The Debt

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Warnings: Adult Content, Angst, Abuse, D/s, Kink, Non-con/Dub-con (potentially rape)


The Debt

Chapter One

If Jim was to be completely honest, he'd admit his ignorance over whatever transpired on behalf of his quick promotion to captain. Whatever was done was done, as far as he was concerned anyway. In truth, Jim knew as much about Starfleet's under-the-table regulations about as well as he knew how to handle a rough situation without resorting to fists. Diplomatic training be damned should he ever find a reason not to, but that was just frustration and pent up bullshit more than any indication of his actual tact with diplomacy. From what he was told, he was actually quite charming and easy to persuade. That was good to hear, he carelessly shrugged, but damn it all to hell if it hadn't been what ignited the catastrophe in the first place.

Oh? You mean you don't know? Of course no one knew. Jim had made sure the seal on that particular piece of career-shattering Watergate was wrapped in titanium and fired out of a canon. Into space, if possible. If his crew knew what he had to do to remain their captain—Jim didn't want to think about that. The fact that stood clear was that despite that Jim knew nothing about how it had happened, he knew who had done it for him. Colour him surprised when he had discovered the culprit from the very source.


Jim remembered it like a bitter taste of betrayal. He was two weeks into his first mission as captain of the Enterprise and Jim was about as happy as a—well, as a guy who had just made captain. Saving Earth hadn't exactly compensated for the fact that he'd lost Vulcan, but nevertheless, eternal gratitude from those who still had family on Earth had earned him the much appreciated respect Jim assumed came standard with captaincy (or would). Had he not been the one deploying the commands, he was sure that they'd be firing spitballs at the back of his head, rolling their eyes, or belaying orders out of spite should he have still (somehow) made captain. It was cocky, but yeah, it felt good to know so many were thankful for his naturally sharp tongue and quick reflexes.

Or at least, the honest ones were thankful.

Now Jim understood that he and Spock had a beef with the other, and that it revolved around his merry-go-round hacking attempt at a test that just begged for Jim to fuck it into submission. He also knew that Spock, as a vulcan, was the type that surrendered to honesty due to its logic. Which was why, when all seemed bleak and like they were going to die in an oxygen-necessary explosion in the vacuum of space, Spock had kneeled to the logic of his trust and command during the Narada Crisis, as they were calling it. Vulcans were logical. They did everything for a logical purpose. And Jim had foolishly thought he was the only exception to the rule.

Jim reflected upon the moment Spock had come aboard his ship, asking permission, and how Jim smiled at that like a school boy getting extra recess time. Hopes heightened by an older vulcan that swore by all that was logical and perfect that he and Spock were best of buddies in everywhere of everything. Hah. He'd actually let his guard down and shit. And it was his charm, patience, and understanding that had made the impossible shake Jim's foundation of a command team.

Two weeks into it and already Jim was discovering for himself just how much the universe hated him. It'd been a relatively calm day transporting goods for vulcan refugees in the nearby sector when Jim received a hail on the bridge.

"Captain," it was Spock's voice, "I request your presence in Conference Room 3." The order left no room for argument which was offensively surprising because the last time he checked, he was the one with the captain's braids. He got requested to areas and he approved those requests. No one told him to go fucking anywhere unless he was incapable of making those choices. Or it was urgent. There had been little time for anything urgent to occur, and as much as Jim wanted to believe Spock was just testing him with his new authority, he decided to disregard the suspicion and assume it was actually urgent.

Both ended up being correct.

Jim turned into Conference Room 3 leisurely. He didn't want it to seem like he'd left the bridge right after receiving the call. The faces of the bridge crew fixed in their own suspicions had been enough of a punch in the dignity. The door parted, he entered, the door shut and locked behind him. The lock hadn't been authorized.

The conference room was small, decorated with only a round table and several chairs surrounding a small holoscreen presented in the middle. Spock had stood the moment he entered. The person on the screen, however, remained seated. It wasn't just because he was partially handicapped either; Jim just wasn't Admiral Pike's superior.

Jim switched glances between the two men. "Is there a problem? You were rather vague, Mr. Spock."

Spock didn't flinch. He stood like a statue next to Pike's pixel form completely undeterred by his captain's scrutiny. If that wasn't insolence, Jim wasn't sure what was.

"I requested you, captain, by the request of the admiral."

He turned to Pike. "Why didn't you hail me personally? In my quarters?" Jim asked Pike, then added a small 'sir' on the end for good measure. Pike stared at him in a way that he'd never seen before. Even through the subspace of hailing frequencies, Jim could tell his pupils were dilated and his breathing a little heavy.

"The admiral will not be speaking." Spock answered for Pike, and the admiral gave a nod in agreement. "It is a rule, I am afraid, of the debt code." Jim stared at him with question. Spock continued. "I would list the code for you, but that would be uneasy since these codes are unwritten and only passed discreetly between those persons involved."

Jim felt his palms begin to sweat. He clenched them subconsciously. "What's going on?" He demanded.

Spock raised a single brow, as though everything was quite clear. It wasn't and it was pissing Jim off. "Tell me, captain, did you ever ask Admiral Nogura why he approved your promotion?"

If hearts could sink, Jim's was definitely falling into his stomach right now. "No."

Spock nodded tersely. "Of course not. You see, your promotion was not just an act of desperation on failed recruitment quota, nor was it for your act of bravery or servitude to Starfleet." He paused, looking Jim straight in the eyes as he said, "You became captain because I personally requested it from the admiral. And he does not give without his price."

"Ex-excuse me?" Jim's knees felt suddenly very weak.

"You heard me correctly." Spock told him highly. "I wanted you to become captain and I knew that it would not be given to you without certain… debts." The vulcan stepped in front of the holocom and lifted up the hem of his science blue uniform, exposing the belt on his black slacks. He reached for the buckle and undid the strap. Jim, surprised and confused, moved back until he struck the locked door. What the hell…?

Spock's eyes narrowed with his brows. "Your reaction is expected. Nevertheless, captain, you have no choice on this matter."

"No choice?" Jim got out.

Spock nodded. "In order for you to remain captain, I must repay my debt to the admiral. He has stated his preferred payment. In addition, by the same codes, you are now indebted to me and I agree to this payment for it also appeals to my own preference."

Jim groped the door, feeling his stomach turn as his mind began to fit the pieces together. "I'm not following." He lied. That made Pike smile on the screen and Spock removed his belt with one pull and tossed it on the table.

"Perhaps, this will explain in a manner you are more familiar." His fingers removed the clasp of his pants and dropped the zipper. Jim gulped. His throat tightened considerably. There was no way this was happening. Jim watched in awe when his fears were met. Spock didn't stop until he gently removed a green organ from the opening. Jim gasped and violently turned away, focusing instead on the door. His face burned and his back felt hot with eyes boring holes into him.

"Mr. Spock, I'll remind you that sexual harassment is worthy of discharge on my ship." Jim grunted, feeling his jaw harden and his legs lock up. "I'll only give you one warning. But, if you put that away, I'll turn a cheek to this and you may return to your duties on the grounds that it will not happen again."

"I do not think you understand what I meant when I said that you have no choice, captain." Spock said behind him in a voice that made his skin chill. "By the debt code—"

"I've never heard of your fucking debt code!" Jim shouted at the door. The room went eerily silent after that. It took him a few moments to regain his composure and understand all that was happening.

"Do you want to remain captain of the Enterprise?" Spock asked in a calm, gentle tone. Not at all like a guy standing behind his superior with his intimacy exposed.

Jim snorted.

"Yes, of course you do." Spock answered for him. "Then you will turn around and perform the task. Because if you do not, the admiral will give his word to Admiral Nogura and your promotion will be as it should have been the day you stowed-away on this ship—null. Discharged. Fully."

His throat drew in air on dry channels. His tongue could do little except lick his lips and remind himself that he wasn't suffocating. Plastered against the door, his hands trembled and his spine twitched. This wasn't what it looked like. This wasn't what it sounded like. This had to be a horrible dream! He was going to wake up any second now and have a good laugh before diving head first into sickbay and ordering Bones to give him a full psyche scan. There was just no—

It took more force than it should have given that Jim considered himself a remotely strong man, but finally, he glanced over his shoulder and saw that Spock was still standing there, holding himself in full in front of an admiral that was beginning to faintly brighten on his cheeks. Both looked impatient. Jim cringed.

It was real.

Sluggishly, his hand went to his mouth. He didn't know if it was to keep him from being sick or to stop him from cursing out loud. Or maybe it was for neither. He had so many questions and very few answers. Inside, Jim'd always assumed that something had been passed under the table at Starfleet to secure his irrational promotion. Saving the Earth didn't mean he was ready for the responsibility of command. He knew that. But never in his life did he dream that the phrase 'who's dick did you suck' would actually apply in a setting he thought stood for justice and peace. Was no organization free from the filthy hand of bribery?

He straightened himself up, pulling down his gold uniform and rolling his shoulders to mask his growing discomfort. He turned. Before he did (or didn't do) anything, he was going to get some answers. First being, what the hell was the debt code?

Spock began to calmly explain. He must have been the only guy in the universe who could have a causal conversation about dirty tactics while holding on to his dick with little deflation. "The debt code was established by Admiral Nogura's predecessor in favour for giving brash, demeaning debt to those who wanted to skip over the queue for proper endorsement. If one wished to be above all others, his or her dignity must be sacrificed to compensate. Crude, but surprisingly effective to keep hot-headed officers in line. It also reduced bribery and favouritism, though one would assume it would have done otherwise."

Did he have to stroke himself while saying that? Jim's face felt increasingly hot. Determinedly, he kept his eyes at bay, completely focusing on this surprising exposure of words instead of body.

"So, what are the rules, then?" His voice barely squeaked.

"Simple. Whoever grants you what you desire most, you are indebted to them and must repay that debt until the initial party is satisfied. It should come as no surprise that most of these debts stem into sexual requests. Humans are fond of forbidden taboo."

Yeah, that made sense. Most of Starfleet officers were human males. "And if the debt is refused?"

"Should the person in debt refuse, what was given or was supposed to be given, will simply be taken away. There are no other consequences. It is more of a matter of how much you desire the proposition."

That brought Jim's stomach back. He could just refuse and this would be gone. "Alright. So let me see if I understand this correctly. From what I've gathered, you asked him," Jim pointed at Pike, "to make me captain of the Enterprise."


"He accepted on the grounds of—this." His arms waved to the embarrassing scene.


"And what is this exactly?"

Spock stared at him mutely, his mouth forming a soft line as though he wanted to smile. Eyes flashed hot into Jim's range and bore deeply into his windows of shame. "The requested payment is that the admiral wishes to observe punishment. He feels that you have been given too many slaps on the wrists for your actions and that your ego is much too inflated for an admirable Starfleet captain. In order to make you a better commanding officer, he has asked that I 'wash your mouth out'. With force, of course." Jim felt himself stiffen.

"You're going to mouth-fuck me, you mean."

Spock nodded. "That is essentially the idea. Yes."

"And if I refuse, I'll lose my command?"


"Wow," Jim nervously laughed, bringing a sliver of confusion into Spock and Pike, "I don't know whether to be disgusted or flattered."

"Both are acceptable reactions."

Jim shot him a nasty glare. "Yeah. You must have some logical reason for all this bullshit, though. I mean, you don't exactly scream sexual deviant there, Spock. You want me to be captain for some other reason, don't you? You're repaying this debt to" he almost said Pike, but choked over it, "him because it's a worthy price to pay for something bigger." Spock kept watching him darkly. "I'm right, aren't I?"

"My reasons stand apart from this debt."

"That's a yes then."

"Need I remind you that your command is depending on whether or not you drop to your knees, captain?"

Jim laughed, no longer feeling shameful about seeing a vulcan dick waiting for him. "And you're both riding on the idea that being captain means more to me than my pride!" He all but shouted through a chuckle. "For all you know, I'm going to decline and take my petty demotion than suck your dick for a pervert's pleasure!" A shadow suddenly cast over him and a long, slender hand pinned itself to Jim's neck. It wasn't harsh, nor angry. It was gentle, telling, and powerful all at once.

"What are you going to do, Spock?" Jim gasped at him, looking up from the mild hold, "Face-rape me?"

"That will not be necessary." Spock responded. "You are going to take me willingly."

His voice was laced with defiance. "What makes you so sure?"

Spock's grip tightened. "Because I know that finally standing apart from your father, instead of lurking in his shadow, means more to you than any dignity." Blue eyes went wide. Deep ones crinkled in the corners, knowing that they'd hit their target. "If you lose your command, you will go back to what you were before. The son of a hero that crumbled under the pressure of his heritage. Your name forgotten. Your deeds out-weighed by those that take your place.

"What will they think when the great James Kirk is demoted from captain so soon after his bravery? What will your mother think of you? The scandal. And if your father were still alive, he would be asham—"

"Stop." Neither Jim nor Spock had spoken it. From the holoscreen was Pike's pixel features tangled in grim lines. Spock looked at him pointedly.

"Admiral… your voice can not be heard for this debt."

"I know the debt rules, Mr. Spock. I don't need a reminder." The vulcan went silent. "I asked you to rape his mouth, not his mind. Let the boy decide for himself if his pride is worth this price. The contenders must be free to accept or decline the terms without persuasion. My voice may go on record, but I highly doubt Nogura will hold it against me. You, however, Mr. Spock, he may not be so kind to. Release Kirk and let him make the decision."

The vulcan dropped his grip and promptly Jim slid down the wall and fell on to his knees. Spock was right, after all. No matter if it was against some unspoken rule or not, Spock was right. The vulcan called his bluff and won. The intimidation was only for self purpose satisfactory. Spock had known the moment he called him that he wasn't going to decline. It was just a sad realization that Jim hadn't known his answer until that moment.

Do I go back to being the shadow of a dead man? Is it worth it by comparison? Lose everything… just because I won't—

Aliens, ghosts, or even some unknown cosmic deity must have possessed his hands, because the next thing Jim was aware of was that he had inched forward on his knees and had wrapped his hands around the steely green organ.

"I'd lose everything." He whispered to the foreign phallus. "It would all be meaningless."

A cool hand touched his chin and brought his eyes up. "Is it worth it?" Spock asked him in a tone unlike what he'd used earlier.

"I don't know what the hell you have planned," Jim grumbled, starting to stroke the organ awkwardly into a stiff state, "and frankly, I'm offended that you thought I couldn't get it on my own and took it upon yourself to intervene." He looked back at the phallus in his grip and gritted his teeth to keep himself from vomiting at the sight of the head pearling fluid at the tip. "Even so, I've got what I want more than anything right now. And if sucking you balls-deep assures I keep it, then dignity be damned." He opened his mouth and hesitantly breathed on him, "I just hope you're proud of yourself, commander. Now, you tell me if it's worth it."

Whatever response Spock might have given was drowned out by the hissing of Jim's heart in his ears. Immediately, he pulled the erection into his mouth and timidly closed his lips around it. Spock gave an inaudible groan.

For a moment, Jim thought he was just going to bob his head back and forth for a while. Nope, that would have made this all too easy. After a few sucks, long fingers gripped his head, pulled his hair, and then the vulcan cock was slammed into his mouth, touching the back of his throat and making him choke. The captain tried to pull away. Vulcan strength kept him in place.

It was the longest moment of his life.

It ended when Jim's jaw was sore, his lips plushly bruised and vulcan semen was splattered on to his face cruelly. Spock released his head casually and Jim dropped to the floor with a thud. He managed to catch himself on his hands, but even they felt used and abused. He nearly collapsed, gasping, coughing, covered in sticky white.

"Your debt has been repaid in full. You are released from our terms, Mr. Spock." The holoscreen clicked off in a hurry. Jim stared at the sparkling clean floor, noting how many drops of thick cum were falling from him to dirty it. He didn't look up. A pair of slicked, glossy boots approached him and stopped before him.

"And now that I am no longer obligated, captain, it is time that I set my terms for your debt." Jim didn't speak. He spat a thick load of spit and semen at Spock's polished boots. "Yes. I imagine that this will be most entertaining."

Jim was never told the underlying reason why Spock wanted to make him captain. What was worse, Jim couldn't demote the fucker considering his debt and the power Spock held over his position of power. In a sense, it became quite clear that Spock was the real captain of the Enterprise, despite that Jim was the face. Fortunately, after the terms were set, Spock became more reliant as an officer, he listened well and didn't actually disregard orders or try to undermine him in anyway. Still, the fact that he could on the grounds of discharge was pretty fucking petty. Not to mention, it was only a matter of time before Spock used that card on him. If it didn't happen today, it'd happen tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.

Was it odd that that worried him more than the actual terms of their agreement? Possibly. Then again, prior to his agreement, he had been mouth-fucked in front of Admiral Pike like a road side whore. That may have hindered his judgment on the matter, or maybe he just naturally didn't give a fuck anymore. Regardless, Jim was a stubborn man. No matter what he had to give up, he was the captain and he planned to stay that way in the face of danger—or in this case—Spock's sexual needs.

"The terms are as follows: 1) You are bound to your debt until I release you from it. You can dismiss the debt at any time for closure. 2) If you dismiss the debt, I will have your captaincy revoked. You will have twenty-four hours to change your mind prior to my call. 3) You will meet me in any area I specify for sexual congress of my choosing until I am satisfied. If no location is disclosed, then you are to assume the standard meeting area of my quarters. 4) Any unwarranted harm brought to me during our payment will also revoke your captaincy without delay. 5) You will tell no one of your debt to me unless it is vital information for them to be aware. Do you understand?"

Jim crawled backwards and fell against the back wall, lazily lolling himself into a comfortable position. His head felt heavy, his limbs shaken. "Personal fuck toy, gotcha." He grumbled out, not making eye contact.

"Do you accept the terms of the debt code?"

In that moment it was like everything was perfectly clear. "Yeah." He whispered through his clenched teeth, "I accept."

Never in his life would Jim ever have thought Spock was capable of merciless fucking. The fact that Spock and Uhura were still dating was unknown except to maybe him and Mr. Scott. Did she know about her boyfriend's payment preference? Or was she just not putting out enough for him and Spock needed both sexes to be completely satisfied? The reasons were blurred between lines of duty, vulcanism, and sexual desires. Shit, Jim wished he knew why this was happening. Was it revenge for losing Vulcan? Was it for shit-talking his mother? For hitting on his girlfriend? Maybe for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru? Fuck it, he didn't know. And Spock, in true vulcan fashion, kept it from him. Like the evil, sadistic bastard he was.

Sometimes, he wondered if there was a reason at all…

The Enterprise had just finished making a delivery to a nearby refugee camp. It was a two day trip back to Earth for more supplies which left little free time for the crew.

"We are most thankful for your speed and resources, Captain Kirk." Dr. Selunok said over the viewscreen. Jim nodded from his command chair, a grin tugging on him smoothly. Genuine sincerity always warmed his heart.

"It's no problem. We'll be back in five days time with the second load."

"Thank you." The screen cut out. A small, cool hand placed itself on Jim's shoulder. He stiffened under its touch instinctively as the fingers dug into his soft skin. Spock wanted his attention.

"Something you need, Mr. Spock?" Jim asked as casually as he could. No one besides himself and Spock knew about the terms of his debt. Spock didn't give a reply. He raised his brow expectedly and returned to his post. That was Spockese for 'get to my quarters as soon as possible'. With a light gulp, Jim turned to his helmsmen and smiled.

"Mr. Sulu, you have the conn."

"Yes, sir."

He often thought these tiny little signals and frequent disappearances from both him and Spock were noticeable or at least used as rumours around the ship by now. It was surprising that no one ever commented on the matter. But that could have just been because he was the captain and how often did you hear about captain's getting raped by their subordinates? Was he intentionally looking for someone to call out to help him? Someone to notice and make it go away? He wasn't sure. Perhaps Jim was just paranoid.

Quickly, he finished last second tasks and entered the turbolift. In a few minutes, Spock would join him and they would have their usual pre-lunch romp. It was amazing that they had managed all their duties while finding time for sex. What really set the bar for the amazement was that Spock was both the Chief of Science and the First Officer on the ship. That was two jobs normally handled by two people and Spock was doing them both effortlessly with time to sleep, eat, and fuck.

Some time ago, a part of him was hoping that the combined duties would wear the vulcan down to the point that the seemingly endless string of booty calls would drip into a trickle. He later stopped that ridiculous hoping when he was reminded over and over again by that hard, aching vulcan cock shoved up his ass that vulcans, unlike humans, have a god mode. True or not, it seemed like a life-hack anyway.

Jim approached his quarters and entered as he usually did. This was out of habit by now, because when they first began their payment installations, he had decided to go straight to Spock's quarters through the guy's front door. Once Spock realized he was directly entering the firepit of hell by its front door, he was quick to point out how illogical it was and stupid. How it left the passersby room to wander and start unwanted rumours. Jim didn't take it nearly as seriously as Spock wanted him, and that got him more than just a hard fucking. It came clear that evening that Spock's sexual tastes weren't just limited to sex alone—oh, no—Jim learned that night the guy really was sadistic.

Jim shuddered at the reminder. Needless to say, he took orders seriously about how they did their payments after that. That had been months ago, and still his body burned from where he remembered the deep red wax had touched his flesh while Spock pounded his ass with more intensity than usual.

Doing exactly as told, Jim sonic showered quickly in preparation and entered Spock's cabin through their shared bathroom. Convenient, that was.

He sat on the vulcan's bed, removed his towel-robe and got the lubricant from the bedside table. Habit drew his preparation time in half and before Spock arrived, he was completely ready for another debt-fuck. Really, he didn't much need the lubricant anymore besides to smooth the first entry. At this point, his body had been so well screwed that he was practically numb to it as well as pliant. Heh. Jim couldn't remember his last erection, let alone the last time he could masturbate.

He lied down and opened his legs, poking at his soft human penis and trying to will it to life. Another failure.

"Yeah, I know, little buddy." Jim told his cock, giving it a gentle stroke to no avail, "I wanna go limp and flop around too. For once, without Spock's help thank you."

A door opened loudly, startling Jim up from his position on the bed. The low lighting from the room cast a mesh shadow over Jim's body from the bed alcove. The dark figure entered without hesitation and made idle work of his uniform. Within seconds, a hungry, hard vulcan was crawling on to the bed like a lithe cat bent on killing its prey.

Jim swallowed whatever was in his throat. This was, undoubtedly, going to be just like all the other times. Cruel, hard, fast, and embarrassing. The little pride he had left was to blame for that last one. It was like, no matter how many times they bedded, he still managed to feel deeply embarrassed about something. The most notable being that Spock never liked the idea of Jim's flaccid response and would, ninety-percent of the time, point it out.

Spock mounted him like a lion, entered smoothly and pounded him into the bed. Jim held himself up on all fours, taking the blunt force into his spine. The bed rocked and the wall behind the headboard was beginning to dip in the place where the headboard kept smacking it. A true testament to how much action the bed saw regularly.

Pressure formed on his thighs as the vulcan got a better grip. He leaned over Jim's back and let his hands roam the front of his fuck toy. Soon, a hand brushed his unmanly disposition.

The thumping stopped.

"Problem?" Jim got out in a breath.

"You are not aroused." Spock told him blankly. Jim dropped his head and looked down at his penis like he was in legitimate shock.

"Oh my god, Spock! Would you look at that! It must be the result of how many fucks I give, which, from the looks of it, appears to be about zero." He thrust backwards and shoved Spock slightly towards the end of the bed, making him take Jim's hips to keep himself steady. "Now, finish fucking me so I can go eat and pretend I live a normal life!"

Spock ignored his demand. "Why are you not aroused?"

This was stupid! Jim sighed and sagged on to his front, keeping his bottom tilted in the air since the vulcan was still deep inside him. His face buried in the sheets, what he said came out in a mumble.

"Pardon?" Spock asked.

Jim forced his head to the side and grunted. "I said, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, this doesn't get me off!"

"I see."

Jim rolled his eyes. "You see!" He mocked. "No, you don't see, because if you did, you'd quit asking why I'm floppy as a bunny every time you fuck me stupid!" Spock was silent behind him. Apparently he had gone into thought. Jim sighed heavily.

"You got fifteen minutes to finish," Jim bit off, "that is, if you feel like letting me eat today." A shift was felt on the bed. Spock had come out of his thought and resumed his position. Fingers gripped him tightly to the point of bruising. Oh great, he'd done pissed him off.

"I do not approve of your tone." Spock reprimanded. "I must admit that I have been slack lately with your punishments. You are talking far too much and not begging quite like how I want." Jim frowned at that. "No, James Kirk, you will not be eating lunch today. Instead, you will practice your begging while I tend to matters elsewhere." The vulcan cock slid out of him with a long suctioned pop. Jim sat upright and watched as Spock removed himself from the bed. He was gone for only a few moments when he returned fully clothed and with a large, nude phallic sex toy and his personal laptop computer. He dropped the toy less than ceremoniously on the bed and turned on the computer.

"While I am away, I will watch your efforts from the private camera. You will not know when I am watching, so please, do your best at all times. It will be most unfortunate if I have to return earlier than I would like just to punish you." Jim took up the toy in his hand and had already begun to lick it and prepare it for his ass with about as much enthusiasm as he typically reserved for Spock's sick camera games.

Spock stood and placed the laptop on his desk, turning it towards the bed's direction. When fully satisfied with its location, he turned to his victim. "You are to practice your manners. Pretend the toy is myself and beg me to let you cum." He started for the door, certain that Jim understood what he expected. He stopped just short of the motion sensor. "Oh, and, one more requirement."

"I'm listening," Jim said around a mouthful of wet plastic.

Spock looked back only once, "You are no longer to refer to me by name while we exchange your payment. From now on you will refer to me… as your master." Jim choked on the toy and pulled it out quickly. His cheeks brightening.

"Are you shitting me!" Jim coughed. "Aren't you debasing me enough?" A small twinkle shined behind those dark eyes—a vulcan's version of a smile, Jim had come to understand.

"'Aren't you debasing me enough', Master." Spock replied in a voice that meant Jim better adhere to the new rules. Jim forced the toy back into his mouth to keep himself from shouting as many vulgarities as he knew. And some he wanted to invent in that precise moment. "Practice it, captain. I will be watching." And with that, he left. The door shut snuggly against its frame. Jim removed the toy and slammed face first into the warm pillows, kicking and screaming like a little kid during a tantrum.

"You mother-fuckin', cock sucking, cunt licking, ass munching, cold, vulcan son of a BITCH!" He fisted the sheets and only then realized that he had been caught on the camera. Defiantly, he turned his head towards the running computer and sneered. "—Master." He added with spite. Then without further he could do until his lunch break was over, Jim settled himself up on his knees and aligned the toy with himself.

"Oh, please Master, let me cum!" He gritted with hardly any real feel to it and more dramatic bullshit. "Fuck, I hate you," he added under his breath, staring daggers into the camera, hoping the live feed was being watched at that very moment, "Hate you so much."