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Chapter 7

Quinn notices her dorm room is empty again as she enters after her last class of the day, she didn't really expect Brittany to be in there anyway. The dancer usually spends most of her time in Nathan's room ever since Quinn and Santana had interrupted a few weeks ago when they were heading to the beach house. Quinn sighs and flops down onto her bed, her legs dangling off of the edge as she pulls out her cell-phone and holds it above her head to read her messages. She lets out a laugh as she reads her usual almost porn like message from Santana and Rachel's usual sweet one.

"Oh, sorry I thought you'd be in Santana and Rachel's room" Brittany murmurs as she enters the room, closing the door behind her. Quinn just gives her a nod as the the taller blonde stands by her own bed, unpacking her backpack, her back to the other blonde. Quinn's eyes wander up Brittany's toned legs clad in her tight leggings before forcing herself to look away from the body of the girl that is no longer hers. She goes back to scrolling down her texts, making mental note to call her Mom later. "Are you doing anything tonight?" Brittany asks her.

"Not until later, why?" Quinn answers cautiously, "Do you need me out of the room?"

"No, nothing like that. I just wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to go get a coffee or something? We were friends before, I would love it if we could be now" Brittany says softly, gazing at Quinn with the crystal blue eyes that still made her go weak at the knees.

"Sure, I guess that would be ok" Quinn mumbles and the dancer beams at her. "It would be best to go off campus though, Santana works at the coffee place here"

"And she's still pissed at me?" Brittany guesses, Quinn nodding sheepishly. "That's alright, I understand, I didn't exactly help things by sending Rach that dumb text" she adds. "Come on, we'll go off campus, my treat" the dancer smiles.

"Alright" Quinn grins, standing up and stretching, following the taller girl out of the dorm. They walk together in a comfortable silence, the first in months, as they walk to the small cafe that Brittany knows Quinn loves, having been the one that was with her when she first discovered it back at the beginning of the semester.


Rachel sighs as she listens to Santana speak to Quinn on her cell, the latina clearly not liking what she is hearing, the deep scowl on her face telling Rachel that much. She flinches when Santana throws her cell-phone across the room after hanging up before slumping down into the desk chair, her head in her hands.

"I think you broke your cell-phone" the diva says softly.

"I don't give a damn" Santana snaps without even looking at her girlfriend.

"Don't take it out on me Santana, you can talk to me about it but you're not yelling at me" Rachel tells the latina firmly, watching as she whips her head up to look at Rachel.

"I'm not allowed to be angry?" she demands and Rachel sighs, running a hand through her hair.

"Of course you're allowed to feel whatever you like but Quinn isn't doing anything wrong, she's allowed to be friends with Brittany. It's a good thing that Britt reached out to her" the smaller brunette reasons, noticing the flash of annoyance that fills her girlfriend's dark eyes for a second.

"Yeah because it worked out so great when she reached out to you, didn't it?" Santana drawls, sarcasm and venom dripping from her words. "She'll say something to upset Quinn, just like she did with you and then I'll be left to pick up the fucking pieces, just like I did with you" Rachel winces at the tone of her girlfriend's voice, her own anger growing.

"You make it sound like it's a chore to be our girlfriends" she tells Santana icily. "It's like your mad at us for Brittany leaving"

"That's not why I'm mad" The latina snaps, "I'm mad because all you guys have done recently is mope over Brittany. I get it, it fucking sucked that she left and it sucks that I can't bring myself to hate her, no matter how much I want to! What I do hate is that we can't even have a proper relationship because you and Quinn won't accept that she's with someone else but she is! She's not coming back, it's time you both get over that and remember that you still have a relationship" Santana yells, breathing heavily and her nostrils flaring as she stares the shorter girl down.

"Well then why are you still with us?" Rachel shouts back, tears stinging her eyes.

"Because I love you guys but I'm bored of watching you guys feeling sorry for yourself and I'm sick to death of only being seen as the protector, I pushed all my shitty feelings down to help you guys but you didn't actually stop to think that I may be upset too!" Santana screams, all self control gone as she storms from the room, slamming the door behind her.

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