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Chapter 4

There is a part of Brittany that wishes she hadn't slept with Nathan, or to be more precise, wishes that she hadn't enjoyed it, hadn't fallen for him even more. She hates herself for how broken her ex girlfriends look when she sees them on campus, noticing the protector is Santana come out as she distracts the other girls while pulling them closer to her body. It was a trait that Brittany loved and never thought it would be used against her. She misses them, even just the little things, how Rachel could make her smile at any given moment, how Quinn see through any fake smile or made up excuse and how Santana was feared by most of Mckinley, yet in reality the most caring girl you could meet.

"Are you ok?" Nathan's voice invades her thoughts and his green eyes bore into her blue ones.

"Uh yeah, I'm fine" She smiles, "You want to go grab some dinner? I'm starved"

"That's because we've been in in bed since yesterday afternoon" he grins with a glint in his eyes and Brittany giggles, kissing him and getting out of bed. She can feel his eyes on her naked body as she finds clean clothes to wear.

"So where do you want to go?" She asks him and Nathan shrugs, clearly not interested in eating anymore. "Should we just grab some take-out and bring it here? I'm not really in the mood to go anywhere" she states and she realises that Nathan takes her words differently that she meant him to. He shoots her a wink, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and Brittany laughs. "Ok stud, you stay here and I'll grab some food" she says kissing him before slipping out of the room.


Santana wakes to the sound of yelling,it takes her a second to realise that she's alone in the bedroom and that the voices belong to her girlfriends. The latina forces herself to get out of bed, throwing on a t'shirt and her boy shorts before heading down to the source of the noise.

"How do I know you're not going to get bored too? Fuck me and drop me, like Brittany did. Maybe that's all I am to you, a decent fuck" Santana hears Rachel snap, stopping in the doorway of the kitchen just as the diva has decided to stage one of her infamous storm outs. Rachel's eyes widen as she realises that Santana would have heard what she said and she avoids looking at the latina who is inches from her.

"I suggest you go and calm down" Santana tells her firmly, "Go get dressed, you can come with me to get some decent coffee" Rachel nods, squeezing past her girlfriend and heading up to their bedroom.

"Hey" Quinn tells her weakly, happily falling into the latina's outstretched arms.

"What was that all about?" Santana questions, pressing a kiss to Quinn's cheek, inhaling her girlfriend's scent.

"She's been in a weird mood ever since she woke up, she's clearly more shaken up by Brittany than she's been letting on. Everytime I tried to talk to her, I got a bitchy comment and as soon as I tried to tell her off she just blew up" Quinn sighs, feeling calmer by the second in Santana's embrace.

"I'll talk to her" The latina murmurs, worried about how insecure Rachel has been feeling. "Are you ok baby?" She feels Quinn nod against her, "Promise me you'll tell when you're not"

"I promise" Quinn's voice is muffled by Santana's neck but the sincerity is there. "You should go put more clothes on if you're planning on leaving the house" the blonde smirks, pulling away with a chaste kiss.


Santana leads Rachel back into the house, wincing as the diva slams the door closed and runs upto the bedroom. Santana thinks about following her then decides against it, she'll allow her to calm down and come to her. The latina finds Quinn on the decking at the back of the house and sits next to her.

"How did it go?" Santana lets out a dry laugh at the blonde's question.

"Not well" she replies, putting her feet up onto the table. "She refused to talk about it, I don't know what set her off but she's terrified of us following Brittany out the door" the latina sighs. "She ran upstairs, I figured I'd let her calm down because, If I'm honest, if she talks to me the way she has been again, I may just throw her over my lap on the spot" Quinn nods in agreement.

"I was tempted to earlier" Quinn admits, "But it would go against our whole relationship to do it without talking to her about it first and she doesn't want to talk then we can't force it"

"Yeah I know" The latina sighs as her cell beeps. Her eyes widen as she reads the text. "Brittany says she's sorry for texting Rachel and she thinks she might have upset her" Santana tells Quinn, noticing the flash of pain that crosses her face at the sound of Brittany's name. "Did Rach tell you anything about a text from her?"

"No, it makes sense now though" Quinn replies, standing up and walking back into the house, Santana silently following her as she makes her way up to the bedroom to find Rachel. They are confronted with an empty bedroom, both girls immediately searching the rest of the house for the diva.

"The car's gone" Santana tells Quinn, she must have gone for a drive. I wish she would tell us before she decides to take off" she adds with a hint of anger in her voice. "Doesn't she realise that we're going through the exact thing that she is?"

"I know, she deals with things differently San" Quinn murmurs to her girlfriend, "We'll give her an hour and then we can call her" the blonde says reasonably and Santana nods reluctantly.


Rachel slams her hand against the steering wheel as she sits in traffic, bringing her cell out of the glove compartment and re-reading Brittany's texts, Brittany telling her that she missed her, a second text insensitively explaining that the first was just a friendly admission, she didn't want to get back together. The diva throws her cell down onto the passenger seat, tears in her brown eyes as she is finally able to start moving again. Her plan to drive as far away as possible failing as she realises that the car is slowly running out of gas. Rachel pulls the car into the first gas station she finds, filling the tank and going inside to pay, cursing herself when she remembers that her wallet is in Santana's purse.

"Miss.." The attendants voice reminds her that she needs to pay and she gives the bored looking teenager an apologetic look as she explains that she has left her purse at home. The diva flirts as hard as she can, failing when the boy threatens to phone the police. Rachel really doesn't want to phone Santana or Quinn, knowing she would have to explain why she was over an hour away from the beach house, closer to Brittany than either of them. She assures the teenager that she's getting someone to bring money before dialling a familiar number.

"Hey, I need your help" she tells the person on the other end of the line, explaining her situation. "Thanks Brittany, I'll see you soon" she tells the dancer with relief before ending her call and waiting for her ex to arrive.

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