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Chapter Two: One Shot, Two Shot, Say What?

The next morning was bright and clear, with only a few wispy patches of white to mar the expanse of blue. It was supposed to rain tonight although the weather gave no indication at the moment. Weather forecasters were not known for their accuracy.

Liz had 'fixed' all the clocks, so the Thompson sisters and their meister were actually on time today as they walked out the doors of the mansion. Kid had his hands in his pockets and was trying not to smile at the girls' current conversation. Patty thought about the strangest things and always asked her sister about it, so Kid was privy to more than his fair share of inane conversations.

"Why do you people say 'if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound'? Won't the animals hear it?" the younger girl asked, staring at her sister.

"That's a good question Patty," Liz replied patiently, "but I think you're missing the point."


"That's a rhetorical question Patty; they're not supposed to have an answer. I'm sure that if a tree did fall somewhere, then any nearby animals would hear it, yes. The question means there is no one, including animals, around."

"Aww, poor tree!"

Liz favoured her sister with a confused look. "What?"

"That poor tree must be awfully lonely, don't you think, big sis?"

"I'm sure there are plenty of other trees around to keep it company. It's in a forest you know," Liz said, sounding as patient with her sister as ever.

"Yeah, but they can't help the tree back up when it falls," Patty stated sadly.

Liz and Kid both looked at her in surprise. Despite the childish way it was stated, it was rather deep. Both of them knew Patty was not as stupid as she seemed, but moments like these were still a bit of a shock. Even Liz appeared devoid of an answer to that and the three walked on in silence.

Nioka was also walking to school with her sister Miako. They had walked in near silence for almost a minute before Miako spoke.

"Sooooo...you like him?" she asked, raising an eyebrow suggestively and smirking playfully.

"SHUT UP MIAKO!" Nioka yelled. She looked ready to take a swing at her sister and Miako must've sensed it as she raised her hands in a surrendering gesture, though the smirk never left her face.

"Heheh, fine, I'll shut up for now..."

The silence reasserted itself. It continued on for nearly two minutes this time before another interruption disturbed it. The interruption came in the form of Kid, Liz and Patty as the two groups ran across one another.

'We must live close by, maybe a block or two away,' Nioka thought, barely resisting the urge to turn around and see if she could spot where they came from. She kept quiet, simply staring at the three.

"Well hiya!" Miako greeted cheerfully with a wave. "Nice to see you three, how are you?"

"Hiya!" Patty cheerfully parroted, also imitating the wave. "I'm great and so is big sis. Kid's fine too, right?" she asked, turning to her meister.

"Yeah, hello," Liz said with a small nod.

"I am well. How are you two?" Kid asked politely. His manners demanded no less.

"I'm fine, thanks," Miako replied with a smile. Her smile slipped a little as she glanced at her still-silent sister. "God, Nioka, say something already," she said, making as if to nudge the other girl in the ribs.

Nioka sent her sister a half-hearted glare. "...how 'bout...no..." she mumbled, walking straight past Kid, Liz and Patty, who had varying degrees of surprise etched on their faces.

"Oh my god... Nioka!" Miako yelled after the receding figure. She ran after her, reaching out a hand to lay on her shoulder.

In a flash Nioka whirled around and kicked Miako, dropping the other girl to ground instantly. "YOU SAID YOU WOULD SHUT UP!" she shouted at the prone figure sprawled at her feet. It was just like yesterday, although Nioka wasn't sobbing this time.

She glanced up at the three and sighed before grabbing her sister's neck collar. She then proceeded to drag Miako away without a word, leaving the three behind.

The young reaper stared after them nonplussed, as did Liz. Patty waved at them, unconcerned that one was unconscious and the other had their back to her. Liz put a hand on Kid's shoulder, prompting him to look at her.

"They kinda remind you of Soul of Maka, don't they? Though weirder, if that's possible," she commented.

"Hmm," was Kid's noncommittal reply.

Liz just rolled her eyes and the three set off in the direction Nioka had disappeared.

Five minutes, and many of Patty's 'shortcuts' later, they ended up coming across the sisters again. They heard Miako cry "PUPPYYYYYY~!" and the sound of running feet before they turned a corner and saw the girl chasing what seemed like a stray dog down a side street.

Kid walked over to Nioka, who was standing there watching her sister with an expression of obvious annoyance written all over her face. "Is everything alright?" he asked, resisting the urge to raise an eyebrow at Miako's display. He also resisted the urge to bury his face in his hands as Patty joined her, giggling as they tried to catch the canine. It took a lot of effort, but he had plenty of practise.

Nioka turned to Kid, looking faintly embarrassed and highly peeved. "Miako is kinda...um...a very big dog lover...and..." she said quietly, trailing off and looking at Liz and Patty thoughtfully.

"What?" Liz asked a little unnerved by the scrutiny.

Nioka's gaze switched to Kid. "They can turn into pistols, right? I overheard it somewhere at the academy yesterday. If so, can you do me a favour?" He raised an eyebrow, encouraging her to continue. She pointed at Miako. "Can you shoot her please? In the head is fine, it'll knock her out long enough to get her away from the dog."

Kid's other eyebrow raised to join its twin in surprise.

"What?" Liz asked again, sounding like she thought Nioka was clearly crazy.

Receiving no further reply, Kid turned to Miako, still chasing the dog. 'If we waste anymore time then we'll be late,' he thought, weighing the pros and cons in his mind. "Liz, Patty, transform," he suddenly said.

"What?" Liz asked for a third time before rolling her eyes. "Ah, whatever," she said, disappearing as a bright pink light and landing in Kid's left hand.

Patty immediately stopped her pursuit of the dog with a happy cry of "Okay!" She copied her sister's action, becoming a bright pink light and landing in Kid's right hand.

The light vanished in a burst to reveal a pair of identical silver pistols held upside-down which Kid swiftly aimed at Miako, keeping the barrels trained on the running girl. "I apologise for this," he said, pulling both triggers with his pinkies.

Two bullets of the same bright pink light shot forward with a bang and hit Miako in the head, felling her in a split second. He had purposefully made the shots weaker than normal to avoid hurting her beyond knocking her out. Task done, he lightly threw the pistols in the air behind him and both girls turned back with a somersault.

Nioka walked over to her sister and grabbed her collar again. "Eheheh..." she chuckled lightly. "Sorry for the inconvenience... I guess I'll have to walk with you guys, and drag her along, if that's okay," she said.

Kid said nothing, simply nodding in response, and the group set off once more. He sincerely hoped that this wasn't going to become an everyday occurrence. The dog, unnoticed, took the chance to slip away from the crazy humans to a safer alley.

The curtains of the apartment next to Soul and Maka were flung open, letting the morning light stream in.

"Kyoki...wake up! Hey! Get up; we're late for our first day of school!" Sisi half yelled at the figure still curled up under the bed covers.

Kyoki groaned and poked her head over the covers to peer blearily at Sisi. "Huh? What-oh right! Sorry!" she said quickly, jumping out of bed. Sisi left the room as Kyoki began pulling clothes out and scrambling into them. Now dressed, she raced into the kitchen and straight past, foregoing breakfast. Sisi dashed after her, exasperated.

Since they were headed to the academy, Sisi was in her human form. Unlike Blair, who usually kept her cat ears and tail in human form, Sisi was indistinguishable from a regular person. She had long ago learned to get used to the transition between four to two legs and vice-versa. "Nyeh! Now we have to explain why we're late!"

Kyoki flashed her a quick grin. "Don't worry, they probably won't care much, you stupid mutt!"

"Tch! Just be lucky I woke you up!" Sisi said huffily.

Kid, the Thompson sisters and Nioka and Miako had been walking in near silence for several minutes. They were almost at the foot of the giant staircase. The whole walk Liz kept shooting discreet glances at Nioka and her unconscious sister, trying to figure them out. Their sisterly relationship was so different to the one Liz shared with Patty and Liz was honestly baffled as to how Nioka could lash out at Miako like that.

Patty quietly giggled every time she caught Liz looking, finding her sister's sneaky scrutiny funny.

Kid kept quiet, though his mind was anything but. The young reaper was debating whether or not to ask his father about the new students. If he did ask, would his dad answer? And if he did answer, would Lord Death tell him anything useful?

The group had just begun the long trek up the stairs when Miako rejoined the land of the conscious. She blinked at Kid and the Thompsons, quickly realising that she was being dragged backwards, though it didn't seem to faze her. "Whoa, hey guys! Again," she said with a grin, ignoring the threat-filled muttering her sister was doing under her breath.

Nioka did not let her sister go until they reached the top of the stairs. She hung back, letting Kid and the Thompsons walk ahead. The son of Death led the way to class Crescent Moon and simply strolled in, nodding to Professor Stein as the good doctor said, "You're late."

Stein resisted the urge to roll his eyes and instead turned the screw embedded in his head until he heard a faint click. His gaze fell upon the two newcomers and he smiled lightly. "Ah, you two must be the new students. Why don't you sit near Soul and Maka? You might make Soul pay attention for once. First, how about you introduce yourselves?"

Miako gave the entire class a cheerful wave and said "Yo," without a care in the world. She noticed her sister seemed slightly shaken by the number of eyes on her, particularly by the male members of the class. Miako nudged her to say something, but Nioka kept quiet, so she decided to handle the introductions.

"Er... Hi! My name is Miako and this is my weapon partner, and sister, Nioka. Please ignore how quiet she is, 'cause she can get very... Nioka?" she asked at the end, looking at her sister.

Nioka was staring blankly at the ground, mumbling curses instead of death threats under her breath.

Miako stared at her, an irritated expression just starting to cross her face. "...Ugh, why are you always so-"

"Please be quiet for one second," Nioka interrupted in a highly annoyed tone. "My head hurts from your non-stop blabbing," she continued darkly with murderous intent, though her voice was strangely blank despite the chills it conveyed.

"Heh," Miako said with a shrug. The sisters headed for Soul and Maka as Stein lazily pointed them out and shooed them away to their seats. All the students stared, some openly while some tried to be discreet. A few whispers of conversation broke out here and there, though they faded quickly.

Soul looked somewhat bored while Maka looked eager, but both of them nodded in greeting and shifted over to make a bit more room. Maka gave the newcomers a brief but warm smile before turning her attention to the front as Professor Stein started the lesson.

"I'm really gonna hate it here..." Nioka muttered plainly.

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