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The door then slammed open, causing all heads to turn.

It was Mitsuhiko, Genta, Eri, Kogoro, and the doctor.

Mitsuhiko and Genta had a look of pure shock and horror. Eri had a look of disbelief as she squinted her eyes. Kogoro had a fierce look on his face. The doctor looked blank.

"Explain," the adults said.

Sora and Conan laughed nervously.

v1.0 (completed)
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"So, you're trying to say...that this is Japan?" said Jackson "Jack" Darby, a 16-year-old, in wonder. Behind him, his mother looked around with a neutral look on her face, and Rafael looked around in awe.

Miko Nakadai, a 15-year-old, nodded in excitement. "Yup."

"Whoa," breathed Rafael "Raf" Jorge Gonzales Esquivel, a 12-year-old. "To think, stranded into another dimension that looked like earth..."

June Darby, Jack's mother, sighed. "Don't get too happy too soon, Rafael. This is a first ground bridge failure."

Rafael whined, "But at least we get to see things we haven't before. Besides, it's not like everyday we get to see something like this." He walked to a red and blue 364 Peterbilt semi. "What do you think, Optimus?"

The driver side door opened, and a man in his mid-to-late forties stepped out. His face was square with wrinkles from age that contained great wisdom. He was a bit built (his muscles), and he had black bluish short hair with facial hair from his hair to his chin and a moustache. He was 6'7" tall. His unusual blue eyes landed of Raf.

"Ya know, Optimus," whispered Raf, Optimus' holoform looking down at him. His eyebrows raised in confusion and curiousity. "Your holoform looked weird."

He chuckled lightly as his holoform disappeared.


"I don't think I can tell you without meddling with your...world's or universe's balance," reasoned Sora.

The adults looked at each other and nodded. One or two of them rather reluctantly.

"We'll take it," said Eri, representing the other adults. "The risks, I-WE mean."

Sora sighed heavily. "This gonna take a while..."

15 minutes of telling story later...

"So, let me get this straight," said Kogoro. "The barrier between worlds is shattering, that the olf man jumped somewhere from this world." Sora nodded. "Then didn't that means...something else will get here." Sora nodded.

"Might have something to do with the Gran Grimoire," suggested Conan in a whisper.

Sora shook his head. "No, something tells it ain't that world."

"How did you know..." Conan felt Eri's glare because of his lack use of suffix when he whispered (yes, Eri heard that).

Sora shrugged "I don't know. I just do."

Ero stepped forwards. "Are the...dwellers of other worlds we talked about, dangerous?"

Sora looked thoughtful before answering, "Honestly,

"I don't know."

The Peterbilt suddenly stopped at the middle of a road before it was honked and continued to move.

The red and white car (probably an ambulance-like car) behind it commed it.

"You alright, Optimus?"

"I'm alright, Ratchet. I just felt something wrong."

Alarmed, a yellow car, a military green car, the white and red car, a blue motorcycle quickly went to a nearby deserted alley, forcing the Peterbilt to go with them.

"What's wrong, Ratchet?"

A silence.

"Prime felt something wrong."

And that was when their leader got bombarded with com transmissions.

"Prime, you alright? Want me to kick some 'Cons?"

"Optimus, I am right behind you. Let's get to a secluded area, now. Even more secluded than this."

"*beeping* *twittering*"

"What's the matter, Bulkhead?" asked Miko from inside the green car. Miko was Bulkhead's charge.

"Arcee?" asked Jack, who were riding the blue motorcycle one. Jack was Arcee's charge.

"Bee said that Optimus felt something wrong," said Raf. Rafael was Bumblebee's charge.

"Really?" gasped June.

Optimus sighed through the comlink. "Everyone, please. It is not easy to talk about it now. Let's move somewhere else."

"Question is, where, Optimus?" asked Ratchet.

"Follow me, old friend," was the reply. "I feel the need to go somewhere... Prime out."

Rafael, who had heard the whole thing from Bumblebee, sighed. The one sitting in the driver seat was June (to prevent police's or whoever's suspicion), while he sat next to her.

"I hope there's nothing wrong," he whispered.

"Me, too, Rafael. Me, too," whispered June, accompanied by Bee's twittering.

Sora perked as Tiara materialized beside him in sparks of light. Sora was thankful with himself when he explained about Tiara and the Boukun Rex.

"They are here," she said, her head pointed uppwards. "I sense some of them getting near."

"'They'?" repeated Kogoro.

"Yes, they," Tiara replied. "And before you ask, I am Tiara." She looked down. "And I feared, as long as I existed, offworlders can keep on coming. Even worse should I stop existing."

"WHAT?!" they gasped, forgetting where they were. At least the adults were. The kids had remained silent for quite some time, which was rather unusual for them.

"Shh! Not so loud!" she hissed.

They shushed each other, making her and the kids sweatdrop.

"My world dwellers believed that minds have great powers that it has the power to summon things."

Conan spoke, "So, you mean, you summoned them, and disbanded them?"

"Not fully, but partially. Let's just say, I'm one of the factors. And the other factors, I'm afraid, I don't know."

"I see," Conan said thoughtfully. "Then how come people come and go? Beside your call, of course."

"Either a threat is blooming, or the world summoned them through my mind, knowing whom I liked, according to its needs." She shrugged. "I don't even understand. It's beyond my understanding. If not forever, at least at the moment." She perked again. "Ah, he noticed where we are... I believe we should go to the underground parking lot. But slowly. We don't want to surprise them; they can be dangerous, especially if they spontaneously reacted."

"Who is he?" asked Eri. "The one who noticed us."

Tiara grinned. "You will see. In time."

And she disappeared in a burst of light.

"Are you sure, Optimus?"

"I am sure, Ratchet," replied the leader as they parked in the underground as they remained in their alternate (vehicle) forms. And to Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Arcee, he commed, "Get them out of here. The humans."




Bulkhead and Bumblebee opened their doors, while Arcee tilted her alt form.

"Miko, be good, and hide," said Bulkhead. Bumblebee chirped to Raf. "And no complaints, at all!"

"Okay, Bee. Be safe," he said before he left to hide along with June, Jack, and a still grumpy Miko somewhere in the parking lot.

After the kids and June hid, Optimus commed his...comrades, or rather, friends, and family.

"Leave. Protect them."

"But, Optimus, that's crazy," protested Arcee.

"She's right, Prime," commented Bulkhead. "Don't you think so, Ratchet?"

"Optimus, what are you thinking?" hissed Ratchet through their comlink.

Optimus sighed. "I feel the need to face them alone." They were speechless at that.

"Ratchet, you're in charge until I return."

"... Alright, Optimus. Be safe. You're the Last of the Primes." To Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumble bee, he commanded, "Let's go."

With heavy heart - er, spark -, they left. Bumblebee chirped at Optimus.

"...Don't wait for me," Optimus replied. "Listen to Ratchet, Bumblebee. He could be a father figure as much as I am. Maybe even more." Bumblebee protested. "No, Bumblebee. Listen to Ratchet. Now, go." Bumblebee left, finally. With a curiousity; those words rang in his processors: "Don't wait for me..."

And then he was alone. And he waited.

At least not for very long.

"He's crazy," hissed Miko, outside Bulkhead by his side. Apparently, after they were told to leave, they met the kids only METRES away.

"Miko, Prime wouldn't like you to get hurt," rumbled Bulkhead, as silently as possible. Not like it won't be loud, though.

"But it's no fun," protested Miko.

June shook her head behind Miko. She knew that sometimes (not too seldom, much to their chagrin) Miko liked to sneak out of the base by Groundbridge. She said, "Safety first."

Bumblebee beeped and chirped as silently as possible.

"Bee said that that's maybe Optimus was thinking about," Raf translated. Amongst their human friends only Raf had been able to understand without any translating device.



"Check these out," said Miko, as she climbed in and inserted 2 DVDs into Bulkhead. Don't ask how.

"Hmm... Whoa... Cool... OOH! I like this one, I'll make the 5th into my holoform." The 5th was The Silent Hero Lexaeus. Not that Bulkhead was silent, but Lexaeus was who matched him best. Physically. Personality-based, not at all. Lexaeus was well-known thanks to his earth manipulation and his tomahawk. He relied on his brute force to overcome his speek weakness.

Miko jumped in excitement, while June suspected that it was Miko's plan all along. "Hey, Bumblebee, check these out," commed Bulkhead.

Bumblebee chirped. And twittered.

"I knew you would like the 13th," barked Bulkead. Bumblebee was the youngest among them. Some said that he was saved by Optimus back on Cybertron, the Tyger Pax incident.

The 13th was the Key of Destiny Roxas. Not only he was the youngest and was a blonde, he was well balanced in speed and strength. His element was light.

"Shh!" hushed June.

"Oops," he murmured. "Ratchet, Arcee, check these out." And he sent the data to them.

"Wow," breathed Arcee. "I'll take the 12th. A little to alike Airachnid for my taste, but I'll take it."

Airachnid was the killer of Tailbreak (was it?) back when they were still on Cybertron. They had become nemesis every since. Both of them were very fast and agile. But Airachnid was more...rogue. A lot.

The 12th was the Savage Nymph Larxene. Very fast, very dangerous. She played with words, and manipulated lightning and was a great knife-user or knife-thrower.

"Hmm... I believe the 4th suited me the best," hummed Ratchet. The 4th was The Chilly Academic Vexen. He rarely did battles, but he used his brain waaay too much. A great tactician, other than Xemnas (was he that great?), or Zexion. "Optimus is best suited with the 1st."

The 1st was the Superior of In-Between Xemnas. He did most of the thinking and planning, and of course, the barking orders. Like Sephiroth, he was a master on sword-play. He also had great aims. Cold, he might be. But he knew when to fall back. Not always, only mostly. He was also defeated alot of times, but he kept getting back. Not going down without a fight, that was him. Always seemed to keep his cool, never lost it. Not by much.

Arcee gasped. "Don't tell me..."

Ratchet made no reply. But, somehow, Arcee had a feeling if Ratchet could smirk mischievously, he would.

"He's gonna do it alright," said Bulkhead.

"Do what?" asked Jack and Miko simultaneously.

"Ratchet gonna sent the data, rather forcefully," replied Bulkhead.

"Which is rather rare, considering that usually we never disobey Ratchet," continued Arcee. "And, he only did that on serious matter."

"Prime gonna be pissed, alright," guessed Bulkhead.

"Ratchet...what are you doing with my holoform's data?" Optimus' voice rang from their comlink.


"Anokata texted me."

Vodka gasped, shocked. "That was rather unusual for Boss to text on a time like this." He was sitting before Gin, whom he usually called as "Aniki", in a fast food restaurant. They were having...let's say, a break. A coffee break. In a branch of B. O..

Gin smirked. "That might be true, Vodka. But Anokata had an intel from...someone." His voice indicated it was a usual trade for them. Get the info, kill the witness. End. "The intel said that high-tech beings were sighted. Here, in Japan."

Vodka looked confused and surprised. "And?"

"They were called as 'Transformers'. The reason they were called like that was because they could transform into vehicles. Made completely out of alloys we don't know, yet. Their basic forms were called as 'protoforms'. When they scanned a vehicle for their alternate form, their outer armors matched that of their alternate forms. They were also able to scan humans to make what they called as 'holoforms.'"

Vodka looked a little more perplexed. "Aniki, don't you mean 'holograms'?" he inquired.

Gin glared at him for a second before replying, "I'm getting there, Vodka." Vodka nervously nodded. No matter how many times he head worked with Gin, that glare of his still scared the living moonlight (since they mostly worked after dark) out of him.

"Holoforms are as real as we humans can be. They can eat, sleep, drink, etc. No known holoforms had been killed, because they had disappeared a second - literally, sometimes even less - before the killing blow struck."

"They are tricky!"

"Indeed, Vodka," Gin smirked. "But we can be even trickier, Listen

"But it was said that it was possible to capture their original form. There are no proof, but it's still possible. Go and try it out.

"There are 2 major factions. They are the most common here on earth.

"First, the Autobots. Our intel believed that it is short for 'autonomous robotic organism'. Their leader believed in freedom is the right of all sentinent beings. It is said that his alternate form is a truck. They respected humans as they respected their own kind. But they are no good for our alignment.

"Second, the Decepticons. They were said to be savage killers and also quite stealthy. But most of all, tricky. It's said that they had a plane-like transportation. Their leader's alternate form was said to be a jet. It will do us good to align them with us, although they don't like to cooperate with us 'squishy beings'."

"That was...a lot of information," muttered Vodka. Gin looked up from his cell. "Anokata is truly detailed," continued Vodka.

Gin smirked.

Suddenly his phone vibrated, indicating a message (or e-mail).


He opened the e-mail.

"Anokata, again..." grumbled Gin. He might be cruel and cold, but sometimes he wanted an undisturbed break.

But when he read the contents of the e-mail, he smirked.

"So, where do you think he waited?" asked Eri.

Sora glanced around, and started to walk.

"Boy," suddenly a familiar voice rang throughout the parking lot. Sora froze, surprising the others. "Who are you looking for?" he asked.

Sora snarled. "That is none of your business, Xemnas!" He whipped his head to his right.

Leaning on a red 364 Peterbilt semi, was a man in the black coat. The black Organization XIII coat.

"I'm sorry, boy. I don't understand. What do you mean?" he said.

"Do NOT pretend you don't know me, Xemnas!" yelled Sora as he took his fighting stance, and summoned his Keyblade. He ran at the man and then slashed at him. Sora was shocked to see that the man didn't fight back. The Xemnas he knew would definately fight back. Instead he dodged and jumped away.

Sora hesitated before asking, "Riku?"

The man answered, "I'm sorry, young one, but I'm not Riku nor I know any 'Riku'."

Eri bravely took a step forward. "Then, who are you?" she asked.

A pause.

"I'm Orion Optronix Praestans Pax," he answered. "But they usually called me 'Orion', 'Pax', or both."

"Show me your face!" challenged Sora.

He took off his hood with his eyes closed. But when he opened his eyes, they were unusually glowing aquamarine with a hint of deep sea blue.

"Oh," Sora said, relaxing. He wasn't Xemnas. "Sorry, you just looked like someone I know."

He smiled softly, like a father would to his son. "And from your reactions, it must be someone you don't like." Sora nodded, making he smiled even more. "Young one, there are more than meets the eye. You can't...judge a book from its cover, so they said."

"Nee, ojisan (= uncle)," Conan piped in.

"OI! Brat, if you can't can your questions, go away! Not only you keep poking your nose on MY cases,-"

'Those were mine, Occhan...'

"- but you also did the same with other things!" scolded Kogoro, causing Conan to squirm, preparing to get clobbered in the head by him.

Not today, though.

"Now, now," said Orion, holding Kogoro's fist. "It won't do the young one good if you hit his head. It only makes matter worse."

Conan had to struggle to hide his amazement. 'This guy's wise... Very wise. How old is he, exactly?'

Kogoro huffed angrily. "You better watch your mouth! I am older than you!" he yelled.

Orion smiled in amusement. "Is that so?" he inquired, sincerely. "Fascinating..."

Eri looked at his curious expression.

"You looked like you just see someone...extremely old."

Orion nodded. "I've never seen any...anyone so old... So ancient. Other beings, I can understand..."

Kogoro looked offended. "Why, you-!"

Conan stopped him from exploding by beating him to it. He asked, "Nee, nee, ojisan, how old are you?"

He looked thoughtful before asking, "Literally?"

Conan nodded.

"Do you really want to know?" he asked again.

Everyone nodded this time.

He sighed before he answered. "A few...centuries," Orion answered.



Orion smiled. "Yes," he said sincerely. "It looks like you never expected that. I know I'm older than I looked."

Kogoro fainted.

"You have no idea, ojisan."

"Just a bit longer... And then we will get him...and the boy."

"Optimus sure is taking his time."

"Be patient, Ratchet."

"Usually, I will. But I can't... I can't detect his spark, and I can't see him injuring himself to protect someone else again. I feared that one day he might..."

He never finished, but he needn't to finish to get everyone to understand.

They all went silent.

Orion (aka Optimus) sensed something...odd in the air. He tried to contact Ratchet, but he found he couldn't. From the corner of his eyes, he saw a black Porcher 346A (or was it 364A, or was it Porche 468A). Anyway, a black Porche. That's for sure.

'It must be them.. I'm curious how they were able to intercept my signal,' he thought, without exactly looking at the Porche. Then he saw Conan's rather horrified expression. 'He must have been in contact with them. And it wasn't pleasant.'

The window was shadowed, but Orion could sense that something bad was about to take place.

Then and there.

"It's him alright."

"And our survivor is there, too. How convenient."

"Execute Operation: Black Beast," texted Gin.

The sound of a motorcycle engine rang throughout the parking lot.

"Arcee, keep quiet!" scolded Ratchet.

"But that wasn't me," replied Arcee.

A pause. Ratchet was flabbergasted.

"Then, who is it?"

"Gin, I'm in place."

"Roger that," Gin replied. "Do NOT miss, Vodka. It's a one-shot only. Not like our other missions weren't like that. But this one, is different."

"Roger, Gin."

"Made sure you dropped it. Bull's eye."

Vodka smirked underneath his helmet.

Orion slowly inched closer to Conan and the other original humans. From the corner of his sight, he saw a black motorcycle similar to Arcee's alt form. But his long Cybertronian life, and his civil war experiences had taught him stuff, including that the rider was up to no good.

'I need to get them out of here... I don't want them involved with any people like MECH; they're always up to no good.'

MECH was well known for trying to study and use the Transformers. They evem cooperated with a rogue Decepticon designated Airachnid.

More like, Airachnid got Silas, leader of MECH, and made a deal.

Orion felt something slapped the back of his neck painfully. It was cold and hard.


And then he felt a surge of electricity throughout his holoform. He was dimly aware of Eri's shriek.

"Ungh..." he grunted in pain as the electricity coursed through his holoform body. He felt numb. He tried deactivating his holoform instinctively, but found he couldn't.

'What's going on? Something's must be wrong; we can deactivate our holoforms as we wanted.'

That was the last thought he had in his holoform brain before blacking out.

"Aniki, I succeeded. Apparently, the device worked. And the message capsule remained intact. They'll find it."

"Good. Don't be so sure, Vodka. It's possible he blacked out sooner before he was able to. Meet me at rendezvous point Zeta."

"Roger, Aniki."

And Vodka drove off, with Gin trailling behind some time later.

"Hey, guys," piped Miko. Everyone looked at her. "Do you hear that?"

Everyone strained their ears or audio receptors to hear what she meant.

Arcee was the first.

"That's a sound of electricity," said Arcee.

"Kinda sounding like an energon prod," said Bulkhead. Energon prod was a staff with...something on its tip to prod a Transformer with an electricity current. Prime was a victim to one, courtesy of Knock Out, the Decepticon's 'Ratchet', aka CMO. (see: Transformers: Prime, Deus ex Machina, production code 110)

Ratchet's holoform, Even Glacias Discipulus, materialized. His green eyes looked dead serious without being covered by Organization XIII coat hood. Without saying a single word, he ran.

"Hey!" called the others, trying to stop him. With little success; he ignored them. Soon, he was out of their sight

3 agonizingly silent seconds later...

"BY THE ALLSPARK!" cried out Even (aka Ratchet in holoform mode).

The classical curse of Ratchet's echoed throughout the parking lot. Adults covered their children's ears. Jack's by June. Miko's by Raf's and vice versa.

Alarmed, Arcee's, Bulkhead's, and Bumblebee's holoforms materialized.

Arcee's was a lady with 2 antenas-like tufts of hair. Her hair was blonde. Her blue greenish eyes looked around sharply.

Bulkhead's was a man. A powerfully built one. His hair was...light chocolate brown. His face was rather square.

Bumblebee's was more of a teenage boy. His blonde hair looked like it was blown. His sky blue eyes looked worried.

"Stay here," ordered Arcee to the actually-humans before they bolted to Even's direction.

Soon, they saw Even (Ratchet's holoform) was checking on Orion (Optimus').

"What happened?" asked Arcee's.

"Who are you people?" demanded Eri, ignoring her question.

"Aros Eventus Effero," said Bumblebee's.

"Aeleus Taceo Vir," said Bulkhead's.

"Leanre Ferus Femina," said Arcee's. "We're good friends of..." She glanced to Even. He kept mouthing, amazingly without anyone noticing. "...Orion," she repeated. 'Please let Ratchet be right, and let Optimus use that name...'

"Oh," said Eri, shocking (although went unnoticed) the holoforms. "Orion got electrocuted here. I fear that something bad might happen if you don't treat him immediately."

Sora nodded in agreement. "Why don't you treat him?" asked Sora.

"Oh, he won't need that," replied Even oh-so-calmly.

True to his words.

"Ungh..." groaned Orion. He saw Even. He did a quick scan to know it was Ratchet, and his holoform's name. "What are you doing here, Even? Didn't I tell you to stay with the kids?"

Even was taken aback by Orion's knowledge of his name, but he managed to keep it hidden and remembered that Transformers were able to do scanning on things.

"I'm worried about your well-being, Orion," he scolded. "You're too caring to others that you often endangered your own life, Orion!"

But Orion said nothing. He looked down and picked up something and he scanned it thoroughly. He was able to do some x-ray-like scanning. (see: Transformers: Prime, Darkness Rising Part 4 or 5)

Orion wordlessly handed him a paper inside a capsule.

"Read that, Even. I hope it'll answer your question. Your unasked question."

Even snatched it and opened the capsule. He read the contents. His eyes widened as he read it, and he destroyed it with Vexen's ice powers.

"By the Allspark," he growled.

To be continued...

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