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Chapter 19

Quinn screws her face up at the disgusting taste in her mouth, rubbing her tongue across the grainy texture and opening her eyes, squinting due to the blinding early morning sun. She looks around her and curses inwardly, of course they would fall asleep on the damn beach. She had told Rachel that laying back to look at the stars while they were so tired was a bad idea but, of course, one pleading look from those huge brown eyes and she was putty in the diva's hand. She nudges the girl lying next to her, gaining only a groan in response and she slaps the girl's ass to get her attention.

"Ow! What Quinn?" Rachel demands sleepily, sitting bolt up straight when she remembers where they are. "Santana is going to kill us" she whines, pushing herself to her feet and pulling Quinn's arm. "Get up. We've been gone all night and we don't have our phones" Rachel snaps, ignoring her girlfriend's raised brow.

"I'm coming, calm down. All we have to do is explain what happened. I told you this was a bad idea" Quinn grumbles, standing up and allowing her panicking diva to drag her along the beach.

"Nobody forced you Quinn! It may have been my idea but you could have easily said no" Rachel snaps, dropping the blonde's hand and striding along the beach as quickly as her smaller legs can manage, sighing when Quinn easily keeps up with her.

"I didn't say that I was forced, Rachel. Calm down, Santana will understand" the blonde tells her girlfriend, trying to take her hand again.

"I don't think she will understand and I'd completely get it if she is mad with us, how would you like it if you were on a punishment that lasted as long as Santana's and you woke up to find your girlfriends out having fun for hours on end rather than comforting you. Not to mention, we've been gone for hours and neither of us have our cell phones" Rachel rants, stopping abruptly and turning on her heel to glare at "You don't think I feel terrible enough about being out here all night while Santana is in pain and in the house with the person who caused us all so much pain? Because I do and you don't need to remind me of just how stupid my idea was last night because I won't be able to feel any more guilty Quinn!" the diva adds, her voice steadily growing louder.

"Oh yeah because I don't feel guilty when I'm the one that's causing her to feel the damn pain!" Quinn snaps sarcastically. "You don't know how it feels to make someone you love cry when they're already in so much pain, you've never punished any of us" she adds, furious that Rachel would assume to think she doesn't feel bad about all this.

"I would if I had to, if it was allowed" the diva responds bitterly and Quinn's angry expression switches to one of confusion.

"You have a problem with that? Why didn't you say anything when we all discussed it? When Santana brought it up, you agreed" Quinn states, unsure of where this conversation is going.

"That's not what I mean Quinn" Rachel replies in an exhasperated tone, sighing heavily. "I just don't like you throwing it in my face because I haven't spanked any of you. Just because I don't hand out any punishments doesn't mean I don't suffer as much as you or Santana do when you have to make the other one cry! I get to sit there and listen to it and feel helpless because I know exactly how it feels to be punished. I may not understand how it feels to hand it out but that doesn't mean my feelings aren't important!" the diva yells, turning and storming down the beach.

"Rach, that's not what I was saying and you know it. You seemed to think I didn't feel guilty about all of this and I was trying to explain that I do but you don't give me a chance to explain, you never do" Quinn retorts, chasing after Rachel. "Will you stop walking away from me!" she snaps. "We don't run away from our problems" Quinn adds more firmly.

"I'm not running away from our problems, I'm going back to the house to see if Santana is alright. It's not running away if we're going the same way" Rachel replies haughtily, Quinn relenting and following her quietly, deciding to give them both a chance to cool down before attempting to continue this conversation.


Santana stands up as she spots Rachel coming along the beach, noticing that the brunette is visibly angry even though she is still relatively far away. The Latina smirks as she recognises the diva's 'tantrum walk' as Brittany always calls it and she turns to face the blonde and, despite the circumstances, they share an amused look. Brittany looks along the beach and waits until Quinn also comes into view and she motions that she'll be upstairs.

"Thanks for waiting up for them" Santana tells her softly.

"No problem" Brittany smiles. "Let me know if there's anything any of you need" she adds before disappearing through the sliding doors. Santana watches as Rachel gets closer to her, the small brunette practically throwing herself into the latina's arms the second she reaches her.

"I'm so sorry. We fell asleep on the beach and we didn't mean to leave you, I'm so sorry" Rachel frantically murmurs into the crook of Santana's neck.

"It's okay, it was an accident. I was fine, I was just worrying that you guys weren't" Santana states, rubbing Rachel's back. "Did something happen between you and Quinn?" she asks, watching as the blonde slowly gets closer to them.

"Just a disagreement. Can we not talk about that yet? I'm too mad at her to discuss it at the moment" the shorter girl tells her.

"Ok baby girl. We do have to talk about where you guys were all night" Santana says softly. "I'll go make some coffee and then we can all sit down and talk"

"I'll make the coffee" Rachel mutters as Quinn climbs the steps to the beach house. Santana raises a brow as she watches their brunette girlfriend flounce into the house.

"I'm sorry honey" Quinn sighs, leaning into the latina and softly kissing her full lips. "Laying down on the sand to look at the stars is always romantic until you both fall asleep. Were you worried?"

"Yeah, I was." Santana tells her. "What's going on with you and Rachel?"

"She misunderstood something I said and naturally wouldn't let my explanation get in the way of her dramatics" Quinn states, disapproval laced in her tone.

"That's a little harsh, her heart is always in the right place, no matter what the reason is for her to be upset" Santana scolds, Quinn at least having the decency to look ashamed. "She's really mad at you, are you sure you maybe didn't word whatever you said wrong? It's easy to misunderstand someone's meaning if they say it wrong?" the latina adds gently. "What were you talking about?"

"You" Quinn sighs, "Your punishment, Rachel felt guilty for not being here last night and I guess I took some things the wrong way and thought she was saying that I didn't feel bad about the situation and it just went from there. It sounds so stupid now" she adds with a dry chuckle. "I am really sorry we weren't here, I know you don't like waking up on your own and we honestly only planned to be out for a few hours"

"It's alright, accidents happen" Santana smiles.

"So we're not getting punished?" Rachel asks as she exits through the sliding door with three mugs of coffee balancing on a tray, setting it on the table and sitting down while her girlfriends sit on either side of her, Santana wincing as she does so.

"Rach, do you really think you should be punished for every little accident or mistake? Our arrangement would never work if that happened, it'd almost be like we're trying to control each other if we all got punished for every single thing. We'd end up resenting the arrangement and maybe even each other" the latina murmurs.

"It just seems unfair, neither of us took our cell phone with us which is something we're supposed to do and yet we're getting away with it while you're getting spanked every night" Rachel mumbles and Santana's raises her eyebrow at this, having completely forgotten that they didn't take their phones with them.

"Okay well, you're both on restriction for the rest of the weekend for not taking your cells with you, not because you fell asleep on the beach, just for the cell phone thing. Do you both agree that it's a suitable punishment?" Santana asks, both of her girlfriends nodding. "Okay, good. As for my punishment, this is for a repeatedly breaking the rule about losing my temper and lashing out at the person I'm angry with" she explains. "I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to the next six nights, not at all but I accept that I deserve it. Quinn warned me what would happen and I ignored her so now I'm living with the consequences. I know it's hard for you guys as well and I'm sorry that my stupidy is giving us all the week from hell but it's not an unfair punishment" Santana adds. "So please, baby girl, don't feel bad for me" Rachel nods, leaning forward to hug the other girl and even sending Quinn a small smile.

"I'm gonna go have a shower" the diva tells them, turning her gaze to Quinn. "We'll talk after?" she asks, suddenly unsure of herself.

"We'll be here" Quinn nods, watching as Rachel walks back inside. "I'm so proud of you babe" she states, turning her whole body to face Santana. "That can't have been an easy thing to say and I know this whole situation completely sucks but you're handling yourself amazingly well and I'm just so proud" Santana beams at the praise from her girlfriend, a small blush spreading across her cheeks as she chastely kisses the blonde, after the last few days, it is something she really needed to hear.

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