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Chapter 9

Santana rolls her eyes as she watches Rachel get changed for the fifth time in ten minutes, unable to decide what to wear to the party, she's not really complaing though, taking in the view of one of her girlfriends stripping down to her underwear with a grin on her face.

"I don't think I should go" Rachel tells her, turning to face the latina and smirking at the effect she is having on her.

"You should Rach, you've been working so hard. Go and have some fun, just because I'm being punished doesn't mean you can't enjoy your freedom. All of your classmates will be there" Santana encourages, the diva still not convinced. "Go Rachel, you've been looking forward to it" Rachel studies her girlfriend for a second before sighing and turning back to their tiny closet.

"Hey" Quinn says brightly as she barges into their room, kissing Rachel in greeting before slumping down onto the make-shift double bed, almost landing on top of Santana. She leans over to chastely kiss the latina, laying her head on her shoulder with a content sigh. They watch in a comfortable silence as Rachel gets dressed into her faithful little black dress. "You look hot" Quinn states simply.

"Yep" Santana adds, disappointed that she isn't able to go to the party with her, knowing that the diva was going to receive many offers from other people at the party, desperately wanting to go and scare them off for her.

"You know, I could stay" Rachel says again and Santana smirks.

"If you want to stay, then stay baby girl but I promise you I'll be fine" the latina says, realising that her girlfriend wants to stay because she's worried about her. The diva grins, pulling her dress off and pulling on a pair of sweats and a t'shirt and flopping down beside them. Santana fails to keep the smile from appearing on her face as her girlfriends both snuggle into her from each side.


Brittany sighs as she listens to Nathan yelling at her, noting that his voice grows more southern when he's angry. She doesn't understand why he is so angry at her, not even remembering what she has done wrong. The dancer struggles to understand his furious yelling, unable to make much sense of it, the confusion on her face informing him of this.

"God Brittany! You're such an idiot, It's not ok for you to just start hanging out with your ex without telling me" Nathan screams, not noticing the effect his word choice is having on his girlfriend.

"Nathan..I'm sorry" she murmurs, wishing that he would calm down, not used to having someone screaming at her like this. She notes to herself sadly that her apology is disregarded as he continues to yell obscenities at her. Brittany jumps when he slams his hand into the wall, the weak plaster crumbling around his fist. "Jeez Nathan, calm down" she yells, moving over to study his hand which the man now has balled up by his side.

"You want me to calm down, are you fucking kidding?" Nathan demands, his face red with fury. "You're off hanging out with your ex girlfriend, probably screwing her and I need to calm down" Brittany backs away from him, not recognising the look in his usually stunning green eyes, she feels her back bump against the dresser, unable to move further away as she stalks over to her, standing over her with a mask of anger.

"I'm sorry" she whispers again, pleading with him with her eyes and trying to move around him, his strong hand taking a hold of her wrist, effectively stopping her.

"You're not going anywhere, not when I'm talking to you" Nathan tells her harshly, squeezing the petite wrist that's in his grasp. "You can go when I tell you" he adds, glaring at his girlfriend, too angry to notice the fear in her sky blue eyes. "I want you to stay away from them, you hear me? It's weird Brittany, woman don't belong together, especially not four of them. I won't stand for it, stay away from them. Am I clear?" he asks in a cold voice, a tone Brittany had never heard from his mouth before. She nods, unable to speak as he lets go of her arm and storms out, slamming the door behind him. Brittany sinks down onto her bed, her mind reeling at the turn of events as she cradles her sore wrist, unrefrained tears dripping into her lap.

"He's just angry" the tall blonde whispers to herself as she crawls further up the bed, resting her head on the pillows, laying there in a foetal positon as she softly cries, wet tears still marring her face as she falls into an uneasy sleep.


Brittany awakes to Quinn entering the room and she jumps in surprise, ignoring the curious look in the other blonde's eyes.

"What are you doing here?" she asks groggily.

"I live here" Quinn replies as she moves to her own side of the room, missing the fear on Brittany's face as she keeps her back to the other girl, grabbing some clothes and stuffing them into her backpack, determined to get out of there quickly. Brittany can't help but wonder if Nathan would hold this encounter against her, knowing it would be unreasonable for him to do so but reminding herself that he hadn't exactly been reasonable the night before. She hears Quinn gasp and she follows her ex girlfriend's line of sight, her blue eyes landing on the hole in the plaster. "What happened?" Quinn questions, looking at Brittany in concern.

"Nathan and I got into an argument" Brittany states, not wishing to go into detail as she consciously pulls the sleeve of her t'shirt down over her bruised wrist. "He got a little angry"

"Are you ok?" Quinn asks, her hazel eyes staring straight into Brittany's blue ones. "He didn't hurt you did he?"

"No, of course he didn't" the taller girl replies with a forced scoff. "I'm going back to sleep" she adds, turning over, her back to Quinn. She waits until she hears the other girl leave before pulling her sleeve up and staring at the purple bruise on her wrist, making out the shape of Nathan's fingers on her sensitive skin, tears rolling down her face.

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