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Chapter 10

Brittany stares at the ceiling as she lays on her bed, salty tears flowing freely from her swollen eyes and running down to her pillow. The loud beep from her cell phone causes her to jump. Glancing at the screen she sees her boyfriend's name glaring back at her before she presses ignore, knowing that she wouldn't be able to stop crying long enough to talk to anyone, him especially. She continues to ignore his persistant calling, eventually just turning her phone off and turning to lay on her side, her eyes are drawn straight to the busted plaster where Nathan had punched the wall the night before.

"What have you gotten yourself into?" she murmurs to herself in disbelief, wondering how things have gotten to be this way. She pushes herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed, deciding that she needs to get out of the room for a while and go to the library, do some studying and forgets things for a while in a place where nobody will bother her. Brittany grabs the nearest hooded sweater and puts it on, throwing her silky hair into a high ponytail and steps into a pair of flats before grabbing her backpack and leaving the room. She quickly walks down the hall with her eyes down, feeling a sense of relief flood through her as she reaches the library. The tall blonde walks to the most hidden away table, jumping back in panic when she collides with another person.

"Sorry that was my fault, I really should look where...oh" Rachel trails off she looks up and realises who she walked into. "Sorry Brittany" she murmurs, frowning as she takes in the blonde's appearance, the tired and nervous looking face marred with dry tear tracks. "Are you okay?" she asks quietly.

"I'm fine" Brittany replies, too quickly for the diva's liking. "I'm tired" she adds before brushing past the smaller girl and continuing her way to the table, dumping her bag down and pulling out an essay that she needed to complete as she slumps into the chair. Aware of the deep brown eyes watching her, she keeps her gaze locked on the piece of paper, willing Rachel to go, knowing that her ex knows her too well and would get suspicious if she was around her too much. A sigh of relief escapes her lips as she watches the brunette leave the library out of the corner of her eye, trying her hardest to focus on the task at hand and failing miserably.


Santana lets out a groan of frustration as she slams her bio-chem textbook closed, throwing it on the bed and placing her head down onto the desk. She hates being on restriction, not allowed to do anything apart from study and go to classes. The latina feels herself going a little stir crazy at being trapped inside all of the time. She checks her watch and realises that Rachel or Quinn won't be back for another hour or so, wondering if it is worth the risk to run to work and buy a coffee and chat to her co-workers for a little while.

"It's still on campus" she mumbles to herself, mostly trying to convince herself that it would be alright for her to do so, thinking that buying coffee is related to studying since it would keep her awake and allow more class work to be done. Santana smirks to herself as she stands up and grabs her wallet, feeling like a genius for finding a loop-hole. Stealthily, the tanned girl makes her way down the halls of the dorm block, cautiously keeping an eye out for one of her girlfriends, grimacing when she spots Nathan standing outside Quinn and Brittany's room, banging on the door.

"Where is she?" Nathan demands as he notices Santana, "Where's Brittany?"

"How the hell would I know asshole? She's your girlfriend, not mine" the latina snaps, glaring at the much taller man when he steps in front of her, blocking her way. "Move it Sasquatch!" Santana spits out, hiding the fact that she feels intimidated by the furious looking man.

"You should mind how you talk to me" he sneers as he looks down at her, "If you see Brittany, tell her I'm looking for her" Nathan adds, storming away as Santana rolls her eyes and follows him towards the building's exit, keeping a small distance between them. The brunette makes it to the campus coffee shop without being spotted and her confusion over her encounter with Nathan disappears as she relishes the small victory. Alex, one of her co-workers, motions for Santana to go through to the staff room rather than wait in the small queue.

"Thanks Alex" she smiles a the blonde man as he brings her usual coffee order into the staff room and hands it to her.

"No problem, how's studying going?" he asks, casually leaning in the doorframe to keep an eye on the front of the shop.

"Ugh, not well. I needed a break, I'm actually looking forward to my shifts here this weekend" she smirks and Alex chuckles, looking over his shoulder as he hears the bell above the door chime.

"Hey Rachel, come on through" he states kindly while Santana's stomach drops. The diva's eyes widen as she sees the latina, schooling her features quickly to smile at Alex. "What can I get you?"

"Just a black coffee please" Rachel answers politely, turning to look at Santana when Alex leaves to make her coffee. "I must admit, I'm very surprised to see you here" the smaller brunette says icily. "Quinn didn't mention anything about your restriction being over"

"I was just grabbing a coffee babe, need to keep my energy levels up" Santana responds nervously, realising her so called 'genius' loop-hole isn't actually a loop-hole, just a plain old rule break. "I'll uh, walk back to the room with you"

"Yes, I think that would be best" Rachel states firmly, shaking her head at her girlfriend. "Thanks Alex" she smiles as she takes her coffee from the man, "We'd better get going, we need to meet Quinn" the girl adds, shooting her girlfriend a meaningful look.

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