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Chapter 12

Santana scowls as she sits in the back seat of the car, unimpressed that Rachel is sitting in the front passenger seat, even though the diva needs much less leg room than her. She glares out of the window, muttering under her breath in spanish and wishing she knew what was going on. The latina lifts her leg up on to the seat, tucking it under the other one, kicking the back of Rachel's seat in the process.

"Sorry" she mutters, not meaning it in the slightest, both girls in the front seat realising this. She lets out a loud sigh, looking back out of the window and growing more confused as the various stores and houses turn into fields and trees. "Where are we going?" she asks, her curiosity becoming strong enough to pull her from her sulking.

"Somewhere I can punish you without being disturbed" Quinn replies in a clipped tone, growing more annoyed by Santana's petulant behaviour and questioning by the second. She eyes the latina in the rear view mirror, warning her with a glare before turning her attention back to the road. "Next left?" she asks Rachel, the diva replying with a simple nod. Santana cranes her neck to try and see what's ahead, her stomach dropping as she spots a dingy motel at the side of the road. Quinn rolls the car to a stop in the small parking lot beside the reception building.

"I'll go get the keys" Rachel states, "I called in advance" she adds for the pouting latina's benefit before slipping out of the car. Santana sinks back in her seat, staring out of the window to avoid looking at her still pissed off girlfriend, despite the fact that she can feel the blonde's gaze on two girls sit in silence while they wait for the diva to return, Quinn still too angry with Santana to talk to her and the latina's pride stopping her from admitting that she feels bad for breaking her restriction. Rain starts to drip from the clouds as Rachel quickly walks back to the car, heading straight for the trunk, Quinn motioning for Santana to follow her out of the car. The Latina remains silent as she grabs her overnight bag from the trunk and follows her girlfriends to the motel room at the furthest end."I paid for the room next door too so we should have complete privacy, even if more guests turn up" Rachel tells them as she unlocks the wrinkles her nose in distaste as she takes in her surroundings, the old fashioned wallpaper, the ancient flowery curtains and the chipped paint on the bathroom door.

"At least it's clean" she murmurs to herself.

"And has a lot more privacy than the dorm does" Rachel adds, the blonde nodding in agreement.

"Sit down" the blonde orders Santana firmly, pointing to the chair tucked underneath the desk that is pushed up against the wall. The latina lets out a low sigh, trying to mentally prepare herself as she shuffles over to the chair, pulling it out from under the desk and slumping down on to it. Her dark eyes flit around the room, catching Rachel's gaze and her small smile of reassurance. The smile comforts her slightly but not enough to settle the army of butterflies in her stomach. She watches as Quinn unpacks her bag, pulling out the latina's pajamas and setting them on the desk next to her, her pale hand brushing Santana's shoulder as she moves back to the bed, unzipping her own bag. Rachel sits on the edge of the double bed, facing the latina and waiting for Quinn to join her. The blonde pulls her hairbrush from the bag, Santana's heart starting to thump in her chest as eyes the implement that has brought to her to tears many times in the past. The leather strap causes the air to leave her lungs as it's pulled from the bag and set onto the bed, tears already filling her eyes as she stares at it. "Alright, Rachel you want to start?" Quinn asks as she sits next to the diva.

"Do you know why we put you on restriction Santana?" the small brunette asks softly, her gaze gentle as she studies the latina in front of her.

"Well..Yeah, I ran away and let you guys worry about me" the tanned girl responds, frowning in confusion, "We've already spoken about that...I know why I was on restriction"

"That was the reason for punishment, What I mean is, Do you know why we chose that punishment?" Santana shakes her head in the negative, her eyes darting between her two girlfriends. "Do you remember back in high school, when Quinn broke one of her own rules by getting detention after she spanked Brittany for the same thing?" Rachel waits for the other brunette's nod before she continues. "By running off, you broke your own rule, something that you spanked me for recently. You were a mess when you ran off, a lot of that was our fault, we had been so caught up in our own feelings of abandonment that we didn't see through your act of pretending to be ok" Rachel sighs, brushing an escaped tear away from her face as Quinn's arms snakes around her waist in a bid to comfort her.

"No... Rach, I should have told you how I was feeling..." Santana begins, guilt radiating from her, Rachel's raised hand stopping her from continuing.

"I'm not telling you this to drag things up, I need to explain everything. Please let me do that" The diva murmurs, huge brown eyes pleading with her girlfriend. "Even when you came back, you were so broken..almost as if all the strengh you usually have left your body with all the tears. Your breakdown surprised us, even though we should have expected it and it shocked us, made us realise that we hadn't been looking out for you in the same way that you've always looked out for us, since the beginning of our relationship" Rachel shakily exhales, looking over at Quinn, who nods, clearing her throat and thinking of the right words.

"We had a long talk while you were sleeping, sort of re-evaluated ourselves, promising ourselves to be better. We discussed your punishment, deciding that spanking you would do more harm than good at the time, putting you on restriction meant that we could punish you and keep an eye on you at the same time. You've been different, even today. You seemed angry on the way here, almost justified..as if you'd been successful" Hazel eyes study the tanned beauty sitting opposite her, not missing Santana's small nod.

"I thought you were still mad" the latina whispers, "I thought you didn't spank me because you couldn't offer me forgiveness" Tears fall from dark chocolate eyes as she stares at the floor. She doesn't realise Quinn has moved until she feels the warm hand on her arm, gently pulling her to her feet and guiding her to sit on the bed, between her two girlfriends.

"But honey, we don't always use spankings, we use other punishments too" Rachel murmurs.

"Not for running away from problems, it's always been spanking...no matter the circumstances!" the latina exclaims, closing her mouth as the memory of a past punishment enters her mind. "Apart from when we were on spring break at the beach house" she mutters, remembering that she wasn't physically punished for running away after finding out about Quinn cheating.

"We use spankings when the circumstances require it, not when a specific rule is broken" Quinn tells her, brushing raven hair away from her girlfriend's face. "We put you on restriction because it fitted the circumstances and your state of mind better, not because we were mad and not ready to forgive you. I'm sorry that we didn't explain that fully sweetheart, we love you so much and we will always forgive you and I promise to always explain punishments more fully in future" she murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to Santana's forehead. "Did you break your restriction to purposely get yourself spanked?" The latina nods, ducking her head in embarrassment.

"I felt different this time, I didn't feel like it was over with. i thought a spanking would change that. Can you still do it?" The tanned girl asks in a small voice, her eyes wide as she looks at Quinn pleadingly.

"Yes. To help you and to also punish you for breaking restriction" Quinn states. "Promise me in future, you will always come to us. We're not going anywhere, never." Santana nods, laying her head on the blonde's shoulder and wiping the tears from her eyes, Quinn and Rachel wrapping their arms around her.

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