and got to his feet. "Feeling better yet?" he asked smiling at Miu causing her to beam happily as she nodded her head.

"Yes, much better!" she chirped. "Thank you Kenichi, Naruto."

"I didn't really do anything." Naruto muttered while scratching the back of his head as he looked away from the smiling girl.

Kenichi, face red, scratched his cheek while looking away. "It's no problem Miu-san, anyway I can help."

"In that case can you keep an eye on Apachai-san and Ma-san?" Miu asked getting the color to drain from Kenichi's face while Naruto clapped his hands in prayer.

"He was so young, and promising…" Naruto muttered with his hands together.

"Can you not speak like I'm already dead?" Kenichi screamed at Naruto indignantly.

"Kenichi was a kind hearted boy who would always strive to help those in need…" Miu intoned while clapping her hands together and bowing her head in prayer.

"Miu-san too?" Kenichi shouted in despair causing the two blondes to laugh while the masters smirked as they watched the byplay.

"Alright, that's enough fun." Miu declared before turning back to the masters. "Sakaki-san, Shigure-san I'm going to need you to memorize this." She declared pulling out a stack of paper detailing the story she created for her parents.

Sakaki mumbled something unintelligible but accepted the stack and began looking through it. "A pilot?" he muttered before looking up at Miu. "You know I don't know the first thing about flying right?" Wouldn't a wrestler or something like that be better?" he grinned sheepishly while Shigure silently read through her papers.

"It can't be helped I said my Dad was a pilot so you're going to have to pretend to be a pilot." Miu declared while pointing at him with a stern expression causing the massive brawler to groan in disappointment.

Naruto hummed as he watched Miu try to drill the story she had fabricated into Sakaki and Shigure's minds. "Let's go do something else Kenichi, I don't think we're much use here." Twitching in surprise Kenichi quickly recovered and followed Naruto into the courtyard followed by Apachai and Kensei who looked interested.

"So what are we doing?" Kenichi eventually asked as Naruto stretched his limbs out.

"Tell me, have you gotten into any fights with weapon users yet?" Naruto asked suddenly getting a blink of surprise from the brown haired teen.

"Not really." Kenichi admitted freely. "Weapons are scary so I try to avoid them." Kensei shook his head sadly from the side while Apachai tilted his head in confusion.

Naruto frowned and sighed. "That's no good Kenichi, this isn't a world where you can arbitrarily avoid weapons just because you don't want to." Kenichi was about to argue when Naruto suddenly grabbed his rising hand and pulled him forward before a knife appeared in his hand before he held it to Kenichi's neck. "And now you're at my mercy." He explained simply while Kensei and Apachai turned serious as they watched on.

Kenichi nervously kept his neck as far away from the blade as possible before regarding Naruto with fear filled eyes. "Come on Naruto this joke has gone too far." He tried to reason.

"I agree." Naruto nodded his head. "Which is why I'm going to force you to learn about weapons, when Shigure is free I'll ask her to take over since she's even better with all manner of weapons than I am." Kenichi was about to argue against it but Naruto pricked his neck silencing the boy immediately. "The people who know how to best fight against a weapons user is someone who also uses that weapon. Therefore even if you never wield a weapon in a real fight I expect you to understand the possibilities a weapon user could use against you. Your notion that everyone you face will be fist fighters only is a joke, you need to wake up and prepare to deal with anything this world will throw at you." Naruto removed the knife from Kenichi's neck and allowed the boy to stand up straight.

"Naruto isn't wrong Kenichi." Kensei interjected as he stepped towards the two younger boys. "Knowing how a weapon works is a good start to understanding how to fight against a weapons user."

Kenichi frowned but nodded in understanding. "So what are we doing?" he questioned looking at Naruto then at Kensei.

"For now it's good enough to learn how to disarm a person wielding a knife." Naruto explained as he pulled out a knife from his back pocket. "Most common thugs will carry something even smaller than this, but it should be pretty much the same." Holding the Kunai in a reverse grip Naruto stood in a ready position "Alright how would you go about taking this knife away from me?" he asked getting Kenichi to look at his stance.

"Be mindful Kenichi that there isn't an opponent out there who will let you try to discover their weakness by standing still like Naruto is doing right now." Kensei reminded his student. "Also, if you're talking about Chinese Martial Arts the proper way of disarming an opponent without a weapon of your own is like this!" Kensei stepped into Naruto's personal space while one arm knocked Naruto's knife hand skyward. The other arm struck Naruto's stomach forcing the blonde to hunch over. Kensei continued his movement and used the arm that had knocked Naruto's skyward to pull the blonde off his feet and onto the ground. "To be safe make sure to kick the weapon away." Kensei ended the demonstration by kicking the blade's handle, knocking it towards the wall of the courtyard.

"Okay…that was good." Naruto groaned as he sat up. "Kenichi go ahead and try that." Naruto urged as he got back into his stance. "For now I won't react, but later on I'll actively try to avoid you attempts to disarm me." Kenichi nodded his head and stood ready.

For the rest of the night Kenichi practiced various disarming techniques using Naruto as a test dummy. As the two headed back to their room for sleep Kenichi paused as they entered. "Naruto, why the sudden training for fighting against weapon users?" Kenichi asked causing the blonde to glance over at him.

"No reason in particular." Naruto responded simply. "I just know that Ragnarok is getting annoyed with you. Loki in particular won't hesitate to actually kill you if it pushes his agenda forward." Kenichi shivered. "Get over it, Loki isn't what you'd call an honorable opponent. He will definitely try to find anything to use against you Kenichi."

Kenichi frowned in thought. "What are you saying Naruto?" he asked bluntly not getting what Naruto was trying to warn him about.

"Do you think you could save your sister if she was taken hostage?" Naruto asked just as bluntly as a cold fear swept through Kenichi's body. "Kisara and Kaname both heard that Loki has been given priority to deal with you, but another fist, Thor, has also been itching to meet you. Like I said, Loki is the one you should be wary of, Thor is a pretty honorable guy from what the others tell me."

"Th-thank you Naruto, I'll keep that in mind." Kenichi muttered as he lay down on his futon to sleep. "Dirty tricks huh?" he muttered tiredly as he drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Naruto stretched tiredly as he lazed around the house watching as Shigure and Sakaki went over their roles once more. "You know…" the others glanced at him while Sakaki tugged at his tie nervously. "This is never going to work right?"

"SHUT UP!" Miu shouted with tears pouring from her eyes. "I wrote down that my father was a pilot! So you better be convincing Sakaki-san!"

"Ugh…" the man groaned as he glanced at Shigure who was blankly staring off into space. "How about you?" he asked wondering if she was as nervous as he was.

"I'm…fine." She intoned slowly. Her response only served to irk the Karate Master as he rubbed his face tiredly. "How is anyone going to believe the two of us are married…?" he muttered softly to himself.

"Call each other pet names or something!" Miu shouted from down the hall causing Sakaki to grumble some more while Shigure stared at him impassively.

"Dar…ling." Because of her naturally slow manner of speaking Shigure's pet name for him seemed, to Sakaki, to be far more sensual than what he was ready for as his face lit up like a flame causing him to hastily turn away from the mistress of weapons.

"Where's Apachai?" Kenichi asked Kensei who was watching everything critically while simultaneously grinning in amusement at Sakaki's expense.

Kensei smiled "Oh, I told him to hide until this whole thing was over." The short Chinese Master explained causing Naruto to frown thoughtfully.

"Shouldn't we just tell them that Apachai is a refugee from Thailand that the Elder allowed to live here?" Naruto questioned getting surprised looks from the others. "What? It makes sense if you think about it, plus Apachai is too nice to stay hidden he'll probably try to help out in his own way like opening the gate for Sensei."

"Ah, you might be right." Kensei admitted while tilting his hat forward. "Well I'll go and let Apachai know that he doesn't have to hide, but he'll still need to stay calm."

"No worry Apa." Apachai declared as Kensei opened the door to reveal the bronze giant. "Apachai heard, Apachai also heard people talking about visiting Miu near the gate."

"Is anybody home?" a male voice called out from the gate. Everyone within the room looked up causing Miu to send one last meaningful glare at Sakaki and Shigure while Naruto stood up and followed Miu towards the gate. "Anybody home? This is Yasunaga-sensei from Kouryou High School!"

"Come on Apachai help me open the gate for them." Naruto called out despite Miu's worried stare.

"Apa." The Thai giant nodded his head and pulled open the left door while Naruto pulled open the right revealing Yasunaga-sensei and Ono-sensei.

"Sensei! Welcome!" Miu greeted them cheerfully as Ono-sensei stared at Apachai nervously. In response the bronze giant smiled and waved at her causing her to tentatively wave back.

"Fuurinji-kun greetings, but I could have sworn I heard Uzumaki's voice just now…" the bald teacher muttered looking around suspiciously.

"Hey Sensei." Naruto greeted him from beside the gate as he and Apachai pushed the gates shut. "There's a good explanation for all of this." He declared before the bald teacher could say anything. "Besides shouldn't you meet Miu's parents first before anything else is discussed?"

Yasunaga-sensei folded his arms with a small frown on his face but conceded that Naruto was right. "You're right Uzumaki-san, but know that I expect a very good explanation as to why a male student is living with a female student when you two aren't related."

"I'll explain over some tea." Naruto assured the man while Ono-sensei kept staring at Apachai nervously. "Ono-sensei, please don't be alarmed by Apachai, he's friendly."

"Apa!" Apachai waved energetically before heading off to do his own thing.

"If…if you say so Uzumaki-kun." She muttered before the two teachers followed after Miu who led them inside.

"What a mansion…" Yasunaga muttered in awe as they were led towards the dining room.

"No, it's just old." Miu tried to wave off his compliment while Naruto merely rolled his eyes. Entering the dining room Miu smiled "These are my parents." She introduced while gesturing at Sakaki and Shigure, but Yasunaga and Ono's attention was caught by Kenichi who was sitting off to the side with Kensei.

"Shirahama what are you doing here?" Yasunaga shouted angrily "What's going on here?"

"Like I said sensei." Naruto interrupted before things could escalate. "We'll explain over some tea, but please take your time to learn more about Miu's parents." With his piece said he headed into the kitchen and began boiling some water. Only half listening to what was being said outside Naruto sighed when he suddenly heard Sakaki shout.

"JET PLANE!" Luckily the water came to a boil at that moment allowing him to pour some into a tea kettle which he put onto a tray in order to serve as drinks.

"Saiga-san, I know you want to make a good first impression on Miu's teachers, but you're making them nervous." He stated while walking out with tray in hand. "Here, some tea." Placing cups in front of everyone he poured tea before sitting himself down at the end of the table beside Miu.

Managing a laugh Sakaki forced himself to calm down. "My bad, you know how it is." He muttered causing the two teachers to hum thoughtfully. "Let me introduce myself again." He began gaining confidence as Miu nodded happily out of sight of the teachers. "I'm Fuurinji Saiga, age thirty-six, and I'm a Jet Pilot." He managed a non-threatening smile.

"I see, it makes me happy to see a parent so concerned about their child's well-being." Ono declared happily. "And you are?" she asked direction the question at Shigure who looked out of place with her dead pan expression.

As Shigure prepared to introduce herself she noticed a bee heading for Yasunaga's head. Faster than most could follow she pulled a small tanto from within her blouse and sliced the insect in half before sheathing her weapon and storing it away. "Fuurinji Shizuha, age thirty-six, Fashion Design…er." She declared slowly while not looking away.

Laughing nervously Miu interjected before Shigure's blade skills could be questioned "Okaa-san's hobby is Kendo!" she declared hastily while Naruto simply smiled enigmatically.

Obviously suspicious Yasunaga wanted to pursue the topic deeper but held himself back in favor of addressing the elephant in the room, namely the presence of Kenichi and Naruto. "Uzumaki-san, you said there was an explanation for why both you and Shirahama-san are here?" he asked directly while adjusting his glasses.

"Before that, Yasunaga-sensei, you know about my situation right?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head while drinking his tea.

"You're an orphan right?" the bald teacher questioned getting a gasp from his assistant, Ono. "Were you recently adopted or something we at the school don't have any such records."

"No, nothing like that." Naruto denied simply. "The day before I joined Kouryou High School the apartment complex I was originally going to live in burned down." He began causing the teachers to blink in surprise. "Unfortunately all of my belongings were in there so I was effectively homeless, but Hayato, Miu's Grandfather, took me in and allowed me to live here as a tenant."

"I see…" Yasunaga muttered while eyeing Naruto to see if he was lying at all. Once he was satisfied that Naruto wasn't lying he turned towards Kenichi. "What about you Shirahama-san?" he questioned giving the younger boy a suspicious glare.

"I study martial arts here under the various Masters." Kenichi explained honestly. "I…got bullied a lot, so I was hoping to learn how to defend myself when Miu-san here mentioned that she lived at a Dojo." Miu nodded happily immensely pleased that he had agreed to visit that day. "After a couple of weeks, they suggested that I become a live in disciple in order to further my training."

"What type of martial arts are you learning?" Ono asked curiously while Yasunaga again hummed while staring at Kenichi suspiciously.

"I am learning Chinese Kenpo, Muay Thai, Aikido, and Karate." Kenichi admitted getting an impressed look from the two teachers. "Ma-sifu here teaches me Chinese Kenpo, Fuurinji-sensei teaches me Karate, Apachai, the tall tanned man who helped open the gate for you teaches Muay Thai, and Koetsuji-sensei, who had to leave on an errand today, teaches Aikido."

There was a flash of recognition in Yasunaga's eyes at the mention of Akisame, but he didn't say anything before nodding his head. "I see…" he eventually muttered as he considered what he had learned.

"Then can you prove anything that you've said?" the bald teacher questioned as Ono began to fidget in her seat.

"Before that could you show me the restroom please?" she asked pitifully causing Miu to smile as she guided the female teacher towards the bathroom.

"Apachai, what are you doing?" Miu asked when she opened the door only to reveal the bronze giant sweeping the bathroom floor.

"Is clogged." He revealed sadly. "Trying to clean floor before Apachai try to fix." He admitted before poking his head out the door. "Should be working one down hall. Apa…"

"Is that so?" Miu wondered worriedly. "Well just be careful Apachai, we don't want to flood the house again." He gave her a salute before putting up an out of order sign and closing the door.

"He fixes plumbing?" Ono-sensei asked in shock before she hurried in the direction Apachai had pointed her in. Rushing into the restroom she barely managed to make it onto the seat. Sighing in relief she called out to Miu looking for answers. "So does Apachai-san handle the maintenance work around here?"

"Mostly construction, but Ojii-san has some experience fixing pipes so he taught Apachai who wanted to help out around the house." Miu explained since it was a rare sight to see Apachai handling such delicate work.

When the two girls returned to the dining room The Elder entered at the same time followed by Akisame who was greeted respectfully by Yasunaga. "I do believe I can vouch for both of these fine young men." The Elder stated happily as he grinned.

As Akisame and the Elder answered questions the others breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they had dodged a bullet.


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