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Chapter 1

Tortuga, Caribbean 1768

Raucous laughter made the Mistress of the Faithful Bride roll her eyes in agitation. Another night of noise. Another night of incessant laughter and drinks. Now, don't get Madam Angelique wrong. Laughter meant drinks. Drinks meant money but also eager and impatient sailors who were willing to spend the largest part of their earnings on the girls of the upper floor.

No, Madam Angelique was not running a brothel. Not really. But she knew that the presence of beautiful and experienced women would bring profit to her little enterprise. Drinks were all fine and well but they didn't bring the income she wanted or needed. So, why not enhance her tavern's atmosphere with young and vivacious women who were more than happy to flaunt themselves at the greedy men that were her clientele. If they happened to want more than just company then she was more than happy to accept and welcome them to one of her rooms with the proper amount of gold of course.

So there she was, standing behind the bar and surveying the crowded tavern with a calculating gaze. She easily spotted Irena, Marie and Claudia walking around the tables and fishing for company. In a matter of seconds they had found it and she laughed.

"Right to business those too." A voice from behind her said snidely and Madame turned to watch the new addition to her girls, Rose.

"You should do the same. I am not paying you to sit around." Madame said and Rose scoffed.

"I am not sitting around. Isabella is sitting around doing nothing." Rose stated and Madame Angelique narrowed her eyes.

"Isabella is not sitting around. She is working. She serves and she cleans after your mess. Who do you think is keeping those rooms upstairs in such an excellent condition?"

"Still, it's easy for her to hide if she wants. I have to make a spectacle of myself in order to be noticed or else I won't be paid." Rose said and Madame rolled her eyes.

"If you talked less, you'd have more customers, lass." The older woman said as her eyes scanned the men again for a potential customer for Rose. Then she spotted him. Tall, dark brown hair and smoldering eyes. She knew him of course. Jack Sparrow. Pirate and captain of the infamous Black Pearl. He and his mates were sitting in the centre of the tavern with bottles of rum in front of them. Claudia was perched on his lap but he didn't seem particularly interested in her. He was talking animatedly to his crew and they were laughing along with him. Not an easy target it seemed for he had never really used the upper floor at all. That needed to change.

Madame Angelique smirked and turned to Rose, "Stop sulking and come with me." She ordered and Rose stopped playing with her strawberry blond hair and followed her with great reluctance.


"No buts. I know that fling you have with that good for nothing sailor. I know he's been visiting you in your room. As long as you're under my roof that needs to change. No romance in these walls, you understand?" Madame hissed and Rose gulped.

"Fine." Rose grudgingly agreed while biting her lip.

"Good. No change your attitude and smile. Men don't like women with long faces." Madame said and Rose snorted.

"You mean like Isabella?" she asked but was silenced by the death glare Angelique sent her from over her shoulder.

They approached their target and Madame Angelique tapped Claudia's shoulder and waved her away. Claudia glared at Rose who shrugged smugly and removed herself from the pirate's lap. Said pirate looked up in amusement.

"May I help you, ladies?" he grinned as his eyes scanned Rose's form.

"I couldn't help but notice the lack of enthusiasm from your part, Captain. You seemed quite glum so I thought…" Madame Angelique said and Sparrow smirked.

"You thought I needed a change of scenery, aye?" he grinned and his mates laughed. He beckoned Rose closer with a ringed finger and she complied until she was standing in front of him.

"What's your name, love?" he asked as he tugged at her bodice until she was leaning over him. His eyes scanned her perfect face and he caught her chin between his fingers.

"Rose, Captain." Rose smiled but her smile was frozen. Sparrow didn't seem to notice though and Madame Angelique walked away while shaking her head.

Once she was behind the bar she spotted her favorite girl coming towards her.

"Rose giving you a hard time again, Madame?" the young woman asked with a small smile as she placed more bottles of gin on the counter.

"When is she not, Bella?" Madame chuckled and Isabella shrugged.

"She is in love, you know." She whispered as she looked at Rose.

"Then she's chosen the wrong profession." Angelique stated.

"Is there anything else I can do?" Isabella asked, changing the subject.

"No. Have a break. The others are serving." Madame Angelique looked at her up and down, "I hear tell it's your birthday in a week." She smirked and Isabella rolled her gray eyes.

"Who told you that?" she asked with her hands on her hips.

"Marie. You're all grown up now." Madame Angelique said and Isabella flushed.

"I am just turning eighteen. I am not that old." She said while fumbling with her skirt.

"Hmm…" Madame Angelique murmured before she turned to look at Rose and the Captain. They were engaged in some sort of conversation and then the pirate leaned in and slid his gold filled hand in Rose's corset.

"Finally." Madame Angelique exclaimed and Isabella turned to her while pushing her chocolate brown locks away from her face.

"What?" she questioned.

"Rose's finally done it." She pointed at the pirate and Isabella's breath hitched.

"That's who…He's vile." Isabella stated and Madame Angelique turned to her.

"Why do you say that? He's never used the rooms."

"No, because he uses the backyard wall instead." Isabella flushed at the memory and Madame Angelique laughed while patting her hand.


"No! I haven't even spoken to him. God, will you stop teasing me?" she said embarrassingly.

"Sorry, lass. You're so easy." Madame Angelique chuckled but then stopped. Rose was making her way towards them alone.

"Success. I'll just use the washroom for a moment." Rose said as handed half of the money tactfully in the Madame's palm, "Isabella, finally. The candles in my room are all burned out. Replace them before the Captain heads upstairs. I won't be long." She said before she disappeared behind the back door.

Isabella looked at the Madame with reluctance.

"Do as she says. Be quick." Madame Angelique said while shooing her away. Isabella sighed and looked up at the stairs with depredation before she grabbed four candles and started climbing up the stairs. She was ready to head towards Rose's room when she was stopped.

"Bella!" she turned towards the voice and locked eyes with Molly, one of the girls.


"I need your help! I can't fix my corset laces. The drunken idiot knotted them and tore a hole in my skirt!" Molly said and Isabella hesitated.

"I really need to do this first-…"

"No, you need to help me because Madame is expecting me downstairs." Molly interrupted and Isabella sighed.

"Are you alone…?" she asked as she started walking towards Molly.

"No, but he's dead to the world. Come!" Molly waved her over impatiently, her tanned complexion shimmering in the candlelight.

"Fine." Isabella murmured as she followed the other woman.

When she emerged from Molly's room an hour later, she was furious.

"Thanks, Bella!" Molly whispered.

"Rose's going to kill me. It took ages." Isabella said and Molly shrugged.

"Sorry." She called before she left, leaving her alone in the hallway.

She stopped in front of Rose's room and tried to hear for any noises but she heard none. Curious, she opened the door and found the room perfectly empty. The air smelled heavily of vanilla from the aromatic candle she had left to burn that afternoon and Isabella smiled at the scent. The bed was untouched like she had left it hours ago and Isabella frowned deeply, her lips pursing.

"Strange." She murmured as she placed the new candles on the nightstand and started lighting them one by one with the one she held in her hand.
Heavy footsteps rang in the silence and she panicked. She tried to hurry with the candles but she hadn't even finished with the last one when she heard the door closing behind her. She stilled completely, letting go of the candles as the footsteps resumed and a pair of warm hands settled on her hips.

"Sorry for the wait, love. More rounds of rum." The husky voice breathed in her ear and she inhaled deeply. She knew that voice. She had heard it numerous times in the past. Jack Sparrow had his hands on her hips and he thought she was Rose.

Uh oh…


"What's your name again, love?" he murmured as his hands left her hips and trailed up her sides in sensuous glides. He pressed his body up against her back and buried his face in her hair. He groaned as he inhaled her scent and his hands finally settled on her breasts. Isabella jumped at the touch and she started twisting in his arms in order to get away.

"I don't…Please-…"

"Never mind, lass. I don't need your name. Not with this scent." He breathed in her ear before his lips closed over her earlobe and sucked gently. One hand left her heaving chest and reached up to brush her hair away from her neck. His lips left her ear and slid down her neck, leaving a wet trail behind them.

Isabella's eyes widened as a shiver went up and down her spine. She started writhing in his arms again and he clasped her hips to stop her.

"What's the matter, darlin'? Didn't I pay you before?" he asked and his rum scented breath hit her face as she turned to look at him. His eyes widened slightly and his hands flexed on her hips as he narrowed his eyes in order to look at her better in his inebriated state.

"Bugger me…Where did you get those eyes, love? Did you have them before? I can't recall…" he trailed off and she opened her mouth to speak, to explain to him that she was not Rose.

Where is Rose? Does the Madame know…? Her thoughts were cut off by the pirate's lips. She stumbled and her knees hit the edge of the bed from the force of his kiss. She fell ungracefully on the bed, face down. She felt the captain's body sliding up behind hers and she panicked.

"Oh, my God…" she whispered as she turned to face him before he had the chance to get anywhere close to her clothes.

"Captain Sparrow, there's been some mistake. I am not-…" she was cut off again by his lips and tongue and she stiffened as his hands slid down her thighs. His fingers bunched up her skirt and he broke the kiss. She opened her mouth and his hand covered her lips to silence her.

"No time to negotiate for more coin, love." He murmured and her eyes widened when his hand slipped under her undergarments and touched her. He hissed and moaned in surprise as he pressed his fingers against her and buried his face in the crook of her neck. His dreadlocked hair fell like a curtain around them and she trembled under him. His hand loosened around her mouth but she couldn't speak even if she wanted to. His touch, though unwanted made her stomach fill with butterflies. She blamed it on her inexperience and not to the man. She barely knew him.

"Bloody hell, lass…" he murmured as he drew his hand from her lips and impatiently tugged at the neckline of her dress. His fingers briefly brushed over the exposed skin of her breast before he took his hand away and reached between them. She felt him fumbling with his breeches and she panicked again.

What the hell are you doing! Get out from under him, idiot! Her mind screamed at her but as she wiggled her hips and clumped her thighs closed she also trapped his stroking hand between them. He chuckled and grinned down at her. She could barely make out his smile but from what she saw it was beautiful. His hand left his breeches and he reached up to brush her hair away from her face.

"So eager, love…My compliments to your Madame." He breathed as he managed to pry her thighs apart. He settled between them and he pulled his hand away from her undergarments. Before she knew it he had ripped them away from her body. Isabella's breath left her as he braced himself on top of her with his hands on either side of her head, his palms flat against the mattress as he aligned his hips with hers.


"Sorry this has to be quick, love." He murmured with a kiss on the side of her neck before he thrust forward and inside her. Her cry of pain was cut off by his lips and she stiffened under him. He pulled back and his almost back eyes gazed down at her in curiosity.

"Interesting." He murmured as he started moving in slow but strong strokes, His right hand cupped the side of her head as he moved and his left was clutching her thigh in a death grip. Isabella heard someone walking by the door and she was ready to call out to them but then he said something that confused her.

"Are you even of age?" he asked slurring his words as he paused in his movements and let his hands touch her hips, sides and chest.

Why did he care? Wasn't he drunk?

"You must be." He mused as he squeezed the flesh of her left breast and groaned as he resumed thrusting. Isabella's eyes widened when she felt a different flutter behind the dull pain. She clasped his biceps and bit her lip as he quickened his pace and reached down to press his thumb against that spot that made her breath hitch. It took a few more thrusts for him to fall over the edge and he collapsed on top of her with a satisfied grunt. He pressed a kiss to her lips and he rolled away from her, breathing heavily.

"You know…" he mumbled as he lazily adjusted his breeches, "I still can't recall your name, lass…" he slurred his words even more and she realized that he was probably getting sleepy from the alcohol.

She looked at his profile that was dimly illuminated by the candlelight and swallowed hard as she realized that she had just let this man bed her while he was under the impression that she was Rose.

Where is Rose? Her inner voice persisted but a hand on her bare thigh broke her from her train of thought.

Jack Sparrow was looking at her with heavy lidded eyes, barely managing to stay awake. She blinked and sighed.

"It's Isabella…Bella." She shrugged and she looked away. Silence followed her statement and she turned back to look at him. His eyes were closed. He was asleep.

She took another moment to look at him before she jumped to her feet. She hurried to fix her dress and she cringed when she saw a small trickle of blood running down her leg. She shook her head and tried to push back the feeling of shame that tried to crawl its way to the front of her mind.

Be embarrassed later! Now move before someone sees you. She thought as she grabbed her ruined undergarments and exited the room without a backwards glance. She shut the door quietly and headed for her room. She got rid of her clothes and once she was dressed in clean ones she headed for the bar.

Madame Angelique blocked her way and Isabella gasped.


"For the love of God, child! Watch where you're going!" the Madame said angrily and Isabella gulped.

"I am sorry."

"Be sorry later. Rose's gone." Madame Angelique said and Isabella's eyes widened.


"Yes. She left a letter…Where have you been anyway?"

"I…um, I wasn't feeling well." Isabella lied just as Sparrow's men made their way towards them.

"Have you seen Jack, Angelique? We must be off." A man with graying hair said with a chuckle as he looked at them.

"I…I saw him sleeping in Rose's room." Isabella said timidly and he nodded.

"Thanks, lass."

"I hope I'll see you again, Mr. Gibbs." The Madame said with a smile and when they disappeared upstairs she turned to Isabella.

"She must have run off with that boy! How many times did I warn her that if she left I'd never take her back?" she hissed and Isabella fumbled with her hands, "Go to the bar. I have to ask around." Angelique said before she stormed through the back door.

Isabella stayed at the bar and rubbed her temples as she tried to calm her racing heart. What if the Madame found out? She was not supposed to meddle with the customers. She was there to help not become like one of the girls. She had tried so hard to be just a serving girl there and if Angelique knew-…

"I'm fine." She heard the familiar voice slurring from the stairs and she quickly ducked behind the counter, her heart beating wildly in her chest.

"No you're not." Gibbs said and Sparrow scoffed.

"I am more than fine. Where's the girl?" he slurred.

"What girl?" Gibbs asked as he pulled him towards the exit.

"The girl…you know…" the pirate mumbled sleepily.

"You were alone, Captain." Gibbs said patiently.

"I was? Hmm…" their voices grew smaller as they exited the tavern and Isabella was able to breathe again.

What have I done? She thought despairingly as she hid her face in her hands.

End of chapter 1

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