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Chapter 18

Quinn wraps her arms around her girlfriend as she sobs into her chest, feeling her heart break at having caused her girlfriend pain so soon after the last punishment. It hadn't taken Santana long to burst into her tears, just a few moments after Quinn's hand started to descend into her still sensitive skin she had began to plead and promise the world. The blonde guides Santana onto the bed, the Latina laying down on her stomach and sobbing into the pillow as her girlfriend gently rubs her inflamed backside. Quinn carefully pulls Santana's pajama bottoms back into place and kneels down at the side of the bed, gently stroking the latina's brow as she gazes at her with red swollen eyes.

"You're okay baby. I'm here and I'm so proud of you for choosing this, so proud" Quinn murmurs, placing a tender kiss to full lips. "Try to get some sleep sweetheart, I love you"

"I love you too" Santana chokes, her breathes fast and jagged. Quinn stays beside the bed until the Hispanic girl's eyes close and her breathing evens out. Only quietly leaving once she's sure the girl is asleep. She finds Brittany and Rachel sitting outside on the deck and the look on the other blonde's face tells Quinn that they both heard everything, a glance to the open window confirming this.

"Hey" Rachel says softly, standing up to engulf her girlfriend in a comforting hug. "Do you wanna go for a walk?" she asks quietly, Quinn nodding silently. "Britt, we're gonna go for a walk, will you be okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, you guys go ahead" Brittany tells them.

"Please don't tell Santana that you heard" the diva states.

"Of course" Brittany replies, a little offended that Rachel even mentioned it. Quinn sends their friend a weak smile as she and Rachel leave, the two girlfriends remaining silent until they reach the sand.

"That was so hard" Quinn whispers as they walk along the beach. "She started crying so quickly and all I wanted to do was hold her" she murmurs. " I'm so proud of her, I can't imagine how I would feel being spanked after the one she got last night and knowing that there's another six coming to get" the blonde explains.

"I'm proud of her too. I'm also proud of you. You are doing this to grant her the redemption she needs even though it's hurting you" Rachel tells her softly, admiration in her brown bambi like eyes. "To Santana, an incomplete punishment is like a rejection and you know that and she will thank you for it. She may not be thanking you for the sore behind but for the fact that you ignore your own pain to help her" Rachel adds, tightening her grip on her girlfriend's hand.

"How do you always know the right thing to say?" Quinn asks in awe.

"It's one of my many talents" the diva retorts playfully, pleased to see the smile playing on the blonde's lips.

"You're amazing" Quinn states, stopping in her tracks and pulling the brunette close and laying a searing kiss on her lips. Hazel eyes flick across to the ocean and Rachel catches on immediately, an almost giddy expression on her face. She glances around the deserted beach, her eyes darkening with want.

"Race ya!" Rachel exclaims, pulling her shirt from her body and taking off down the beach. Quinn laughing and chasing her down to the water, leaving a trail of clothes behind squeals as Quinn catches up to her and tackles her, sending both of them underwater for a second before pulling Rachel to her feet and kissing her passionately, salt mixing with their saliva. Her hands disappear below the surface and grope Rachel's naked body, sending lightening bolts of arousal straight to the diva's centre. She moans into Quinn's mouth as their tongues wrestle for dominance, her hands finding the blonde's ass and squeezing roughly. Rachel feels a surge of momentary guilt surge through her as she thinks of Santana lying alone in bed fast asleep but her mind goes blank when Quinn's mouth encases her erect nipple, gently biting down."Quinn..." the diva whimpers, pushing her body closer to the other girl's, her hand sliding to Quinn's centre and softly circling her clit.

"Jeez Rach"Quinn breathes into the brunette's ear and Rachel roughly pushes her finger into her girlfriend's tight entrance and using a quick rhythm to pump in and out of her. She pushes Quinn's hand away when the blonde's hand slithers up her thigh.

"No. Tonight is about you" Rachel reprimands her. "I want you to feel special" she murmurs, placing open mouthed kisses along Quinn's shoulder and adding another finger. The water laps at their backs as their movements quicken, Quinn moving her hips to meet Rachel's hand, their heavy breaths drifting into the night air. The blonde leans against the diva, perfect white teeth biting down on her tanned shoulder as her orgasm builds, Rachel holding most of her weight as her legs start to tremble. Her walls clench around the diva's fingers and her pussy throbs as her girlfriend's name rips from her throat. She pants loudly as she recovers, Rachel peppering her face with kisses and holding her steady.


Santana frowns when she wakes up to find the bed empty apart from herself. She picks up her cell phone and checks the time, surprised to see that's it's almost five in the morning and wondering where Quinn and Rachel are. The Latina winces as she sits up, her backside still feeling extremely tender and she quickly stands up to relieve the pressure on her behind. Padding across the room, she opens the door quietly and looks down the hall. She sees that the guest bedroom door is open and that Brittany's bed hadn't been slept in and she starts to worry. Santana frowns when she reaches the dark livingroom, spotting that the kitchen light is on and walking into the empty room. Looking out the windows she sees Brittany sitting out on the deck and she opens the sliding door and sticks her head out.

"Where are Quinn and Rachel?" she asks quietly, unable to meet the blonde's eyes.

"They went for a walk at like eleven, I wanted to make sure they got home okay before I went to bed" Brittany replies, lifting the blanket that's laying across her legs and beckoning the Latina over.

"Have you tried calling them?" Santana asks, moving one of the chairs next to Brittany's and smiles weakly when the dancer lays some of the blanket across her.

"Yeah, I called both of their cells but none of them answered" the blonde sighs. "I was gonna give them another hour or so before I woke you" she adds. Santana nods, gazing silently out at the ocean and watching the sunrise, an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as they wait for the girls to return.

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