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This takes place during the whole of freshman year of college.

Chapter 1

Santana grins when she catches Rachel's eyes in the mirror, shooting the smaller brunette a wink as she adjusts her hair. She turns and walks over to her girlfriend, looping her arms around the diva's petite waist and pressing a gentle kiss onto her lips.

"Hey roomie" she smirks, smoothing down Rachel's bed-head. "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a baby" Rachel replies, when did Quinn and Brittany go back to their room?"

"About ten minutes ago, they wanted to get started on their unpacking since we distracted them tonight. I noticed that we have Bio-chem together tomorrow morning. Wanna sit in the back and make out?" The latina flirt, batting her eye lids in a ridiculous fashion.

"I guess that sounds appealing...just this once" Rachel laughs. "I wish we could all share the same room" she muses.

"They're only down the hall" Santana shrugs, "It could be worse plus I think our neighbours would freak if we kept them up every night" she chuckles, turning to look at the door when Quinn walks in.

"Brittany's talking to the guy that tried to sell you weed last night" the blonde tells Santana, rolling her eyes and kissing each of them. "What's the plan for our last day of freedom?"

"I thought we could explore, find out where all the decent sized closets are" the latina replies with a wink, "And of course, check out the library and other important shit like that" she adds after a stern look from Rachel. She ignores the whip cracking noise that Quinn makes as she goes back to the mirror to apply her make-up.

"I'll go shower" Rachel states, grabbing her towel, "I'll be quick" she adds as she slips out of the room.

"So she'll be around an hour then" Quinn smiles, sitting on the two single beds that Santana had pushed together. "There's not much privacy around here" she sighs, "The walls are paper thin."

"We can just play music if we need to, our neighbours seem like the partying type anyway" Santana responds as she applies her eye liner.

"I just can't believe we actually made it out of Lima, I didn't know the air could be so warm" Quinn laughs.

"That's why I voted for UCLA, even New York gets freezing cold. Having sex outside is so much more enjoyable when my nipples aren't cutting glass"

"Full of class as usual San" the blonde says, shaking her head. "But I see your point."


Brittany lets out a sigh as she leans back in her chair, convinced that her english lit. professer actually wanted his students to fall asleep. She struggles to keep her eyes open as he drones on about Romeo and Juliet, she rolls her eyes as he starts quoting the play in the same monotonous tone. She feels her cell vibrate and she discreetly pulls it out her pocket, smiling when she sees it's from her new friend Nathan, asking if she wanted to grab some coffee after the class. Brittany cranes her neck to look down the row of seats until she sees his smiling face, she nods at him and he gives her a thumbs up before settling back in his seat.

"Are you paying attention back there?" Brittany turns and notices her professer giving her a questioning look, she nods and gestures to her notes. This seemingly satisfies him as he goes back to turning a legendary play into the most boring thing in the world. She barely manages to stop herself cheering when the class ends, she waits until Nathan makes his way over to her, smirking at the look of relief on his face.

"Ready to get out of here?" he asks in his southern accent.

"God yes" she replies, making him laugh as he leads her out of the classroom, Brittany stops when she notices Rachel standing outside the door, obviously waiting for her.

"Hey Rach" she smiles, kissing her on the cheek and ignoring the slight frown that takes over the diva's face. "This is Nathan, I forgot to text you, I'm going to grab coffee with him"

"It's nice to meet you" Nathan drawls politely, Rachel giving him a smile and a nod.

"Well, I'll leave you to it" Rachel says, leaning forward to kiss Brittany, shocked when the dancer moves her head so that her lips brush her pale cheek.

"Yeah, see ya Rach" Brittany says before following Nathan down the hallway, leaving the confused brunette on her own. Brittany had never had a problem with displays of affection before, in fact, she was usually the one that encouraged it. She decides to shrug it off, knowing that she can always ask Brittany about it later.


Santana throws her pen across the dorm in frustration as she realises that she would have to pull an all nighter if she wanted to finish her essay. 'College looked a hell of a lot more fun on TV' she thinks to herself, glancing at Rachel who was giving her a wary look. The latina shoots the shorter girl a smile before grabbing a different pen off of her desk and continuing to write. Rachel realises it's wiser not to say anything about the other pen, considering the dark mood that the latina is in. She grins when Quinn enters the room, the grin sliding off as the door is slammed shut and her other girlfriend slumps onto the bed next to her with a pout on her face.

"Jeez Quinn, just start slamming doors when I'm trying to.." Santana trails off and her face softens when she notices Quinn's expression. "What's up babe?" she asks in genuine concern.

"Brittany still isn't back, she said she'll be late" Quinn grumbles, "She's with Nathan again"

"That's like the third time this week" Rachel states, "She's always with him" she adds bitterly. Santana sighs as she looks at her miserable girlfriends and pushes her essay away from her and moves to join them on the bed.

"Come on guys, you know how hard it is for Britt to make friends, this is a good thing. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon and she'll start spending a little more time with us again" she smiles. Quinn nods, knowing that if the latina is being reasonable then it usually means that they were overreacting. Santana keeps the fact, that she feels the same as them, to herself.

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