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Chapter 3

The first time Santana sees Brittany with her hand in Nathan's she wants nothing more to run back to her dorm room and cry her hear out. She forces herself to stalk by them, keeping her eyes straight ahead as she headed to the library to take a few of her law books back. She wasn't surprised to find Quinn there, hunched over a history book as she actively avoids going back to the room that she still shares with Brittany. The last week had been hell, Quinn only ever going to the room when she knew that Brittany wouldn't be there, choosing to sleep with Santana and Rachel most nights, even if it was just that, sleeping. Quinn smiles when she feels the arms that held her at night wrap around her from behind.

"Hey" she grins, happily accepting the kiss that Santana offers her before slumping next to her.

"Hi" Santana smiles back. "How's the studying going?"

"It's ok, I'm thinking about giving up for the rest of the weekend though, I'm not taking much in" Quinn sighs and Santana gives her a sympathetic smile. "I thought we could maybe drive to my parent's beach house tonight, stay there until Sunday?"

"That sounds good baby girl, we'll need to check with Rachel but I think she'd love that idea, it's not that far, an hours drive, two tops." The latina states, pulling out her cell and firing a text to Rachel. "It'll be nice to get away from things, even if it is just for a two nights" she murmers to her girlfriend as she slides her cell back into her pocket.

"Her ears must have been burning" Quinn smirks, gesturing to the fact that Rachel has just entered the library, beaming when she sees her girlfriends and practically skipping over to them.

"Hi guys" she chirps, kissing both of them and sitting down. "I thought you'd be here"

"I just text you, how would you feel about heading to the beach house for a couple of nights?" Santana asks, pushing a stray hair from the diva's face.

"Really? I'd love it but only if we can leave now, the TA from Quinn and I's Art History class wants me to help him out and I won't be able to say no if I see him" Santana rolls her eyes at the diva before nodding. "I'll go to the gas station and fill up the car, I'll meet you at the dorm" Rachel tells them excitedly, pretty much running from the library.

"Just when you think she can't get any cuter" Santana chuckles, standing up and taking her books to the librarian before taking Quinn's hand. "Come on, we'll get stuff from your room before we meet Rachel" she says, pulling her up and leading her from the library. They walk hand in hand back to the dorms, excited to leave for the weekend. They're still giggling to each each other as they push open the door to Quinn's room, both sobering instantly when they realise Brittany and Nathan are in the room.

"Oh, sorry" Quinn mumbles as Brittany guiltily avoids looking directly at them, they were merely snuggling while watching a movie but to Santana they may as well have been having sex as she feels her chest constrict. She gestures for Quinn to start grabbing her things, actively ignoring the other two people in the room as she leans against the door frame while Quinn throws some clothes into her rucksack.

"Are you guys going away?" Santana's eyes snap to look at the other blonde, surprised that she had spoken to her.

"Yes. We're going to the beach house" the latina answers curtly, turning her attention back to Quinn and ignoring the hurt expression on Brittany's face. Santana could feel her anger burning up as she internally ranted to herself, thinking that Brittany had no right to be hurt by the fact that they were going away, what did she expect? For us to to stop living our lives just because she abandoned us?

"I'm done" Quinn mutters, approaching Santana.

"Have a nice time" Nathan tells them and the latina gives him a fleeting glance filled with hatred as she pulls the door closed behind her and Quinn.

"Are you ok?" Santana asks her quietly and Quinn nods.

"Let's just get out of here" she replies, shooting Santana a reassuring smile, one that doesn't quite reach her eyes. The latina notices, deciding not to say anything, knowing that she too wouldn't be able to smile.


Rachel's sigh breaks through the silence in the car, she knows that something happened while she was filling up the car and she knows that it's something to do with Brittany. Nobody else could be responsible for the broken expression on Quinn's face or Santana's defensive posture. She also knew that she didn't want to know what had happened, they were obviously keeping it to themselves for a reason.

"It'll be nice to be away from things for a while" she states, glancing at the latina next to her before turning her attention back to the road.

"It sure will baby girl" Santana replies, giving the diva a tender smile, turning to look at Quinn, glad to see that she has fallen asleep. "At least she's finally getting some sleep" she states sadly.

"I'm worried about her" Rachel murmers. "She's not herself"

"None of us are" The latina replies gently, "It's only been a week, things will get better. I promise. I'll take care of you both" Santana adds firmly and Rachel smiles, knowing that her girlfriend meant every word she said.

"You know you can talk to me" Rachel says to Santana, the latina nodding but unable to voice her feelings, not yet.

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