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Chapter 11

Rachel sighs as she and Santana walk hand in hand back to the dorm block, she glances at the latina out of the corner of her eye, noticing the contrite look on her face. The diva thinks about telling her about seeing Brittany looking upset in the library but she decides to keep it to herself, knowing her girlfriends are still very fragile and she doesn't want to upset them by talking about the one subject that they agreed not to talk about. Rachel feels Santana tense up and looks in the direction that the latina is, spotting Quinn walking towards them from across the quad.

"I just got your text" Quinn states, kissing Rachel on the lips and raising an eyebrow in the latina's direction.

"I have a class so I will see you both later" Rachel replies, pecking Santana on the cheek, unable to not kiss her goodbye, even if she is mad at her. Quinn takes the hand that Rachel drops and leads Santana back to the dorm block in silence, stopping outside her room and unlocking the door. She enters the room, barely glancing at Brittany who is laying on her bed looking miserable while Santana hovers awkwardly in the doorway, her eyes landing on the hole in the wall. She realises that it must have been Nathan after witnessing howfurious he was earlier but doesn't put too much thought into it, focusing instead on what could happen when she and Quinn go to her room. Brittany watches as Quinn pulls a bag from the closet, recognising it straight away and looking over at a clearly nervous Santana. The dancer feels sadness build inside her as she realises what's about to happen and she has to force herself not to ask either of the girls what happened, knowing that is no longer her buisness. Her clear blue eyes widen as Nathan appears in the doorway, brushing passed the latina who is scowling at him and sitting on the edge of Brittany's bed.

"Next time you're in a bad mood, take it out on your own wall" Quinn snaps at him as she slings the bag over her shoulder.

"I apologise Quinn, I will, of course, pay for the repairs. It won't happen again" Nathan responds politely, "I'm just here to spend some time with Brittany" he adds with a smile, placing his hand on his girlfriend's knee, the blonde forcing a smile to her face but not knowing why she does so. Quinn nods, making her way from the room and leading Santana to the other room.

"Nathan..I" Brittany starts, faltering as he turns to look at her, his emerald eyes full of guilt.

"I'm so sorry babe, I don't know what came over me. I swear to you I never meant to hurt you, please forgive me Brittany" he begs, gently taking a hold of the dancer's bruised wrist. Brittany searches his face, finding nothing but guilt and desperation on his handsome features and she finds herself nodding, accepting his apology and allowing him to pull her into a hug. "Thank you so much, I'll make it up to, I swear" Nathan murmurs into her ear as he rubs his hand up and down her back.


Quinn throws the bag down onto the bed and sits down on the desk chair, motioning for Santana to sit down on the bed and faces her. The latina slumps down, folding her arms and pouting, looking a lot like a petulant child and confusing Quinn who hadn't seen this look on Santana's face for a long time.

"What restrictions did I give you for running off?" the blonde questions.

"Stay in the room and only leave if it's for school work" Santana mutters, "Which is what I did" she adds under her breath, Quinn leaning forward and swatting the top of the latina's thigh.

"Whatever you have to say, you can say it to my face and not mumbling under your breath" she scolds, her hazel eyes flashing as she leans back in the chair. "You left to go and get coffee, despite the fact that Rachel has a coffee maker here. You knew that by leaving you were breaking the rules of your punishment, what would have happened if Rachel hadn't caught you? Would you have hidden it from us?" Quinn questions, keeping her glare focused on Santana whose petulance is quickly fading.

"I never really thought about what I would do after it" Santana responds honestly. "I thought...I don't know, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't just stare at the walls all day when I don't have any classes, I was going crazy in here"

"Well you were being punished Santana, it wasn't supposed to be fun. It would have been over with in a few days but now you've made things worse for yourself. Go stand in the corner until Rachel comes back, from now on everyone will be present during punishments. No-one is going to be left out" Quinn states, watching as Santana shuffles to the empty corner, positioning herself so that her nose is an inch away from the wall, her hands clasped behing her back. The blonde frowns as she hears one of Santana and Rachel's neighbours arguing with someone in the room next door, hearing almost every word. She sighs, knowing there is no way she'd be able to carry out the latina's punishment without being overheard. Pulling her cell out of her pocket, she sends Rachel a quick text, hoping that she has her cell on and places it on the desk to wait for a response. The blonde watches the brunette in the corner, rolling her eyes at how quickly Santana gets restless, already shifting from one foot to the other. "Stand Still" she orders sternly, picking up her cell when it beeps and smirking at Rachel's reply, deciding that the diva is a genius. She fires off a quick response and lets the latina stew in the corner for a few more minutes, admiring her backside in her skin tight jeans. "Alright San, I want you to pack an overnight bag"

"Why?" the latina asks, her brow furrowing as she turns around to face her girlfriend.

"Because we can't do this here so pack a bag and be back in the corner by the time I come back" the blonde tells her, leaving the room to go pack her own bag. Santana makes quick work of tipping out her backpack and throwing some clothes into it, making sure to pack her loosest pair of sweatpants to wear after her punishment. She sighs, cursing herself for her earlier stupidity and goes back to the corner to wait for Quinn to return.

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