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Chapter 13

Quinn wanders out of the bathroom, wrapped only in a towel and looks over at Santana who is sitting quietly on the bed and channel surfing. The Latina offers Rachel a small smile when the diva kisses her cheek before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. Quinn sits down on the edge of the bed, watching Santana carefully, brown eyes raising to gaze back at her curiously. The girl goes back to channel surfing, rolling her eyes when she can't find anything decent to watch. The sound of the shower starting fills the room, Rachel's melodic voice soon following.

"Why is Rachel a part of the punishment?" the Latina asks suddenly, surprising Quinn.

"What do you mean?" the blonde asks. " I told you, from now on everyone will be present for punishments" she explains.

"Isn't that something that I should have a say in?" Santana demands in a low voice.

"San, you asked to be spanked. Even before you literally asked your behaviour had been doing it for you" Quinn scolds.

"It's just something she said tonight, she said 'we' decided to put you on restriction. I don't remember discussing Rachel having a say in how I'm punished and if I'm being honest, I'm not okay with it" The Latina states simply. "She took the lead earlier. I don't see Rachel in that way and I don't want to, it doesn't mean I love her any less than I love you, it's just how it is" she adds, glancing over at Quinn's unreadable expression.

"You don't want Rachel to see you being punished?" the blonde questions.

"I don't want her to take part" Santana corrects her. "You are the only person that gets to do that as far as I'm concerned. I'm uncomfortable with anyone else being in the room when you spank me and you probably think I'm being unreasonable but that's how I see it" Santana explains to her, "you told me that I should always come to you" she adds in a small voice.

"Okay" Quinn replies simply as they hear the water stop running and she stands up. "We'll talk to Rachel and discuss everything" she says, surprising Santana who had expected this to go a little differently. The blonde starts to rummage through her bag, pulling out some underwear, a pair of sweatpants and a t'shirt. The girls are silent while Quinn gets dressed, Quinn thinking about what Santana said to her and the latina wondering if she should have just left it alone and just gotten the spanking over with and put the whole situation behind them. Santana doesn't speak when Rachel emerges from the bathroom, brushing passed her and closing the bathroom door behind her.


Brittany shudders at the feeling of the large sweaty body laying over her, the smell of his cologne invading her senses, a smell she used to love but now only induced fear in her. She listens to Nathan's light snores, tears burning behind her eye lids as she eases herself out from under his naked form and shuffles to the door, grabbing a towel and her bag on the way and quietly leaving the room. The dancer feels herself calm slightly as she reaches the shower block, slipping into one of the stalls and closing the door, locking it straight away. Gazing into the mirror on the back of the door, she barely recognises the face staring back at her. Sparkling, cheerful blue eyes are now dull and lifeless, dark circles underneath them giving away the fact that she barely sleeps now, truth is she hasn't slept properly since she left the other girls. She strips off her clothes and places them and her bag into the small storage compartment and turns the shower on, immediately lathering herself up with shower gel and scrubbing at her skin, desperately trying to wash Nathan from her body.

"Babe? You in here?" Brittany freezes as she hears his voice echo around the room, staying silent and thanking whoever is listening that there isn't a gap at the bottom or at the top of the stall door. She sighs with relief as she hears the door close again, listening carefully in case he comes back as she lathers shampoo into her hair, no longer singing in the shower like she used to. Her eyes burn with the tears she holds back, the lump in her throat almost choking her as she attempts to swallow it, knowing she has made the biggest mistake of her life. Brittany stands underneath the spray of water until it grows cold, turning it off and quickly towelling herself dry and putting on some fresh clothes. Her breath catches in her throat as she opens the door to find Nathan leaning against the wall, his furious eyes boring into her. "I asked if you were in here" he snaps and she fights her urge to run, knowing it would make things worse.

"I didn't hear you" she murmurs, eyes downcast. "I'm sorry" the blonde adds and her boyfriend laughs bitterly.

"Yes you did. Why else would you have looked so guilty when you saw me?" Nathan asks, approaching her slowly, a dangerous gleam in his emerald eyes. "Are you avoiding me?" he spits out.

"No, I just needed some time to my.." her words are cut off when Nathan's open hand crashes into her cheek, the room spinning as she throws out a hand to grab the shower door to steady herself. Her face throbs as she breathes heavily, fighting the need to throw up, pushing herself backwards, trying to put as much space between her and Nathan as she can.

"Do not fucking lie to me" the man hisses, glaring down at the terrified blonde, his fists clenched at his side.

"I'm sorry" Brittany sobs at him, wincing when Nathan grips her upper arm, his hand like a vice around her porcelain skin.

"Another lie" he snaps, pushing her roughly against the wall, pain erupting in her hip when it smashes against the corner of the wall. "You're pathetic" he mutters in disgust, storming from the room and slamming the door behind him. Brittany waits until she knows he is defintely gone, forcing herself not to not to break down, not here. She grabs her things and makes her way from the shower block, trying to ignore the searing pain in her hip as she limps along the halls, glad that they are deserted and she doesn't have to explain the state she's in to anyone. Relief flows through her as she reaches her dorm room, quickly unlocking the door and rushing inside, instantly locking the door behind her. Brittany leans against the door, her face crumpling as she slides down to the floor, the pain in her face and hip causing more tears to stream down her face as she sobs against the door. She crawls over to her bed and rummages around in the sheets until she finds her cell phone that she had left here a few hours ago, just after Quinn and the others had left and Nathan had convinced her to forgive him. Scrolling down her cell-phone, her finger hovers over a familiar number, internally debating whether or not to press call. Sighing she presses call and holds the phone to her ear while it rings.

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