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Chapter 20

Rachel sighs as she starts the car, waiting until Santana finds a comfortable position to sit in before backing out of the driveway, the Latina whimpering as the car glides across the gravel. Monday mornings sucked at the best of times but after submitting to her third spanking the night before, the first with the paddle, it proves to be an even worse beginning to the week for Santana. Quinn had eaten breakfast with them this morning, despite not having any classes today and she had suggested that the Latina had stayed at the house rather than go to class but the stubborn tanned girl had waved the idea off. Rachel glances at her girlfriend, noticing she is curled up onto her side as much as the seatbelt would allow and she pulls the car back into the driveway.

"Please just stay here" the diva murmurs, her heart aching at the sight of Santana in so much pain. "Please" Rachel repeats when the Latina opens her mouth to argue. Santana relents and nods, normally they would never allow the after effects of a punishment interfere with school but this is new territory for them, they had never had a punishment as severe as this before. "I'll stop into the coffee shop and tell them you're sick and can't do your shift tonight" Rachel states, leaning across and placing a tender kiss to Santana's lips. "I love you"

"I love you too" the Latina whispers, tears leaking from her eyes as she transfers her weight onto her damaged behind before sliding out of the car. She limps back to the house, Quinn opening the door before she reaches it, having witnessed the car coming back.

"Come upstairs" the blonde says softly, taking Santana's hand into hers and gently pulling her up to their bedroom. "Can I see?" she asks, the Latina nodding and climbing onto the bed, laying on her stomach. Quinn gently pulls her girlfriend's baggy jeans and loose underwear down to mid thigh and gasps softly. Her hand lingers above the still pink skin of Santana's ass, making sure not to touch it as she inspects the damage. She's glad there's no major bruising, only a few faint marks on the underside of each buttock but she feels tears burning in her hazel eyes as she admits to herself that the skin looks raw and slightly swollen. "I think we should give you some time to heal before we think about the last four" she utters.

"No" Santana mutters, shaking her head furiously. "There's no point in letting myself heal just to have more, just stick to the plan Quinn" she adds firmly, the blonde gazing at her doubtfully and chewing on her bottom lip. "Please Quinn, I need to get this over with" Santana adds pleadingly. Quinn sighs softly as she glances back down at her girlfriend's tender behind.

"Okay" she whispers. "I'm gonna get some ice" the blonde adds, Santana nodding and laying her head on her arms, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in her backside. Santana sighs heavily, wondering just how in the world she's going to be able to handle another spanking tonight, never mind the other three she still has coming. She wonders if she'd be struggling as much if she hadn't went through the severe punishment at the motel or would she still be extremely tender by now anyway. Tensing, she feels eyes on her and she realises she didn't hear Quinn close the bedroom door once she left the room, a quiet creak from a floorboard confirming that someone is there...Brittany. The Latina forces herself to not turn around, listening carefully until she hears the soft click of the guest bedroom door closing before letting out a puff of air she hadn't realised she'd been holding. Shame fills her to her core when she notices the tell-tale tingling between her legs, she had expected to feel humiliated, not aroused. Tanned fingers curl into fists as she fights the urge to slip them down into what feels like dripping heat and guilt ripples through her. Brittany isn't her girlfriend yet she feels so incredibly turned on just at the thought of the talk blonde seeing her laying there with her ass in the air in a vulnerable position. She hears Quinn;s steps on the stairs and her pulse quickens, what if she noticed how turned on she is? What if she asks why. "Hey babe" Quinn murmurs as she enters the bedroom, a basin in her hands. The blonde sets the basin on the bedside cabinet and pulls a beach towel from the cupboard, spreading it out across the bottom of the bed. "Can you lay on the towel for me please?" she asks, waiting until Santana scoots over onto the towel before climbing onto the bed and straddling her lower thighs, taking the basin with her.

"Is there any point?" Santana grumbles.

"Yes" Quinn states simply, dipping her hand into the mixture of ice and water and pulling out the rag she had placed in it. She squeezes it out a little before covering her girlfriend's ass gently, the latina whimpering softly at the relief it offers her.

"Just your hand" Santana says quietly, "not the brush or paddle tonight" she adds.

"Just my hand" Quinn confirms, seriously doubting whether or not she'll be able to comfortably punish the latina tonight. She crawls around to sit further up the bed, Santana repositioning herself slightly and leaning her head on Quinn's lap, the blonde gently running her hand through raven locks and singing softly.


Brittany can hear Quinn's gentle voice floating through the door as she passes the room for the second time, heading downstairs to the livingroom and slumping down onto the sofa. The image of Santana laying on the bed, naked from the waist down stays in her mind as she tries to focus on the mindless, low budget made for tv movie that's playing in front of her. She had seen the latina tense up and she knows that Santana knew she was there. Brittany wonders if the other girl will say anything to Quinn or to her, for that matter and she tries to understand what went through her mind as she stood in the doorway watching her, trying to work out if it's the girls or the arrangement that she misses the most. Her heart aches as she realises; it's both.

"Hey" Brittany jumps when she hears Quinn's voice.

Hey" the dancer murmurs, watching as the other blonde sits down on the arm chair and studies her with serious hazel eyes and the taller girl panics, did Santana say something to her?

"How are you doing?" she asks her and Brittany internally sighs with relief, offering Quinn a tentative smile.

"Not great but not that bad either, my face doesn't hurt as much but my hip still hurts when I'm walking" Brittany explains. "I feel better for being here though, I feel..safe" she adds and Quinn nods returning her smile before turning her attention to the screen and the two students awkwardly watch the terrible movie together, neither one of them reallly focusing on it but also not have a clue what to say to each other. "Don't you have any classes today?" Brittany finally asks, unable to stand the silence any longer.

"Yeah, I have one later this afternoon, Rachel will be back soon and I'll leave soon after that. When are you going back?" Quinn questions.

"I was thinking about going tomorrow, all of you have classes in the morning, right?" the dancer murmurs, "My first one is at nine" she adds and Quinn understands what Brittany is really trying to ask.

"You don't have to ask for a ride B, you're more than welcome" Quinn states softly. They both look up as the front door opens and Rachel walks through it, the diva beaming when she spots Quinn on the armchair, frowning slightly when Brittany abruptly decides to go for a walk and leaves through the door that Rachel hasn't even closed yet.

"Did I interrupt something?" the small brunette asks in confusion, Quinn shaking her head as she walks across the room to greet her girlfriend.

"No. I think her head is just all over the place at the moment, which is understandable" the blonde murmurs, pulling the other girl towards her and kissing her chastely, "Hi" she grins.

"Hi, how was your morning?" Rachel asks, allowing Quinn to lead her into the kitchen, smiling when the blonde starts to make them both coffee.

"Pretty rough, Santana's in so much pain" she sighs.

"Yeah, about that..maybe you should give her a break for a night or two before you spank her again" Rachel states carefully, "I know it's not unusual to find it uncomfortable to sit down for a little while but she really can't sit down without being in agony" she adds, Quinn nodding sadly. "Hey..Don't do that" the diva tells her, "You both agreed on this so don't start feeling guilty about it, of course it's hard but you didn't force her into this"

"I know but she doesn't want a break, she wants me to continue as planned" Quinn mutters with a shake of her blonde head.

"And what do you want?" Rachel presses, studying her closely.

"I don't want to do it, I don't feel comfortable spanking her tonight but I'll do it. I'll check on her once I'm back from class and if it doesn't look too bad then I'll do it but after that I'm giving her a couple of nights off, whether she likes it or not" Quinn responds seriously, wishing she felt as sure as she sounded.

"I think you should give Santana the break now, I think that if you're not comfortable with it then you shouldn't do it. If Santana doesn't think about it responsibly then it's up to us to say no. I may not have experience in giving out the punishment but I do have experience in receiving it and I know that, personally, I wouldn't want someone punishing me if they had doubts about it" Rachel explains, relieved to see understanding on her girlfriend's face.

"You're right" Quinn murmurs. "She's sleeping just now and I don't want to wake her so don't say anything to her until I'm back"

"Of course" the diva nods, leaning upwards to peck the other girl's lips before wrapping her arms around Quinn's waist, knowing Santana isn't going to like this one bit but hoping she'll understand that they have valid reasons for worrying.

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