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It was another average day in Death City. The sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky – it didn't rain often as Death City was located in a desert. The dusty dunes that stretched for miles all around the secluded city also made coming and going a bit of a chore, especially if you were on foot, though the meisters and weapons of the DWMA didn't seem to mind very much.

The inhabitants of Death City were content with their lives, living under the protection of Lord Death and the academy. It was three months since the Kishin that slept beneath the academy, Asura, had been defeated, and people had slipped back into their routines. There was still some rebuilding to be done, but for the most part life was back to normal.

Normal was not a word one would use to describe Death the Kid however. Kid was a Grim Reaper, the son of Lord Death himself. Together with his twin pistols Liz and Patty Thompson, Kid was a force to be reckoned with. He had no need to attend the academy, though he had enrolled on his own volition and was heading there now, only around one hour late so he would be in class just as the clock struck eight.

The three were walking up the long flight of stairs that led to the academy. Liz and Patty were chatting animatedly, though Kid had long since learned how to tune their chatter out until it became meaningless background noise. His attention was suddenly caught by voices – female voices from further ahead.

Kid glanced briefly backwards. The Thompson sisters hadn't noticed, busy with their conversation. 'Probably students who are late also or are skipping class,' he thought.

He kept walking and cleared a dozen or so steps before the voices ahead of him became audible enough for him to distinguish words. Kid knew it was incredibly rude to eavesdrop but he was curious. Since the voices were directly in his path, he couldn't exactly help overhearing anyway.


Kid's eyes widened slightly at this and the yelling finally caught Liz and Patty's attention. 'No wonder, it's loud enough to wake the dead,' Kid thought in exasperation.

"What was that?" Liz asked as she swung glances back and forth from the back of Kid's head to the top of the stairs.

Patty giggled. "Aww, somebody's mad!" she exclaimed cheerfully. Her lips were curved upward in a huge smile while her eyebrows were drawn down in a sad frown. How Patty managed to pull off this contrasting expression was a mystery.

A calmer voice floated down the stairs. "Damn, calm down Nioka, I was just kidding. It's not like any god-damn guy would fall for you anyway, plus you already got swarmed by a bunch of wanna-be-your-boyfriend faggots. Like that blue-headed assassin wanna-be. But still, it could be possib-"

The second voice was cut short by a growl, swiftly followed by a cry of "NYAH!" and a thud. The second voice remained silent and Kid, faintly worried about what was going on, increased his pace a bit. The sisters noticed and immediately sped up to match him.

They were almost to the top when the first voice, louder and clearer now that they were closer, rang out with concern instead of anger.

"Oh my god! Miako, are you alright? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Finally clearing the stairs, the three saw a girl hovering anxiously over another girl on the ground. She was still repeating her chant-like apology and hadn't noticed the sudden audience as her back was to them.

'This scene looks familiar... She hovers like Tsubaki does over Black*Star, though the other girl looks like Soul after a hit from Maka's book,'Kid observed. Neither of them looked familiar, but the DWMA was a big place. Kid cleared his throat and the girl whipped around in surprise.

"Er...um... Hi?" the girl said self-consciously. She looked on the verge of tears and ducked her head, so they wouldn't see.

"Hi!" Patty instantly replied, waving one arm enthusiastically in the air above her head.

"Hey there," Liz said, far more reserved than her younger sister.

"Hello," said Kid formally. "I don't recall seeing you two before...are you new?"

The girl shuffled her feet. She was wearing boots similar to Maka's. "Erm...yeah...we're new here. I'm Nioka. The one that's knocked out on the ground is my sister and meister, Miako," she answered shyly, jabbing a thumb at the still form crumpled near her feet.

"I'm Kid and this is Liz and Patty," he said, indicating the girls as he spoke their names. Kid stared at her passively, Liz and Patty remaining silent just behind him. "Do you need some help enrolling?" he offered. It would be no problem to escort the two girls to the front counter and leave them to sort things out with the lady at reception. If he didn't start moving again soon he wouldn't get to class on time. He blithely ignored the fact that he was already late.

Nioka lifted her head to face them, no longer about to cry. "But...aren't you already late for class?" she asked hesitantly. The last thing Nioka wanted was to get somebody in trouble on her behalf, even inadvertently.

"Yeah, but we're always late," Liz said offhand, casting another glance to the back of Kid's head. He chose to ignore her accusing eyes.

Nioka shifted her feet again. "We were going to go enrol, but Miako here kind of...started talking about me getting a boyfriend...so I Nyah kicked her and she blacked out, as usual," she explained.

"Oh," Patty said slowly, drawing the sound out.

"It would be nice if we could have some help, but we don't want to cause you any trouble," Nioka said. She nudged her inert sister somewhat roughly with her boot.

Miako groaned slightly before her eyes suddenly flew open. "WHAT THE FU- Oh... Hi Nioka," she yelled, her voice becoming somewhat indifferent at the end. Miako just stood there, seemingly bored.

"You okay now, sis?" Nioka asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Who are they?" Miako was staring at the three students. A grin crossed her face as her eyes alighted upon Kid. He raised one eyebrow a fraction in response and her grin grew wider. "Did something happen while I was out?" she asked, chuckling.

Patty giggled again and Liz smiled as they both realised what the girl meant. Liz took a step forward so she was right beside her meister and stole a glance at his face, only to find his expression as impassive as ever. Being a girl and his weapon partner, however, she knew the young Reaper was confused and simply hiding it.

"Eheheh... Don't mind my little sister; she has a thing with mood swings, but this doesn't usually happen. Nioka is usually quiet and shy, and can be really sweet to new people, ya know what I mean?" Miako said, staring meaningfully at Kid. The grin was still there.

Nioka cleared her throat awkwardly. "We oughtta get going... We don't want to make them more late than they already are..." she trailed off. She stood there quietly, her eyes on the ground.

"Yeah, you're right. Well, see you later you three!" Miako said cheerfully with a small wave. She didn't seem bothered by the fact that Nioka had neglected to introduce them.

"Yeah... Bye Kid, Liz, Patty..." Nioka said softly, meeting their eyes briefly before turning and following her sister.

"Wait!" Liz called out, causing the two to turn around in curiosity. "We can take you to reception so you can get enrolled, okay? Right, Kid?" she added firmly, daring her meister to disagree.

Kid's yellow eyes flicked from Liz's face to the newcomers. "It's on our way, so it's no trouble to take you there. We need to get to class now though, so follow us if you're coming," he said, walking towards the academy's large entrance doors without waiting for an answer.

"Kid!" Liz hissed. 'I know he wants to get to class at exactly eight and it's only a few minutes away, but that was kind of rude...'

Kid stopped in the doorway and glanced back to see if they were following. His yellow eyes caught Nioka's own and she shook her head a fraction to each side. 'Thanks for the offer, but we're fine,' her eyes seemed to say. Kid simply nodded and continued on his way.

The three walked the empty hallways, their feet automatically taking them to the door of Class Crescent Moon. Kid knocked before gently pushing the door open and slipping inside, Liz and Patty right behind him.

"Sorry we're late Professor Stein," Kid said coolly.

Stein, far too used to Kid's habits, simply nodded and said, "Take your seats."

Black*Star rolled his eyes. Stein never told those three to stand in the hall for being late. Was it because Kid was Lord Death's son? Or was it because Stein knew that any punishment would have no effect on the young Reaper's tardiness?

Liz sighed. Her thoughts were running along similar lines to Black*Star's. They usually got to class on time because she went around Gallows Mansion and set the clocks forward. However, Kid went around the mansion about once a week and gathered up all the clocks so he could set them all at once, ensuring that they were running parallel to each other by the second. It always took Liz a day or so to realise when the clocks had been reset and to go around and 'fix' them all again.

It always baffled Kid. He had to use his golden pocket watch to reset them all. He had even replaced them all once, thinking that they were all fast. The new clocks had the same problem, so Kid had simply left them be and kept up his habit of resetting them every week. It was a strange sort of balance that worked for both parties.

Kid and the sisters took their usual seats beside Maka and Soul and in front of Tsubaki and Black*Star. They exchanged hushed greetings and turned to face Stein.

The professor fidgeted a bit on his chair, his arms resting on its back as he was sitting backwards. When he felt comfortable he cleared his throat. "Right, as I was saying... People most often discern someone's soul by assessing that individual's personality. While this method does work sometimes, it's very unreliable as many people often act differently in certain situations than they would normally. So, how can you tell if someone isn't 'in character'?"

The apartment next to Soul and Maka's had been empty for almost two years. Now, however, it was full of boxes, most of them unopened and sealed with tape to protect the contents. Those that were open had some bits of Styrofoam packing scattered around them and half of their contents missing.

The place smelled of dust. It had been cleaned once a fortnight by a woman hired by the landlord, but it had a musty air about it that proclaimed its unlived-in state. Some of the shelves in the small living room and tiny kitchen were lined with carefully unpacked items; a photo frame here, an ornament there.

A young looking teenage girl straightened up from her crouched position over one of the boxes. She turned her head to send a mild glare at a mostly white chihuahua sitting upon the couch. "Ugh...Sisi, why don't you help me instead of just sitting there acting all cute?"

The chihuahua cocked a black-furred ear. "Hm? Oh, I just thought you wouldn't need it, Kyoki." A cloud of smoke appeared with a soft popping noise, obscuring the little dog from view. It cleared away a few seconds later to reveal a girl sitting exactly where the dog had been. Without saying anything further, the girl began helping the other.

"Whatever," Kyoki muttered.

The two worked in silence for a while, the only noise being the rustling of Styrofoam and newspaper as more and more things were placed around the apartment. Eventually the silence was broken, though not by Sisi.

"Hey, you know that place my Uncle runs? The DWMA? Well, I was thinking...should we enrol...?"

Sisi, her expression indifferent, shrugged. "Well, it could be dangerous... If we can keep our secret ..."

Kyoki rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Oh Sisi...you and your negative-ness. On the bright side, I get to meet Lord Death AND my cousin! I haven't met his son yet and I really want to – how about it?"

"I don't like the looks of this...especially since you haven't completely gotten over your little problem yet. But...we'll give it a try I guess..." Sisi grumbled.

"Yes!" Kyoki jumped up, a huge joyful smile lighting up her face. "Don't worry – if it gets out of hand I have you to cover me!"

"Yeah, yeah..." Sisi muttered.

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