Chapter 5

"I wondered when I would be seeing you Mr. Potter," an old man with white hair asked as the group entered the shop. His gaze then fell on Hermione, "And it is always a pleasure to see a muggle-born join the wizard world." He looked up at the three yautja. "I have never before encountered your race, but my father once told me stories of your kind." He touched his cheek and said, "He bore your mark with pride."

The yautja were stunned, as was Flitwick, at this information, though the half-goblin didn't understand the significance beyond the fact that Olivander's father, the man he had purchased his wand from, had met yautja.

Turning from the group to go through the shelves of wands in his shop, he explained, "No two Olivander wands are alike, just as no two creatures are alike. I use three different cores in my wands, phoenix feather, unicorn hair, and dragon heartstring. Normally, I use wood to make the wand itself, but every now and then...aha." He grabbed two boxes and carried them out to the group.

"If what my father said of your race is true, I believe that these two wands should do," he said. Taking the first out, he handed it to Hermione.

Almost immediately, the young girl felt a warmth flow through her.

"I thought so," Olivander said. "Dragon heartstring, ten and three-quarter inches, made from the antler of a ceryneian hind." He handed the other wand to Harry, though he frowned and after a moment snatched back from Harry. Going back into the shelves, he grabbed a couple more boxes, and brought the wands out for Harry to try.

This went on for twenty minutes.

After the last wand, holly and phoenix feather, was snatched from his hand, Olivander gave a look to Hermione and mumbled, "I wonder…" before retreating back amongst the shelves. The wand he handed Harry when he returned, gave Harry the same feeling Hermione's before him had.

"Curious," Olivander muttered. "Mr. Potter, when my father encountered your father's people, he returned with the entire body of what you call kiande amedha. When he died, the body passed into my possession. Your wand was made from the arm bone of it, with a core of dragon heartstring from the same dragon as Ms. Granger's wand." He looked at both children. "Your two wands are sister wands, their cores were taken from a particularly vicious Hungarian horntail. They are the wands of hunters, I am sure they will serve you well."

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Flitwick apparated the group back to their transport, after showing them where and how to get on platform 9 ¾. He then told the two students that he hoped to see them in Ravenclaw, before departing.

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Back on the main ship, the two unblooded eagerly began to read their books, which due to the enchantment on them were translated to their native yautja.

Hak'Tui, N'Pa, and Gaij encouraged both of them to learn as much as they could before leaving for the human school, though they forbid them from actually using magic until they had been trained. They realized that the wand was a weapon, and weapons were to be treated with respect.

So for the next few weeks, the duo trained in their usual way, and read their books. But eventually the day came for them to leave.

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Harry and Hermione were alone as they entered Kings Cross station. The station was too crowded for their parents to remain un-noticed, even with their camouflage.

They'd said their good-byes on the roof, the adults ensuring that their children had, not only their school supplies, but their equipment.

All three had made it clear that they expected Harry and Hermione to continue their training in combat and hunt skills.

The two didn't stick out, as they'd, reluctantly, put on human clothes instead of their standard attire, purely so that they wouldn't attract the non-magical human's attention.

Both planned on changing back into their regular outfits on the train.

Since they didn't stick out, the two had no trouble getting onto the platform, or even the train.

Finding an empty compartment however, was another matter, though they eventually found one, near the back of the train. Almost immediately after closing the door, the two began to remove their clothing.

Neither one concerned themselves with the others nudity. Communal baths were common among their people, and men and women would often bath together. It was rude to stare, and improper to remain naked outside of the baths longer than it took to attire oneself, but nudity was no issue. And since they were changing back into their proper attire, the two unblooded children didn't see a problem either, especially as the glass of the compartment door was opaque and they were on the side of the train opposite the platform.

After dressing, they armed themselves.

Harry carried his combi-stick, along with a couple shuriken and four knives (two combat knives, a hunting knife, and his sacred knife).

Hermione armed herself with her whip and combi-stick. Like Harry, she carried four knives, of the same design.

The two also carried a med-kit and trophy kit. They also, of course, carried their new wands.

Once satisfied that they were properly equipped, the two pulled out their robes, so they could put them on overtop later. Then they put their trunks up in the carrier, just as the train began to move.

The ride was relatively peaceful. Aside from three visitors, no one bothered them.

The first visitor had been a red-haired boy, who had opened the door as they were cleaning and sharpening their weapons. He'd taken one look at the wicked knife in Hermione's hand and the shuriken in Harry's, and quickly closed the door.

The second visitor had been a brown haired boy, asking if they'd seen a toad. They'd been kind and agreed to help him search, if for no other reason than to practice their tracking skills.

Hermione found the toad ten minutes later in the girl's lavatory.

The boy, who had introduced himself as Neville, thanked them and left to return his toad to its carrier.

The third visitor had been the food trolley, and the woman pushing it. Curious about the strange foods, they'd bought a little of everything to try.

Sadly, being raised primarily on meat, they didn't enjoy the majority of the sweet foods, though they found the every-flavor beans amusing. Most of the food was just too sweet for the two, who enjoyed the spicier food of their people.

Soon the train began to slow, and the two unblooded pulled on their robes, effectively covering their weapons.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000

Harry and Hermione ended up sharing a boat with Neville and the redhead that had stopped by their compartment earlier.

The two had to admit, seeing Hogwarts the first time was impressive, but soon Hagrid, who had led all the first years to the boats, had led them to the entryway, where a stern looking woman (she had nothing on Gaij, especially when Gaij had discovered that Hak'Tui and N'Pa drinking and swapping hunt stories when they were supposed to be watching Harry and Hermione. The elder female had just about taken their heads off. She probably would have succeed too, if the two males had moved any slower to dodge her wrist-blades.) was waiting.

She introduced herself as headmistress McGonagall, and gave a speech about the four houses. But it was when she left, telling them to wait a moment, the excitement began.

"Is it true," a blonde boy said, approaching the two, "what they're saying on the train? That Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts?" He obviously was asking a rhetorical question, as he stuck out his hand. "I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," he introduced himself. "You'll soon find that some wizard families are better than others, I can help you there."

Harry looked down at Draco's feet, scanning up to the top of his head.

He was unimpressed. Draco had little muscle, even with the robes on Harry could see that. His hands looked like they'd never done a day of work in his life.

"I can tell the wrong sort for myself," he answered.

Hermione chuckled in amusement, drawing the boy's attention to her. "And who are you?" he demanded.

Grinning, the witch answered, "Hermione Granger."

"Nothing but a filthy little mudblood," the blonde sneered.

What happened next was so fast, the other first years couldn't say exactly how it happened. But Malfoy ended up pinned to the wall by his throat. The previously amused and smiling Hermione snarling and glaring at him, and Harry watching with the same reaction on his face.

"What did you call me, soft meat?" she demanded.

Two large boys attempted to step forward to help Draco, but Harry had grabbed one by the arm, twisted it behind his back, and shoved him into his fellow, sending both to the ground. He glared down at them, but didn't say a word, instead turning his head to hear Draco's response.

"When…my father…hears…" Draco wheezed, being cut off as Hermione lifted him up off the ground.

"What makes you think he'll hear anything?" Hermione snarled.

"What is going on?!" McGonagall demanded angrily as she returned, to see two students on the ground and a third pinned to the wall.

"Malfoy there was just going to explain what he called Hermione," Harry explained, calm but the anger in his voice clear.

Before McGonagall could demand anymore, Neville spoke up. "He called her a mudblood ma'am," he explained.

The teacher's lips thinned. "Put him down Ms. Granger," she ordered. When the student reluctantly did so, she eyed all three students. "We must now go into the Great Hall, but don't let think that you three are off the hook," she told them. "I will see all three of you in my office immediately after the feast. When the others stand to go to their dormitories, you three will remain seated. Am I clear?" she instructed.

Harry and Hermione both replied, "Yes ma'am."

Draco nodded, and McGonagall glared at him, until he said, "Yes."

"Very well," she replied stiffly. Turning to the rest of the group, she said, "Follow me."

The deputy headmistress then led them into the great hall.

Four long tables dominated the room. Above each of them flew a banner representing one of the four Hogwarts houses. A fifth table ran the width of the hall at the other end, where teachers and staff were sitting. Beside that table were four large hourglasses, filled with colored jewels.

In front of the staff table, sitting a small stool, was a ratty, patched, pointed hat.

After McGonagall led the first years to stand in front of it, and the hat sang (If you want to read the song, go open the book), McGonagall pulled out a roll of parchment and began calling off names.

One by one, the first years were sorted into houses, their robes gaining a badge identifying their house. Eventually McGonagall got to Granger, Hermione.

The young witch walked up and the hat was placed on her head, almost immediately.

'Ah,' the hat said in Hermione's head, surprisingly in her native language. 'I can't say I have ever sorted one of your culture before. It's plainly clear where to place you, with your values, no other house will do best be…Gryffindor!" he shouted the last word to the Great Hall.

Smiling, Hermione walked to the table of red and gold.

Soon, it was Neville's turn, like Hermione, he was sorted into Gryffindor. When Malfoy's name was called, the hat barely touched his head before he was sorted into Slytherin.

Both unblooded were pleased to see him rub his throat as he sat down.

Then McGonagall called, "Potter, Harry."

Walking up to the stool, Harry ignored the whispers as he sat down. The hat was then placed on his head.

"Another yautja," the hat said surprised. "There is no other place for you besides…Gryffindor!"

Smiling, Harry took of the Hat and went to sit by Hermione.

Soon the sorting was finished (the red haired boy, whose name turned out to be Ronald Weasley, was the last to join Gryffindor), and the Headmaster stood to make announcements (Harry and Hermione were both intrigued about the Forbidden Forest and the Third Floor Corridor). Then dinner was served.

The two yautja both enjoyed the meat, though felt it could use some more spice.

Soon Dumbledore dismissed the students. Everyone stood to leave, except for Harry, Hermione, and Draco. Once the other students had left the Hall, the three were collected by McGonagall and led to her office.

Turning to face them, she demanded, "Tell me right now why I shouldn't punish all three of you?"

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000

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Now for a couple of explanations. The ceryneian hind was Artemis sacred animal. As she was goddess of the hunt, and young women, I felt it was a good choice for Hermione's wand. I also tried to give them both the wands of hunters, which is why they have the materials they do.

The reason Harry and Hermione are carrying combat knives instead of wrist-blades is because they haven't finished growing, and hence can't be sized for them.

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