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A step forward

Naruto yawned loudly as he entered the training hall to check on Kenichi and the masters. "Oh, pretty good." He muttered rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he saw Kenichi doing vertical push-ups on top of a ceramic jar while Kensei was sitting on his feet.

"Oh Naruto" Kensei greeted pausing his conversation with Kenichi. "Did you hear?" he asked with a sly grin. "Kenichi got a love letter."

"Sifu!" Kenichi whined as he struggled with his balance. "Miu-san's the girl for me!" he shouted resolutely causing Naruto and Sakaki who had been nearby to stare at the boy questioningly.

"Miu's probably only a friend for you right?" The Karate master asked as he paused his own workout. "Then hesitation shouldn't be necessary, right?" he asked. "You think so too right Naruto?" he asked turning towards the blonde.

"Eh…" Naruto muttered scratching his head. "Do I look like I'd know something like that?" he questioned seriously causing the others to sigh. "Well…I suppose meeting this girl wouldn't hurt would it?" he asked looking at them all trying to figure out what they were trying to get him to say. "Unless, of course you're planning on confessing to Miu soon."

Fortunately for the younger teen Kensei had decided that Kenichi had been at it long enough as he allowed the brown haired teen to get down to join Sakaki for his next lesson. "Well…no, but…" Kenichi began in response to Naruto after he had managed to get into his proper stance. "As far as I'm concerned, whether Miu is a lover or a friend, she's an important person that I want to protect someday!"

Naruto subtly snuck a glance at the rafters where there was an aura of happiness. "Hm…well I suppose that's a good goal." Naruto stated as he focused on his roommate once more. "But that doesn't mean you can't meet this girl right?" he asked as Kenichi gave him his most determined look to date.

"I must not put Miu aside for anyone else, of that I'm certain!" he declared loudly as the aura of happiness intensified above them.

"Heh" Sakaki grinned as he patted his disciple on the head. "Well then, go to the rendezvous and excuse yourself. That should prevent future trouble!"

"Or it may cause this girl to become consumed for hatred with Kenichi to the point that she becomes mentally unstable and seeks a double suicide with him." Naruto added in causing everyone in the room to stare at him in silence. "Hey I've seen it happen; you don't know how scary it is when a kunoichi gets obsessed over a love interest."

"Speaking from personal experience Naruto-kun?" Akisame asked as he strung a few notes on his guitar. "Oh? Eavesdropping Miu?" he asked causing the blonde girl to scamper off claiming to be cleaning the beams.

"Well, I've seen it happen to my friends." Naruto stated causing Kensei to cough into his hands. Naruto frowned at the Chinese Kempo master's reaction before shrugging his shoulders. "Regardless, it's scary."

"Well I'll take your word for it." Kensei muttered knowing a thing or two about the subject at hand as well. "By the way you seem like you're about to go out right now"

Naruto smiled softly. "Ah, well after that talk we had, I felt I've been moping around for long enough." He explained simply. "So I was going to go have some fun out in the town"

"You call what you've been doing up until now Moping?" Kenichi asked in disbelief. "Then what the heck do you call fun?"

"Uh..." Naruto suddenly sounded unsure. "Well the truth is…" he smiled as he began scratching his cheek. "I got asked out on a date tonight."

"Eh?" the group shouted as they suddenly crowded around him. "When did this happen? Who is it?" they all shouted causing sweat to form on Naruto's head.

"You guys are really nosy aren't you?" he asked holding his arms up in a placating gesture. "I'm going on a date with Kugatachi Kaname."

"Who?" Miu asked politely as she tried to remember if she knew anyone by that name.

"Ah my bad, you guys should know her as Freya." Naruto explained with a slight smile. "I kind of got curious since she keeps coming to the café. Well one thing led to another after that and we ended up exchanging contact information. Actually she asked me out after our talk last night."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Kenichi shouted as he placed two fingers against his forehead. "Did you just say Freya?" he asked causing Naruto to nod his head while saying "I did." "As in the third fist of Ragnarok?" Kenichi continued.

"Yes, I think she mentioned something about that." Naruto stated nodding his head. "I don't really care about things like that though."

"So basically…" Kenichi began his conclusion. "You're going out with one of the enemy leaders!" he shouted while pointing an accusing finger at Naruto.

"Certainly one could say that." Naruto agreed causing Kenichi to sigh heavily as he lowered his head in resignation. "Well in any case I'm supposed to meet her near the station soon, so I'll be off!"

"Right, good luck." Kensei called out to him as Naruto waved over his shoulder. "Should we…?" he didn't get a chance to finish his statement as Miu hit him over the head with a broom.

"Leave them be!" she shouted angrily causing the masters to chuckle lightly.

As Naruto was leaving the dojo he noticed Niijima walking towards him. "Yo alien, what are you doing here?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh I uh…came to talk to Kenichi." The alien like boy stated while looking around in a suspicious manner. "So where are you going?" he asked as he sensed something major.

"Date." Naruto stated simply as he began walking away realizing that Niijima was up to no good again.

"Really?" Niijima asked with a suspicious look. "Who would go with a tall ass Yankee like you?"

"It doesn't matter who I'm going with, so run along and go see Kenichi about whatever you need to talk to him about." As Naruto walked away he muttered under his breath. "Freak."

Glaring Niijima entered the dojo only to be detained by Shigure and Apachai whose glowing eyes unnerved him. "Kenichi-kun!" he shouted out nervously. "Please help me!"

Walking out Kenichi sighed seeing who it was as the two masters dropped him on the ground while keeping an eye on him. "You two are really sensitive to evil intent aren't you?" he asked his masters as he palmed his face.

"Help me spy on that damn Yankee who lives here!" Niijima shouted angrily surprising the brown haired disciple. "KIIIIII he pisses me off!"

As sweat formed on his head Kenichi sighed once more. "I'm not going to help you spy on Naruto." He stated clearly disinterested. "There's no point or benefit for us to spy on him."

"Are you kidding?" Niijima shouted angrily. "No one knows much about him, and the only things I can get are things that he lets me see! I've never seen someone so hard to gain information on! It pisses me off knowing I don't have such a powerful asset in my grasp!"

"Ah his true intentions came out Apa." Apachai stated as he and Shigure stared at Niijima. "He has lying eyes."

"Liar." Shigure stated in agreement as she pointed a sword at Niijima's chest.

"Isn't it fine to leave him be?" Miu asked curiously. "What harm is there in not snooping?"

"You don't get it!" Niijima shouted in extreme frustration "What if he's swayed by a woman from Ragnarok? What if he joins them because of his relationship with one of them?" he shouted in irritation. "It's well known he's on good terms with Valkyrie and many people have seen Freya frequenting the café he works at!"

Despite what they wanted to say the two disciples suddenly felt a fear that they hadn't considered before. "What if they're trying to get closer to him in order to recruit him…" they muttered realizing Niijima's stance.

"Exactly!" he shouted pointing at them. "He's so powerful there's no way Ragnarok hasn't considered that option!"

"I'm really not comfortable with this…" Kenichi muttered rubbing his chin. "But maybe we should just to make sure." He muttered as Miu nodded her head in agreement.

"For his sake we have to determine this girl's plans." She stated as the two looked back at their masters.

"Go ahead, it sounds fun." Akisame stated waving them off. "While you're out could you buy some more drinks?" he added in causing Miu to laugh wryly.

Nodding their heads the two teens quickly followed after Niijima as they headed to the station where Naruto was supposed to meet Freya. "There he is." Kenichi muttered as they peered around the corner of a nearby building. "Now that I'm actually paying attention, he's wearing really good clothes."

Naruto indeed had been more dressed up than normal when he left the dojo. "He was sporting slacks with a polo shirt a pair of black shoes on his feet. "Hm." He muttered looking around. "I'm at the right station right?" he muttered looking around again.

"Yo, Naruto." A voice called out to him. Turning he smiled when he saw Kaname walking up to him wearing a white sundress, a medium sized bag slung over her shoulder as she waved at him. "You're early."

"I just got here." Naruto denied with a smile as he offered her his arm. "I didn't think you'd call me so soon."

"It felt like a good night." She replied with a smile.

From their hiding spot Kenichi and Miu watched silently as Niijima began hissing in anger seeing Naruto's date. "Why's he going out with that Freya?" he shouted angrily getting in Kenichi's face.

"I thought you knew." Kenichi muttered rubbing his head "I mean you were so fired up about spying on him earlier."

"I was giving you a hypothetical situation!"

"Shh they're leaving!" Miu whispered as she began to follow the two. "Come on!"

Naruto looked around idly as the two of them continued along their way. "Are we being followed?" he wondered aloud catching Kaname's attention.

"We shouldn't be, I told the Valkyries not to follow me today." She muttered looking around as well. Shrugging her shoulders when she didn't see anything she looked back at the blonde beside her. "So is there anything in particular we're doing?" she asked with a smile.

"Hm?" Naruto muttered looking at her. "I thought you had a plan." He muttered rubbing the back of his head.

Kaname giggled as she covered her mouth. "I guess we can just wing it." She assured him as they ended up near the commercial district.

"Want to go see a movie or something?" Naruto asked pointing at the movie theatres. "I'm sure there's something we can watch."

"I guess." Kaname agreed as they turned on their heels to check out the movies available. "Anything you want to see?" she asked curiously looking over their options.

"I don't know are any of these good?" he asked in return scratching his chin in thought.

"I heard this one was good." Kaname stated pointing out a romantic comedy about a guy who caught the interest of various goddesses. "Want to see it?"

"Sure it sounds fun." Naruto muttered as he purchased two tickets from the box office. Nodding in thanks he walked with Kaname into the theatre smiling as she hugged his arm.

"They have a good feel to them." Miu muttered happily as she clenched her fists. "Good luck Kaname-san!"

"Miu, are you by chance hoping Naruto starts going out with Freya?" Kenichi asked the blonde girl beside him with a questioning stare.

"Don't you feel bad for him Kenichi-san?" she asked looking at her friend with a bright smile. "This is his chance to earn a little happiness!"

"A thug like him doesn't deserve happiness! All he's good for is furthering my goals!" Niijima declared evilly as he began cackling.

"Alright shut up." Kenichi muttered driving his fist into Niijima's skull knocking the alien flat. "You're really annoying." He sighed before looking at Miu again. "Should we follow them inside?" he asked lightly.

"Let's!" Miu agreed enthusiastically "The movies are such a good chance!"

"Eh…?" Kenichi muttered as he went with Miu to the ticket booth as they purchased tickets to the same show Naruto and Kaname had gone to. "There they are." He whispered pointing out the unmistakable blonde hair that was Naruto's as he sat near the back with Kaname at his right. "We should sit behind them." Kenichi muttered finding a seat in the very back.

"They're holding hands!" Miu whispered happily causing Kenichi to chuckle quietly as he sat down and got comfortable.

As the movie began Kenichi noticed that Miu's attention would always drift towards the couple in front of them while occasionally making an excited sound seeing them do something more intimate, such as when Kaname leaned against Naruto's side or when Naruto wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Shaking his head with a smile on his face he turned back to the movie laughing with the crowd at the comedy scenes as well as tearing up at the sad ones.

In the end they all enjoyed themselves as Kenichi and Miu quickly exited the building before Naruto and Kaname did. "Well that was fun." Kenichi muttered as he smiled at Miu who was intently looking at the theatre entrance. "And she was the one who didn't want others to follow them." He muttered with a shake of his head.

"Shh!" Miu whispered as she saw the two of them walking out of the building laughing together as they talked about the movie.

"I'm kind of hungry what about you?" Naruto asked as she linked arms with him once again.

"That sounds good, where should we go?" she asked smiling at him fondly.

"Hm, how do you feel about Italian?" Naruto asked curiously. "Sakuya recommended a place nearby that's supposed to be pretty good."

"That sounds good Naruto." She muttered resting her head against his arm. "I'm glad you agreed to this date." She muttered as Naruto simply held her arm loosely as he guided her towards the restaurant he had in mind.

"Well, you went through the hassle of inviting me, so I thought I'd give it a try." He stated patting her on the arm.

"Figured things out?" she asked referring to past problems he had with relations.

"You could say that." Naruto stated with closed eyes as they neared the restaurant. "Rather…I hope this place isn't too formal."

"It should be fine." Kaname stated seeing a few patrons in jeans and T-shirts. "We're not the least dressed up."

"That makes me feel a lot better." Naruto admitted as he sighed in relief. "Anyways let's get a table." Naruto stated shrugging his shoulders.

Miu bit her thumb as she watched the two enter the restaurant. "We can't go in there." She stated as Kenichi nodded in agreement. "We'd stick out immediately." He stated.

"No, it's not that." Miu muttered. "We don't have any money to spend on food." She revealed causing Kenichi to sweat drop.

As he thought about the things they saw tonight Kenichi couldn't help but look around. "I feel like I'm forgetting something." He muttered scratching his head.

In the restaurant Naruto and Kaname were enjoying the soup and bread having placed their orders already. "It's quite good." Naruto muttered with a small smile on his face. "Are you enjoying yourself so far?" he asked smiling at his date.

Kaname gracefully wiped her mouth and set the napkin down before responding. "Quite, it's been fun just walking around town with you." She answered honestly as a smile graced her lips. "How about you?"

"I enjoyed myself; since I've come to town I've done nothing but work really." Naruto admitted with a shrug of his shoulders. "It's been nice to just relax for once."

Before the conversation could continue their meal arrived as both teens muttered "Itadakimasu" before beginning their meal content with the silence as they enjoyed their meal, occasionally speaking out about the quality of the food.

When they had finished their meal and paid the bill Naruto offered his arm to Kaname once more. "Shall I walk you home?" he asked politely.

"I would like that." She smiled as she accepted his arm and linked hers with his. "Maybe even something extra at the end?" he chuckled at her insinuations.


"Oh something extra!" Miu muttered as stars appeared in her eyes. "Maybe they'll kiss?" she wondered as Kenichi turned a little red at the thought.

"Come on Miu, maybe we should go home." He muttered tugging on her arm "I don't want to intrude on their privacy."

"What are you two idiots doing?" Kisara muttered as she stopped her walk to stare at the two suspiciously.

"Nanjo Kisara!" Kenichi shouted stepping into his stance as he backed away from her. "I won't fight you!" he declared forcefully.

"I'm not here for that you idiot!" she shouted forcefully in return. "Geez, you idiots are a jumpy bunch aren't you?" she muttered under her breath as Miu regarded her carefully before glancing over her shoulder.

"Like I said, what are you two staring at?" Kisara asked angrily as she peered over Miu's shoulder. "Ah! Why's Freya-nee with Uzumaki!" she shouted as she angrily grit her teeth.

"Shh!" Miu hissed as she placed a finger on her mouth. "They're just ending their date!" she whispered as the two quickly hid behind a bush to continue watching the two. "They've been having a real good mood going on between them this whole time."

"I…I don't care about that!" Kisara shouted as a blush formed on her face as she turned away from Miu who glanced at her questioningly. "I…I just thought that Freya-nee could do so much better than Uzumaki." Kisara stuttered causing Miu to grin knowingly as Kenichi tilted his head to the side curiously.

"Jealous?" Miu asked as she began chuckling in a knowing manner.

"N-no!" Kisara stuttered once more as she tried to keep from facing away from Miu's view less the blonde see her blush. "Why would I be jealous? Those two can date whoever they want!"

"You don't sound very convincing." Miu pointed out with a grin as she continued chuckling.

"Could it be…?" Kenichi wondered aloud as he watched the two girls argue. "Kisara-san likes Naruto?" he asked causing the red haired tai-kwon-do user's face to light up like a bright red neon sign.

"Shut up what would a punk like you know?" Kisara shouted as she kicked Kenichi in the shin causing the boy to wince in pain. "You're just a little baby lusting after this Cow tit's boobs!"

"Who are you calling Cow Tits?" Miu shouted suddenly self conscious about her chest as she folded her arms over them. "AH THEY DISAPPEARED!" she suddenly realized that she had lost track of Naruto and Freya who had disappeared from their sights during their little argument.

Silently Kenichi thanked whatever deity there was since he honestly wanted to go back home. "Well I guess we'll just have to leave it at that huh Miu-san?" he asked looking a little too happy as Miu regarded him seriously.

Finally giving up Miu sighed sadly. "I guess you're right Kenichi-san." She agreed "Let's all go back." She muttered glumly as Kisara clicked her tongue before heading off on her own obviously in thought.

Naruto sighed happily as they reached Kaname's house. "Well it's been fun." He stated letting go of her arms as she stepped in front of him before spinning around to face him, a smile on her face. "Did you enjoy it?"

She nodded her head happily. "It was fun Naruto, we should do it again." Suddenly she closed the distance and planted a kiss on Naruto's cheek causing the taller teen to blush as he held a hand over the spot she had kissed. "A thank you gift." She explained seeing his stunned face as he stared at her.

Feeling a little playful Naruto quickly grabbed her arms and pulled her to him. Planting a kiss on her forehead he smiled down at her as he kept her in his embrace causing the normally controlled Freya to blush as she looked away to hide her embarrassment. "I couldn't be the only one getting surprised now could i?" he asked with a laugh earning a pout and a punch on the arm from the third fist.

"Jerk" Laughing Naruto released her and waved goodbye as she waved at him before entering her house.

On the way back to the dojo Naruto's phone rang. Looking at the caller ID he blinked in surprise seeing who it was. "Hey Kisara, what's up?" he asked holding the phone to his ear.

"H-hey…" she muttered sounding nervous. "Uh…want to…hang out tomorrow?" she asked slowly as an image of a stuttering Kisara closing her eyes as she spoke into the phone came to Naruto's mind.

"I don't mind." Naruto stated simply as he continued on his way home. "What brought this up?" he asked curiously.

"Nothing in particular." She muttered in response before changing the subject. "Anyways let's meet up at that family restaurant near the station downtown." She explained the plans for the meet up. "I'll see you tomorrow!" she stated quickly before hanging up hearing Naruto's confirmation.

Blinking in surprise Naruto calmly put the phone back in his pocket noticing he had arrived back at the dojo. "I'm home." He called out hopping over the dojo's wall. "Hm?" he muttered seeing Miu suddenly in front of him as he landed in the garden.

"How'd your date go?" she asked a look of anticipation on her face.

"Ah…good, we both had fun." He explained seeing the masters doing their own things though they seemed to be attentive to his conversation. "Why so curious?" he asked looking at Miu oddly. "And where's Kenichi?"

"Kenichi went to sleep since he didn't have any training when he came back." Akisame explained simply as Naruto entered the dojo a confused look on his face. "Even we can be lenient." If anything Naruto looked even more confused.

"Well in any case it looks like I have a date with Kisara tomorrow." Naruto stated taking a seat causing Miu to openly gape at him.

"AREN'T YOU GOING OUT WITH FREYA-SAN?" she shouted smacking him over the head.

"Ow, we're boyfriend/girlfriend!" he shouted angrily at her as he clutched his wounded head. "Give me a break!"

"Make up your mind and go steady with one of them you two timer!" Miu shouted smacking him again.

"Ow stop that!" Naruto whined as he dodged a third strike. "I'm free to do as I please!" he declared as he kept out of Miu's range.

"Two timing is bad!"

"I'm not two timing!" Naruto shouted in response causing the masters to shake their head at the two's antics.

"Well at least Naru-chan seems brighter than before." Hayato stated calmly as he sipped his tea leisurely. "Perhaps we'll see more of his true self in the future?" he wondered aloud causing the other masters to nod their heads.


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