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Chapter 22

It's well after midnight when Quinn returns to the beach house and she makes sure to be as silent as possible as she walks through the dark kitchen, not wanting to wake anyone up. The whole house is quiet, apart from the rustling of the grocery bag that she's carrying, which is something she isn't used to, Santana would usually be up watching some awful reality show at this time while Rachel lectured her on the benefits of having a good nights sleep. She creeps through the house, being careful to miss out all the creaky floorboards as she climbs the stairs and enters the bathroom to find Rachel sitting on the floor and reading a book.

"What are you doing?" Quinn asks in confusion.

"Santana's asleep and I didn't want to wake her up by putting the bedroom light on" Rachel murmurs as she folds over the corner of the page and closes the book, placing it on the floor next to her.

"Why didn't you just go downstairs?" the blonde questions, sitting down next to her girlfriend and stretching her legs out in front of her, placing the grocery bag on her lap.

"I wanted to be close by" Rachel responds softly, eyeing the bag but choosing not to say anything.

"I'm sorry I left" Quinn sighs, "I just..I freaked out when I saw Santana's reaction and I just felt like I had completely let her down and...I freaked out" she adds lamely.

"I know. I talked to Santana, turns out that both of you were too busy focusing on pleasing the other one that you both forget to communicate with each other" Rachel states, noticing that Quinn's eyebrows rise in surprise. "That's right, Santana wanted you to be proud of her and she wanted to make it through the whole punishment without any breaks so that she wouldn't let you down and you, you wanted to force yourself to do something that you weren't comfortable with doing because you didn't want to let Santana down" Rachel sighs, shaking her head lightly. "I swear...sometimes I just want to clunk your heads together" she adds in a much lighter tone. "You need to talk to each other"

"Yeah, we do. Thank god for you, huh? Who would guess that Rachel Berry would be the one to keep things calm?" Quinn smirks, chuckling when Rachel playfully slaps her thigh. "Seriously though, thank you. You've pretty much kept our whole relationship intact lately" she adds seriously, leaning over to gently kiss the diva's full lips.

"Well, I think we all deserve the credit for that but I will accept the kiss" Rachel smiles. "What did you buy?" she asks, pointing to the bag..her curiosity finally winning.

"I got this" Quinn mutters, pulling a red, plastic hairbrush out of the bag. "It's light and I figured it'd be better to use for long punishments rather than the wooden one. This one will sting and probably burn like hell but it won't bruise" Quinn explains, passing the brush to Rachel and the diva weighs it in her hand. "Not that I'm planning on any of us having a punishment that lasts this long again. I won't ever throw out threats again, that's for sure" Quinn adds quietly.

"This seems better" Rachel nods. "The wooden one definitely leaves an impression but I don't think I'd be able to last such a long punishment with it" she explains, wincing at the guilty expression that floods across Quinn's face. "No..don't feel guilty. Even Santana accepts that she earned this punishment" Rachel tells her seriously. "This is exactly why you two need to communicate with each other better!" she exclaims.

"I, for one, will make an effort to talk before freaking out over something simple in the future" the blonde says sincerely.

"Good" Rachel replies simply. "Now, I need to go to bed..I have class in the morning, not all of us get a day off in the middle of the week" she mocks. "Are you coming?"

"Yeah, I just need to go lock up..I forgot to lock the back door when I came back" Quinn sighs.

"No, I got it. You go lie with our girl, I think she'll be pretty happy to wake up next to you" Rachel smiles. "I'll be back in a few" she adds. Quinn nods and sends the departing girl a grateful smile before quietly making her way into the bedroom. She pulls off her jeans and jacket before sliding into bed next to the sleeping latina, noticing that the girl is sleeping naked from the waist down and frowning, her backside must be really sore. Quinn places her arm around Santana and watches her as she sleeps, feeling bad for the frown that stays on her girlfriend's stunning features, even as she sleeps.

"I'm glad you're back" Santana murmurs sleepily, surprising Quinn who hadn't realised she was awake. "I'm sorry for my part in this big mess" she adds, cracking her eyes open and gazing at Quinn's face in the half lit room. "I know we have a lot to talk about but can we talk in the morning and just...cuddle?" Santana asks, a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

"Don't be embarrassed" Quinn whispers as she kisses the tip of the latina's nose and pulls her close. "I'm sorry too" she states softly, Santana humming her acceptance into Quinn's shoulder. Quinn reaches down and gently rubs the latina's bottom, Santana whimpering slightly before relaxing. "You've done so well, I'm proud of you..so, so proud" Quinn states sincerely, knowing that this is what Santana needs to hear right now. "I don't think I'd be able to stand that much" she adds.

"Yes, you could" Santana responds simply and Quinn can tell that she means it. "You never give yourself enough credit" she adds through a hug, jaw cracking yawn. "You're badass...so am I" Santana mutters, her exhaustion causing her to slur and Quinn chuckles lightly as she tightens her arms around her girlfriend.

"Alright, badass. Go to sleep, we'll talk in the morning" Quinn whispers affectionately, craning her neck to kiss Santana's forehead. "I love you"

"I love you too" the latina responds, snuggling into Quinn's chest and closing her eyes. Quinn listens as her girlfriend's breathing evens out, glancing over at Rachel as the brunette appears in the doorway, turning the hall light out before tip toeing across the dark bedroom. Quinn smiles as her other girlfriend snuggles into her as well.

"You guys are good?" Rachel questions quietly.

"Yeah. We still need to have a proper talk about things but we're good. She's kind of adorable when she's tired, huh?" Quinn chuckles and Rachel nods, leaning over to kiss Santana's brow and Quinn's lips before settling down against the blonde again. Rachel doesn't say anything but, she hates the Brittany is sleeping down the hall alone..especially now that Brittany is single again but that..that is a problem that can be thought out in the morning. For now, she just embraces the calming and loving energy coming from the two girls in bed with her.

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