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"Yautja Language. Please note that when using this, I will not be using Yautja words for things, that will only happen when one of the characters who speaks it uses another language."


N'Pa beamed with pride as his son spared with the daughter of his good friend Hak'Tui. The two Unblooded were already highly skilled, not to mention that any fool could see the feelings the two had for each other, except them of course. He looked over at Hak'Tui, as his friend also watched the sparring match and asked, "How long after they are blooded do you expect them to go on a mating hunt?"

Hak'Tui chuckled. "That depends on how long it takes your son to find a worthy trophy to present me." He looked over at N'Pa. "How many did you present to Gaij's father before he allowed you to present one to her?"

"Five," N'Pa admitted. "The first four were simple beast, and although dangerous, they were neither impressive in size, nor from any intelligent creature. It wasn't until I brought him a human skull that he agreed me worthy to have his daughter."

Hak'Tui grinned, or at least it was a grin to fellow yautja, any other species would just see the fearsome warriors mandibles move. "Perhaps I should then wait for your son to bring me five human skulls. Make him sweat it out."

"I fear your own daughter would turn you into a trophy for such an act," N'Pa said smiling. The two Elite's looked back towards their children.

The two Unblooded hadn't always been yautja. In fact, both had been human once, and could change back into human's at will. N'Pa and Hak'Tui had been hunting on the human's planet. It had been a hot summer, and they had decided to hunt in a region of the planet that, to there knowledge at least, no one had hunted before. Of course they went to different areas, simply to avoid encroaching on the others hunt.

It was in these area's that the two yautja discovered their adopted children.

N'Pa had found his son in an alley, being beaten by a grown human male, much larger than himself, or at least it started out that way. In the blink of an eye, N'Pa had watched as the man had been flung through the air and up against a wall. The impact shattered the man's skull, killing him. And though the boy was bloodied and bruised, he was alive. N'Pa had scanned the boy, confirming that he was indeed a human child, not yet grown and thus not worthy prey. Impressed at the child's abilities, he had intended to make note of the child, believing him to grow into truly worthy prey one day. But then he felt something, to this day he still didn't know what, and he watched as the boy collapsed on the ground, his body spasming as he screamed in pain. And withing minutes, N'Pa was no longer looking at a young human child, but a yautja.

N'Pa had seen no other choice but to take the boy in.

Hak'Tui had encountered a similar situation with the girl, only she was being restrained as some type of human ritual was taking place. Disgusted that anyone would sink so low as to restrain an obviously frightened child, he had killed the three humans restraining her and freed her. Almost as soon as she was free, she too spasmed and became a yautja. Like N'Pa, Hak'Tui had seen no other choice but to take her in.

Neither male had regretted their decisions.

Hak'Tui was unmated yet, and thus had had no children, despite his age. He hunted too much to seek a mate, although he had truly desired one, along with children. Through his daughter, he had gained that wish.

N'Pa was a different story. His mate, Gaij, had been wounded while hunting, preventing her from ever bearing children. Both of them had been disappointed when this was discovered, but they moved on. They had been considering adoption anyway, and so their son had become a blessing.

Gaij had also taken on the duties of mother to Hak'Tui's daughter, not only because she was one of the only females aboard their ship, but because Hak'Tui was not only her husband's friend, but her's as well.

The fight between the two Unblooded ended with N'pa's son bringing his combi-stick up to up to Hak'Tui's daughter's throat.

"Enough," Hak'Tui instructed. He and N'Pa approached the two. "You have both fought well." He looked at his daughter. "The whip takes more patience and time to learn than the combi-stick." He smiled and placed his hand upon his daughter's shoulder.

"I assure you that you are very good for your age," N'Pa said. He then turned to his son. "You fought well, but do not grow arrogant. Hermione is still new to the whip, once she has mastered it, it will be a weapon she can use that you cannot. Am I understood Harry?"

"Yes Father," Harry said, inclining his head in respect.

"Run along then, your training with us is done for the day," Hak'Tui said. "Just try and stay out of trouble."

The two Unblooded looked at each other and smirked. "Why would we cause any trouble?" Harry asked.

"I thought we were perfect angels," Hermione added before the two took off.

N'Pa sighed. "Those two will be the death of us yet."

Hak'Tui snorted. "Come on. We have a ship to run and it's been far too long since our men have had a hunt."

"You mean it's been too long since you've had a hunt," N'Pa said with a smirk.

Hak'Tui didn't reply.


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