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Chapter 14

Quinn gives Rachel a small smile as the diva leaves the motel room to go find them all some snacks, promising to be quick and get back before Santana is out of the shower. The blonde slumps onto the bed with a sigh, wondering how this chat would go down, knowing that if they aren't careful with their words Rachel would get upset and the last thing they all needed is for more problems to appear in their relationship. She looks over at the desk where Santana's cell phone is vibrating across the surface and chooses to ignore it and leave it for her girlfriend to check once she's finished in the bathroom. Quinn frowns as the cell starts to vibrate again, and she pushes herself up from the bed, deciding to at least see who it is. Her eyes widen as Brittany's name flashes up on the screen and she rolls her eyes before pressing ignore and walking back to the bed and collapsing back onto it. She needs this day to hurry up and be over but there's still so much that needed to be sorted it, she really didn't need to deal with their ex girlfriend right now. She groans in dismay as the vibrating starts for a third time and she storms over to it just as Santana comes out of the bathroom, towelling her hair dry and already in her pajamas.

"Here" Quinn states, thrusting the cell phone in the confused latina's hand. "It's Brittany, it's the third time she's called in the last five minutes" she adds, sitting back down on the bed. Santana frowns as she accepts the call and places the phone to her ear, not even having a chance to say hello before Brittany's distressed voice starts begging her for help.

"Ok, Brittany you have to slow down" Santana tells her, glancing over at Quinn with concern in her eyes. Quinn watches her latina curiously as a myriad of emotions crosses her girlfriend's face, recognising the look of sheer rage that finally settles there and knows that whatever is going on, it's as serious as it can get. "I'm on my way" Santana promises the sobbing girl on the other end of the line before hanging up. "We have to go get Brittany" she informs Quinn, the blonde's eyebrows shooting skywards.

"Don't you think we have some things to sort out before we go anywhere?" Quinn asks with a pointed look, the rest of her argument trailing off as she sees the dark look on the latina's face, her girlfriend angrier than she has ever seen her. "What's going on?" she asks softly, knowing the only way to gain any communication with Santana is to calm her down first. "Hey" she says, pulling the latina to her and wrapping her arms around her, her hand rubbing her back soothingly. Quinn starts to panic as she feels her girlfriend shaking with her anger and she pulls back to see fire in her dark eyes. Grasping Santana's shoulders, her hazel eyes boring into Santana's as she holds the furious latina in place. "You need to calm down" she states firmly.

"He hit her" Santana spits out, shocking the blonde is front of her. "She may not be our girlfriend anymore but I'm not abandoning her right now!" the latina adds in an almost hiss.

"Get dressed" Quinn states simply, her hands dropping from the other girl's shoulders as she moves to the bed and starts pulling clothes from her rucksack, quickly shedding her pajamas off and replacing them with a pair of sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt while Santana changes back into the clothes she was wearing before her shower and ties her still wet hair in a loose ponytail. The blonde can feel her own anger radiating inside of her but knows she needs to stay calm in order to keep an eye on Santana, the dangerous look in the latina's eyes almost scaring her.


Quinn catches Santana's arm as the latina opens the driver's side door to the car, no way is she going to let her drive when she is this angry. Dark eyes bore into hazel for a moment before the hispanic girl relents and climbs into the back seat as Quinn hands the car keys to Rachel, not even trusting herself to drive safely right now.

"We'll bring her back here" the blonde states as she settles herself in the front passenger seat, Rachel nodding as she places the key into the ignition and starts the car. She forces herself not to think about what state they'll find Brittany in when they get back to college and focuses solely on getting them there quickly and safely. Quinn glances behind her, growing more wary at the sight of Santana's set jaw and fiery eyes and she drops her hand down behind the centre console, feeling a little better when she feels the latina's warm hand wrap around hers. The ride back to college is filled with the most intense silence either girl has ever endured, all three of them too angry and worried to speak. Santana drops Quinn's hand when her cell phone buzzes, signalling a message and she grabs it from it's place on the seat beside her. She can't help but feel relieved when she sees it's just from one of her class-mates, asking about the due date of an assignment. Throwing her cell back down, she sinks back in the seat, trying her hardest to calm herself down, the thought of Nathan hurting Brittany only resulting in her anger rising. The latina thinks back to high school, their freshman year when she and Brittany had first met, the innocent blue eyes were the first thing to draw Santana in, her sensitive nature and kindness were what made Brittany her first love. She loves Quinn and Rachel just as much as she loves Brittany but that's what bothers her, the feeling of betrayal that comes with loving someone that isn't in your relationship.

"San" Rachel's soft voice brings Santana out of her thoughts and she realises that they're in the parking lot of UCLA. "Are you alright?" the diva asks gently.

"I'll be fine when we get to Brittany" the latina replies, unbuckling her seatbelt and jumping out of the car, her girlfriends quickly following her as she storms across the parking lot, heading straight to the accommodation block. Quinn grabs Rachel's hand when she notices the diva having to jog to keep up with them, pulling her along with them.

"Santana" Quinn calls after the girl that is striding ahead of them, the latina ignoring her. "Santana!" she repeats sharply, the raven haired girl spin around as she recognise the tone that Quinn usually saves for when one of them is stepping out of line.

"What?" the latina screams back at her, shocking herself along with her girlfriends. "We need to get to her, I know you want me to calm down but I can't fucking do that" she yells at them, "Not until I get to her" Santana adds softly, guilt building inside her for the way she is speaking to the other girls, knowing they are only trying to help. Sighing, she turns on her heel and cuts across the grass, ignoring the sign that prohibited it and continues marching to the dorms. She can sense her girlfriends behind her as she reaches the building and she feels Quinn take her hand, the blonde knowing she needs to keep a hold on her just in case they bump into Nathan, not trusting the latina's temper to not overpower her. They walk through the quiet halls, most people either still at the library or already out starting their weekend of partying. Rachel's chocolate eyes dart around, terrified of seeing Nathan and half expecting him to jump out of one of the dorm rooms like some murderer in the many horror movies that Santana had forced her to watch. Quinn senses the diva's nerves and she loops her arm around the smaller girl's waist, her other hand still grasping onto Santana firmly. The latina doesn't break her stride, pretty much dragging her girlfriends along with her as Quinn battles to keep the furious girl in her grasp.

"Thank god" Quinn murmurs to herself as they reach her and Brittany's dorm room, the blonde letting go of her girlfriends as she pulls the key from her pocket and unlocks the door, Santana pushing passed her as soon as the door is open.

"Britt" the latina calls out, confused and beginning to panic as they look around the empty room, her eyes locking onto the ajar closet door and she slowly approaches the door and pulls it open. She feels her heart break in half as she takes in the beaten blonde sitting on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chest. "Hey" she whispers, kneeling down and crawling over to Brittany, the dancer immediately bursting into tears and burying herself in Santana's embrace and sobbing into the latina's neck as her warm, protective arms wrap tighten around her. Rachel gasps as she approaches the closet, tears filling her eyes at the sight of the ugly bruise forming on their ex girlfriend's face, noticing a small spot of blood in the middle of it. Santana looks up at the diva and follows her line of sight, a lump forming in her throat. "You're bleeding" the latina murmurs.

"His ring" Brittany chokes out, flinching when accidentally leans against a stack of shoeboxes and they tumble to the floor with a thump.

"Sorry" Quinn whispers, cursing herself for scaring the other blonde. "Come on, we'll get you out of here" she adds, tentively reaching out and gently taking a hold of one of Brittany's arms and she and Santana help the tall girl stand up. The injured girl cries out as she straightens up, her hand shooting down to her hip. Bile rises in Rachel's throat when she sees the darkening hip of her ex girlfriend, her eyes locking with Quinn's and they make a silent agreement to get her to the car and away from this place quickly. Santana keeps her arms wrapped around Brittany as they walk her to Rachel's car, all of them keeping their eyes peeled on their surroundings. Quinn freezes when they step out onto the quad, noticing Nathan and a group of his friends making their way out of the college grounds, all of them joking around and laughing loudly and she prays that Santana doesn't see them, her heart stopping when she sees the latina's eyes lock onto Nathan's back as she urges Brittany into Rachel's arms and takes off running across the quad. Quinn chases after her, managing to grab her when she's just yards away from the group of teenage men. "No" the blonde states firmly, "Do not do this" she pleads.

"Let go of my arm" Santana demands and Quinn realises just how much the latina's anger has taken over in that moment.

"If you go over there, I will spank you every goddamn night of the week" the blonde tells her in a hushed voice. She's clutching at straws here, saying anything just to stop the latina and Santana knows this too, also knowing that her girlfriend can't overpower her as she pulls away, storming over to Nathan and his friends, Quinn desperately chasing after her.

"Santana..What are.." Nathan's surprised words are cut off as a resounding smack echoes in the night air, the man clutching his face. She ignores the cries of protest from his friends as she stares up at him, a dangerous glint in her dark eyes.

"If you ever lay one finger on her again, I will kill you" she hisses at him, her body shaking with anger as Quinn catches up to her and tries to pull her away.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Nathan protests, a cry of pain leaving his mouth as Santana's open hand slaps him again, the man's friends jumping forward and pulling her backwards.

"Do not fucking lie!" the latina screams at him. "Be a fucking man and tell your buddies what you did" her struggles are futile as the men keep a firm hold on her. "Go on, tell them what a big man you are!" she yells as Nathan stares at her in shock, a red mark on his cheek where Santana slapped him. "What? You don't want them to know what you did?" the latina sneers at him.

"What is she talking about?" Quinn hears one of Nathan's friends ask him.

"He beat Brittany!" Santana spits and everyone around her falls silent, all of them looking at Nathan, waiting for the southern man to deny it, every single one of his friends praying that it isn't true.

"That's enough" Quinn tells her, moving to stand directly in front of her, gesturing for the men to let her go. "At this moment, you're acting as if you're no better than him" she states quietly, her hazel eyes searching the latina's dark ones, trying to find her Santana inside them. "What you're doing is reacting angrily with violence, that is what he did. This is not you" Quinn tells her, watching as the fight leaves her latina's eyes, her arms reactively catching Santana as she sinks to her knees, breathing heavily. "Get him out of here!" Quinn orders to the men, watching as they push their friend from the area. Santana can feel bile rising in her throat and Quinn rubs her back as the latina empties her stomach onto the grass. "It's ok, she's safe now" the blonde murmurs to her girlfriend as Rachel and Brittany slowly make their way over to them, both of them stopping a few yards away, unsure of what to do. Brittany's eyes glaze over as she watches Quinn help Santana to pull herself together, feeling the safest she has in a long time as Rachel keeps her arm firmly wrapped around her. It amazes her that, even after everything, they all still came through from her. She had known that the three of them would help her but she had figured that at most they would have gotten her out of here in an awkward silence, she didn't expect this, for all them, especially Santana to go to the lengths that they have. She watches with guilt filled eyes as Quinn helps the latina to stand, one hand around her arm and the other placed on her lower back. Santana's broken gaze meets Brittany's for a split second and the dancer knows she is dumb to have thought that no longer being in a relationship with her meant no longer having her protection.

"San, I..."

"Let's get you out of here" Santana interrupts bluntly, pulling herself from Quinn's arms and turning to walk back to the parking lot as she tries to sort out the myriad of emotions that are coursing through her body. The three other girls walk behind her, giving the latina the time she needs to herself, Quinn's frown firmly in place as she watches her retreating girlfriend try to make sense of things and she's wondering the same thing. What do they do now?

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