First time writing for Victorious, but was inspired. I have a bunch of drabble ideas planned out so this is going to be the first of many (hopefully) one shots. A lot of my ideas are thing I wish we'd seen in episodes, things I wish went a little differently or just random moments I think fit Bade well. If you have any requests, don't hesitate to PM me or leave it in a review :)

Disclaimer: Victorious, Bade and any recognizable material are baked solely in Schneider's Bakery. (If I had any say we would have seen a whole lot more Bade moments this season!)

Beck leaned back against his chair, staring at his laptop. He was trying to write a script he'd been working on in his spare time, but his mind couldn't really focus. His phone hadn't buzzed in hours, not since school ended and he's not quite sure if this means Jade is still angry at him, or whether she's just busy. Surely if she had anything to say she'd have texted him. And Jade always had something to say.

Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the RV door. He sighed, there was only one person who would ignore his working doorbell.

He got up and opened the door to find Jade standing there, tapping her foot.

"Wha-" he started but she brushed past him and entered the RV, dropping her bag on the floor next to his bed.

"I just spent the last three hours helping Vega audition girlfriends Sikowitz didn't even want!" She ranted, hands waving about, voice obviously annoyed. Hey, at least it wasn't directed at him this time.

He was confused, for many reasons. He decided to ignore the Sikowitz issue for now and focus on one closer to home. "I thought you weren't talking to me?" He said, smirking a little.

She glared at him, "Shut up, fight's over." She walked over to his mini fridge and helped herself to a can of soda.

"Just like that? Do I even get any say in this?" He asked, running his hand through his hair. He was actually a little annoyed. They'd spent two days arguing over text because she was angry that he had gotten annoyed at her for some stupid reason and now she wanted to just drop it like it never happened. Actually, he was probably a fool to think otherwise. This is how most of their fights ended, they just fizzled out when they couldn't be bothered to be angry anymore.

Jade looked at him, sipping her soda. "What were we fighting about?" She asked pointedly.

He furrowed his brow; he could remember the snide comments passed between their phones, but what had actually started off this whole mess? "You... I can't remember," he admitted.

"So, are you still mad at me?" she asked, smirking at him. She knew she was going to win this one.

He couldn't help but smile back, "No..."

"And I'm not mad at you. So..." Her smile turned suggestive and she placed her soda can down on his desk.

"So... fight's over." He finished her sentence, taking a couple steps closer to her. His hand reached out to smooth her hair behind her ear. Before he could do anything else their phones buzzed at the same time.

Jade groaned, he sighed, but they both pulled their phones out of their respective pockets to check them.

"Ugh, 6:30 am? Are you serious?" Jade asked, reading the message from Tori. She must've gotten the same one he did.

He looked at her, "Why does Tori want to give Sikowitz a bunny?" He put his phone back in his pocket though, figuring he could reply later.

Jade shook her head, "I really don't care," she muttered and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her up and kissing him firmly on the lips. He put his hands on her waist, holding them steady and quickly deepening the kiss. He'd missed this. It'd been two days and he'd missed this way too much. He was such a sucker.

He pulled them slowly in the direction of his bed, their lips never losing contact. When his legs hit the mattress, he sat down slowly pulling her with him. Jade quickly hopped up, straddling his lap. She moved her hands, so that one was now getting tangled in his hair and the other was gripping onto his shoulder tightly.

Beck groaned as she bit his lip gently, before pulling away to press a soft kiss to his neck and his hands dropped a little to find their way under her shirt. He felt her smile against his skin as his fingers traced her spine. A moment later her lips returned to his, and her tongue melded with his as she pushed him down onto the bed, shifting so she was lying flush against him.

Yeah, he really couldn't remember what they had fought about anymore.