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Chapter 8

Santana slumps down onto the still warm sand as she dries her eyes for what felt like the millionth time. She stares out into the ocean, watching the waves trickle away to nothing on the shore. She knows she shouldn't have blown up at Rachel like she did, knowing the girl still worried about her and Quinn leaving her but she can't bring herself to feel guilty. The Latina had hidden her true feelings for so long that it doesn't surprise her that they were finally surfacing. She sighs, her fingers running through her hair as she thinks about what she would be returning to. Just a few weeks ago she had spanked Rachel for storming out or 'running away from problems' to quote their rules. She knows that Rachel will have no doubt called Quinn by now and they would be worrying, her thought jumping to her cell-phone which lay broken on the floor back at the drags herself back to her feet, deciding that she needs to go back, even if she doesn't want to talk about things tonight she knows she has to go back. Her mind works on overtime as she walks back through the still crowded streets, bumping into the occasional person with a murmured apology. Her stomach drops as she nears the campus gates and she notices Quinn rushing towards her. The blonde doesn't say anything, choosing to pull the Latina into a strong hug, holding her as she feels the brunettes body shake with the sobs she had held back for so feels her heart break all over again as she hold her girlfriend, knowing that she is partly to blame. She moves to the latina's side, keeping an arm around her waist. Santana keeps her face buried against Quinn's neck as the blonde guides her back to the dorm where Rachel is pacing back and forth inside the room. The diva practically throws herself at Santana, barely allowing her to enter the room fully before throwing her arms around her slim frame.

"Oh my god Santana! I was so worried, you just left. I thought you were leaving us!" she whimpers, ready to launch into a full lecture, a slight shake of the head from Quinn stopping her. The blonde gently pulls Santana over to the bed and coaxing her into laying down, laying down un front of her and pulling the sobbing teenager into her arms again. Never had she seen the Latina looking so vulnerable, guilt coursing through her body. Rachel joins them, snuggling into Santana from behind, her eyes meeting Quinn's as they lie there in silence, both of them still awake long after the latina's breathing has evened out.

"Why would we do that?" Quinn murmurs, looking down her beautiful girlfriend. She frowns at the sight, Santana would normally pass as almost angelic when she is asleep but tonight her brow is furrowed, dried tear tracks still marring her cheeks. "We've spent the last two months thinking about ourselves while Santana was being pushed aside, looking after us as if her own feelings didn't matter"

"She always seems so sure of herself, so strong, we should have known better than to think she was doing ok" Rachel agrees, gazing into hazel eyes which held so much guilt and devastation. "That's all going to change, everything she said tonight is true, how could I ever thinks she would leave us after she's suffered in silence just to protect us" the diva swipes her hand across her face, smearing her fallen tears across her cheeks.

"Maybe we need to try and steer clear of Brittany for a while" Quinn admit, reaching over to wipe at her girlfriend's tears. "What do we do when she wakes up? I can't punish her for walking out, not when she's so broken but if I don't do something then she'll take it as some sort of rejection. She's relied on me for so long to hand out consequences for her actions, she trusts me to do that for her" The blonde sighs, an internal battle going on in her head as she gazes at the two girls beside her.

"I don't think you should spank her, I don't see what good it what do in this situation" The petite girl tells her. "There are other ways to punish her for storming out, ways that could also work to our advantage, if her privileges are restricted then we would be able to keep an eye on her" Rachel reasons, watching Quinn contemplate this. The blonde nods, leaning over to kiss the diva gently before leaving a soft kiss on Santana's forehead.


Santana growls in frustration as she listens to her class-mates discuss the details of a party they were headed to that night. They had asked her, almost pleaded for her to come but she had given them some lame-ass excuse about a headache, rather than tell them that her girlfriend had in all effects, grounded her. She sighs as she packs her books into her shoulder bag and walks out of the class-room to find Quinn waiting for her.

"Hey babe" The blonde smiles, leaning forward to kiss Santana's full lips, "Good class?"

"It was crap, we didn't actually do anything. Everyone just kept talking about this huge party that they're all going to, hell even Rachel is going to." the latina grumbles as she takes her girlfriend's hand, walking down the hallway with her.

"Well, you broke one of your own rules, I think you got off pretty lightly considering what I got for the same offence back in high school" Quinn smirks. "How are you?" she asks seriously, studying her girlfriend out of the corner of her eye.

"I'm ok...better" Santana replies truthfully, "I think I cried myself out last night" She adds, meaning for it to be a joke, the sad tone in her voice betraying her. "Are you going to the party?" she asks, hoping to change the subject.

"Nope, I'm staying with you. I have to make sure you behave yourself" Quinn teases. Santana knows that Quinn is just saying that to save the leftover pride that the latina has and that she's really staying because she knows Santana wouldn't want to be on her own tonight, not after everything that had happened the night before. She grins at the blone, kissing her sloppily on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Quinn asks with a surprised smile.

"Nothing, just.. I love you"

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