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Chapter 16

Her stomach ties itself into knots as she stands in the corner, her nose inches from the wall and her hands clasped behind her back. Santana's heart thumps erratically in her chest as she wrings her clammy hands nervously, both dreading her punishment and desperate for it to be over with, tonight's one at least. She can hear movement and her heart rate picks up, assuming her spanking is about to start, calming when she recognises the scent of Rachel's perfume and hears the bathroom door click shut. The Latina can feel Quinn's eyes on her, her backside clenching involuntarily in anticipation and she shifts uncomfortably.

"Stand still Santana" Quinn orders firmly, hazel eyes gazing at the latina, knowing her girlfriend will sense her eyes being on her. The blonde sighs, standing up and grabbing the hairbrush, walking over the desk and pulling the chair into the middle of the room before sitting down on it. She waits until Rachel comes back out of the bathroom and situates herself onto the bed before she clears her throat and calls out to the Latina in the corner. "Santana, come here please" she requests in a stern voice. The Latina shuffles over to her girlfriend, already prickling the corner of her eyes when she sees the hairbrush in Quinn's hand. Santana stands sheepishly in front of her girlfriend, waiting for the other girl to speak. "Why are you about to be spanked?" Quinn asks evenly, studying the latina's face.

"For purposely breaking my restriction, Ma'am" Santana murmurs, a slight blush spreading across her face as Quinn hands her the hairbrush to hold, the implement feeling like it's made of lead as she grips it.

"Alright then, let's get this over with baby" Quinn replies, taking a hold of Santana's wrist and guiding the latina over her lap. The blonde looks over at Rachel, the diva looking on curiously from her place on the bed, never having seen Santana being punished before, only ever having heard it. The brunette meets Quinn's gaze and gives her a small reassuring smile to try and show her some support. The blonde returns her attention to the latina draped over her lap, sighing softly as she peels the girl's pajama bottoms and panties down to the back of her knees. She places her hand on the soft skin of her girlfriend's toned behind, rubbing gently for a few seconds to help the latina relax her muscles. Lifting her hand, she brings it down sharply on Santana's backside, hearing the girl's surprised gasp, before smacking the other cheek and setting into an easy rhythm. Santana squeezes her eyes closed as Quinn's slaps become firmer, not enough to actually hurt but serving as a reminder of what's to come. Quinn continues to warm up her girlfriend's bare bottom, watching the latina's reactions carefully. She notices Santana starting to squirm as she puts more force behind the spanks, bringing her hand down sharply onto the golden globes, soft whimpers leaving the girl's mouth as each smack lands. Rachel watches in awe as Quinn spanks their girlfriend, while having been on the receiving end of the blonde's punishing hand she has never seen it from the vantage point before, never noticed how much Quinn focuses on the person over her lap, hazel eyes never leaving the now pink skin on front of her. The diva feels sympathy flow through her body as she listens to Santana's pained whimpers, feeling completely different towards her now that she is witnessing the latina being spanked.

"Quinn..please" Santana sniffs, feeling her backside starting to heat up and she tries to wriggle out from underneath her girlfriend's hand without even realising it.

"Santana!" the blonde calls out sharply and causing the latina to instantly still. "You're panicking" she adds softly, glancing over at Rachel who is looking back at her in concern. "Just breathe" Quinn tells her, not surprised that Santana is acting like she did the first time she spanked her since this is the first time someone else has been in the room with them, the latina subconsciously reverting back to a nervous and panicking sixteen year old. "Are you okay?" she asks, her lips curving into a small smile when Santana nods and she ceases her soothing rubbing and starts to spank again, easily falling back into her earlier rhythm. She stops once her girlfriend's bottom is pink all over and warm to touch, lifting her leg and placing it over both of Santana's, anticipating the need to restrain the latina in a few moments. "The brush" Quinn orders succinctly, holding her hand in front of Santana's face.

"I'm sorry" Santana whimpers, passing the hairbrush to the blonde, the first of, what she knows will be, many tears dripping onto the worn carpet. She flinches as she feels the cool wood against her skin, offering some relief for a second before Santana feels it leave her backside, only to crack down a second later. The latina jumps when the brush smacks against her behind for a second time, feeling the pain sink into her muscles and crying out in pain. Quinn keeps her leg firmly in place over Santana's as she focuses on the underside of the latina's bottom, right on her sit spots. She forces herself to block out the sound of her girlfriend's cries, to ignore the way the latina's back heaves and reminds herself to focus solely on spanking her. The room is filled with the sound of wood cracking against soft skin, followed by cries that grow more desperate after each strike. Quinn realises that Brittany will be able to hear the whole thing and she hopes that Santana hasn't worked this out yet as she repeatedly spanks the now deep pink ass that's in front of her.


Brittany winces as she lays in bed, trying to ignore the sounds of the spanking that is floating through the wall and wishing she had brought her Ipod with her to help block out the sounds. She recognises the cries as Santana's and figures it would be for lashing out at Nathan tonight, appreciating that the latina had stuck up for her like that but at the same time knowing exactly how Quinn feels about Santana's infamous temper. Sighing, she reaches out and grabs the remote control that is sitting on the nightstand and switches the television on, turning the volume up and rolling her eyes when she can still hear the spanking going on. Tears burn in her ice blue eyes as this evening's events play out in her mind and she hates herself for her decision to leave them, going from a relationship filled with love and kindess where discipline was handed out in a loving, secure way and going into a relationship that, by the end, was filled with fear and violence.

"What have you done?" she whispers to herself, swiping at the tears that leak from her eyes and turning switching the television back off, rolling onto her side and closing her eyes. Brittany sighs in relief as she hears the spanking stop, her stomach twisting at the horrible sound of Santana sobbing loudly in the next room, only just realising how much she misses the security of their relationship, missing that almost as much as she misses the girls. Pulling the duvet tighter around her body, she tries to go to sleep, put a proper end to one of the most horrible days she has ever endured, thankful that she's nowhere near Nathan, even if it is just for one night. She feels herself starting to drift off, a peaceful haze falling over her when she hears a loud crack followed by a yell of anguish from next door. Brittany knows straight away that Quinn is using the leather strap on Santana's behind and guilt builds up as she assumes it's for the latina's actions tonight, actions that would not have happen if she hadn't called them. The lump in her throat makes it hard to swallow and she sits up, pulling her knees into her body as sobs wrack her body, her pained cries drowning out that of Santana's.

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